Real Madrid to face Milan off on August 25


The Rossoneri will take part in the Bernabeu trophy this summer. Therefore, Real Madrid is waiting for Milan.

Real Madrid will host AC Milan, in a clash for the Bernabeu trophy at the end of the summer – on 25 of August. The Bernabeu trophy is dedicated to the memory of the great Madrid president Santiago Bernabeu. Since the race takes place in the end of the summer, Milan participated three times.

Both teams will be very strong in this game, perhaps half new, as Real Madrid buy many players in the recent weeks, although the transfer season have yet to begin. It will be only 5 days before the transfer season ends, and until then, both club will probably drop away their transfer amount.

The clubs will square off on August 25, 2009, with the match expected to get underway at around 20:30 CET at this point. This match is only an addition to the great tour taht both clubs haveduring the summer, around the entire world. Milan expected to visit United States, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

The Real Madrid website called this game “the two most-heralded teams of Europe”, as the two sides have won a total of 16 European Cups. This game will be the first time that the new-look Spanish outfit will play against a significant European opponent.

It is a special game for Real Madrid playmaker Ricardo Kaka, who will play against his former club, which nurtured him in the last six years. Also Clarence Seedorf will play against his former club, for years 1996–1999.

The last time Real Madrid and AC Milan met in the Bernabeu was on March 12, 2003, Real won then 3-1 in the second stage of the Champions League. Six years left since then, and both clubs would like to win, for win a trophy and for get into the new season with a win over great club.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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