New signing + Milan summer plans


The Rossoneri have reached a new player, unknown player. Milan have revealed their summer games.

Milan recently bought a player, who is unknown (to me); I could not even find a photo of him. Anyhow, now Milan have to deal with him, his name is Marcus Paixao Diniz. I did not hear about him before in my life but maybe you did because he was AC Milan player during the years 2006-2008, before he left for Livorno.

There are not many details about this affair, but from what I understand money was not involved. It was an exchange deal; Milan got Diniz in exchange for Milan’s Romano Perticone. The official note in Milan site read:

“A.C. Milan communicate that the Brazilian defender Marcos Diniz will return to the Rossoneri definitively, while defender Romano Perticone was bought completely by Livorno Calcio, with which he gained promotion to Serie A this season.”

Do Milan really need this player, I mean, he is not so good if until age 21 I never heard of him, in addition, he is defender, a central defender. Milan have Kaladze, Nesta, Favalli, Bonera (also RB), Darmian, Thiago Silva and now also Diniz. When he plays?

To be honest, I don’t think Milan need or use him, but hey, that’s what people said about Kaka, and after six years he been bought by Real Madrid for 65m Euros.

To other news, Milan have a tough summer this year, these are the games and the dates of each game during this summer:

– Sunday 19 July 2009, Los Angeles, Friendly: Los Angeles Galaxy – AC Milan

– Wednesday 22 July 2009, Atlanta, World Football Challenge 2009: Club America – AC Milan

– Friday 24 July 2009, Baltimore, World Football Challenge 2009: AC Milan – Chelsea

– Sunday 26 July 2009, Boston, World Football Challenge 2009: AC Milan – Inter

– Wednesday 29 July 2009, Munich, Audi Cup: Bayern Munich – AC Milan

– Thursday 30 July 2009, Munich, Audi Cup: 2nd match against Manchester United or Boca Juniors

– Saturday 8 August 2009, Lisbon, 2nd Edition Eusebio Cup: Benfica – AC Milan

– Friday 14 August 2009, Pescara, 9th Edition Trofeo Tim: AC Milan – Inter – Juventus

– Monday 17 August 2009, San Siro, 19th Edition Trofeo Luigi Berlusconi: AC Milan – Juventus

– Tuesday 25 August 2009, Madrid, 31st Edition Santiago Bernabeu trophy: Real Madrid – AC Milan

These were all the friendlies Milan will play this summer, starting at 19 July and end at 25 August.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Milan should sign mexico young talented boy, giovanni dos santos.