Dreaming on Red & Black


Few players have said that they would like to play for AC Milan next season, and it would be a great honor for them to do so.

Sevilla and Brazil striker Luis Fabiano expressed his desire to play for the Rossonei at some stage of his career, maybe even next year. Milan are in progress to make Edin Dzeko possible to play in Rossoneri colures, however, there is also plan B, which includes Luis Fabiano, Didier Drogba and even Emmanuel Adebayor.

Fabiano, who recently found two times the back of the net and sent Italy national team back home, is very happy with the Rossoneri link but did not hear anything officially about that. Reports claim that Milan have already target the Brazilian striker who is 28-years-old.

“Milan? It would be a dream for me,” Fabiano told La Repubblica. “It would be beautiful to play for a team like Milan. Italian football is always attractive, but I don’t know anything,” he added.

Fabiano has still a contract with Sevilla until 2011, a contract he will respect. “The only certainty is that I have a contract with Sevilla until 2011,” the striker said.

Fabiano seems happy to be linking with AC Milan, but his agent drowns out this party and said that Milan cannot afford him. “He has two years left on his contract and a buy-out clause of 30 million Euros,” he told Radio Radio Tv.

“To be realistic, there are only 4-5 clubs that can afford to pay a sum like that. Whoever’s interested can ask Sevilla, then I will intervene to see if it can be done.” On the player desire to join to Milan, this is what he has said, “It’s one thing to say what he would like to do, another thing is the club’s intentions with the player.”

Another Brazilian player dreams on playing for the Rossoneri, his name is Andre Santos. He plays correctly for Corinthians (with far Ronaldo) and he will be ‘proud’ to play with Black & Red uniforms.

New Brazilian coach Leonardo is interesting at the player. “It’s very nice to know that Leonardo wants me,” Santos said to Tuttosport.com. “I would be proud and very happy to join a great club like Milan.” Santos is already has friends at Milan, such as Pato and Thiago Silva, and if they will reunite, it is might be interesting.

Francesc Fabregas is not dreaming about Milan future but he do prefer them if he ever goes to Italy. Milan want him more than he wants to play for Milan. “If I had to come to Italy, Milan would be the team I would like to play with,” declared the Spanish player to RAI. “You never know.”

Former Arsenal mates Mathieu Flamini and Philippe Senderos, are already at Milan and they are two of Cesc friends, maybe they will talk to him about that, though Senderos is not in more than a loan-deal. Those news are not saying that he is going to be a Rossonero next year, but it is seeming like a positive way in respect of the bad negotiation with Dzeko and Cissokho.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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