Pato sends departure signs


The Rossoneri striker Alexandre Pato wants to leave AC Milan, apparently for Chelsea.

After Kaka move to Real Madrid last month, I cannot say that anything is sure or routine. Kaka loved AC Milan indeed but the money bought him plus a new adventure of course. Now it seems like another Brazilian would leave the club, his name is Pato.

Pato’s leaving motivations are – First, play in a bigger club – well Milan is one of the best in the history of football, but the last time, we can see a fall. Second, like many AC Milan players, he loves Coach Carlo Ancelotti and he wants to play under his former coach again.

If Pato wants to leave, why Chelsea would not take him, – he is young, promising, puts his heart in the game, score many goals, and he is still not in his best time of his career. Ancelotti wants him at Chelsea and he will do whatever it  takes to bring the top-class to the team he coach, mostly now when he has much money to spend.

Ancelotti has linked with him once or twice but did not offer on him yet. However, Pato who been flattered by that but said he will not leave AC Milan, at least until his contract will come to the end. He expressed his commitment to the club few times and everyone trusts him to be a great striker – Ronaldo but not fat.

Tho those talks with the press about he do not move, new quotes of the young Brazilian have been revealed, those quotes giving a completely different look and contradictory to what Pato said few days ago.

“Ancelotti is very important to me,” said the youngster. “He was the one who wanted me in Milan and gave me the chance to grow up as a player.”

Pato still has a contract with the Rossoneri but with all due respect for it, things might be change if an attractive offer will come … let’s say … from Chelsea.

“I have a contract with Milan but I would be seriously interested if Chelsea called me.”

Ricardo Kaka was Milan playmaker and now when he leaved, no one can take it from him in those days. Gallaini claim that Pato is the future of Milan, but ‘the future’ might drink a Red Bull and fly to West London, England.

Those quotes can be wrong, and it might be combination of words that he did say but not in this continuity. Pirlo has allegedly said too that he would leave Milan but then he hurry up to quash those things. Maybe Pato will do the same within the few hours or days.

The Duck is only one player from long string of Milan players who been linked with Chelsea’s coach Carlo Ancelotti and with the owner Roman Abramovic, however, the Rossoneri management is convinced (they kind of decide this) that all the players (Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf) are remaining for 99%, while the future of Pato is sunken with il Diavolo for 100%.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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