Milan-Atalanta: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: The home side from Milano are without the injured Didac Vila, Rodney Strasser, Sulley Muntari, Riccardo Montolivo, Alexandre Pato and Robinho while Massimiliano Allegri also left some players out of the squad. The visitors from Bergamo have to deal against the 2011 Serie A winners without Daniele Capelli, Ezequiel Schelotto, Carlos Carmona, Ivan Radovanović, Adriano Ferreira Pinto, Guido Marilungo and the suspended Federico Peluso. Kick off time is 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Massimiliano Allegri
Christian Abbiati; Ignazio Abate, Daniele Bonera, Francesco Acerbi, Luca Antonini; Nigel De Jong, Massimo Ambrosini, Urby Emanuelson; Kevin-Prince Boateng; Giampaolo Pazzini, Stephan El Shaarawy.

Atalanta B.C. (4-4-1-1) – Stefano Colantuono
Andrea Consigli; Davide Briviom, Stefano Lucchini, Thomas Manfredini, Gianpaolo Bellini; Cristian Raimondi, Luca Cigarini, Davide Biondini, Giacomo Bonaventura; Maximiliano Moralez; Germán Denis.

Referee: Daniele Orsato.

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so he subs Emanuelson instead of Boateng…#sigh


LOL! what do you expect from boateng, hey allegri! boateng is a joke.


max to b sacked for the good of the club, bonera always plays and he is awful, antonini dont even get me started on him, what happened to urby playing left back


He isn’t LB, simple as that.


he played left back for ajax and max said he would play there at the start of pre-season


max fired
bonera dont want him to play EVER AGAIN
Antonini awful
Prince needs to improve dramatically

SOLUTION get pep as manager and get a player maker dont play either bonera or antonini simple


ooh,greats score.
Congrats for mr.B n mr.G..


this is embarrassing !!! not a single concrete chance !!! we have to admit : we are very weak !!! the win vs Bologna was an accident ! to loose at home vs teams like Sampdoria and Atalanta ?! OMG this is a disgrace !!! I’m embarrased right now being a rossonerro !!!


Simple, bonera cant take the blame. He don’t really do something wrong for us. Antonini looked shaky at first half, but he redeem himself.

What we are lacking is creativity and someone who can deliver balls from cross well.
And one more thing. Consigli plays great this evening.

Btw why does atalanta so happy with this win as if they win serie a or whatever. It kinda pisses me off.


Consigli played well? He dropped 50% of balls and still noone managed to score a goal. People blaming antonini and Bonera is getting old indeed. But hey thats kids of nowadays aping around internet copying stuff others do without giving thought for it. The moment mercato closed – and we have 0 creative players in team and tactic we use requires 2 of them on field always – it was easy to see its going to be bad, EL spot would be extremely optimistic. Whole Allegri, Berlusconi, Galliani trio must go. Allegri is stubborn and should do better, but Galliani… Read more »


A bitter end to my night!


bye bye allegri


okay now im going to watch match of the day


Atrocious play… embarrassing result. That sums it up.


everyone who says that galliani and berlusconi are the ones to blame: even with this squad you have to beat atalanta. allegri made everything wrong that is possible. 1. bonera and antonini? the two bades defender in the squad. 2. why two destroyer? this is not barca. 3. why bring in a striker for a striker, when you are one goal back ( he took of el92, in my eyes the best today). 4. why play boateng as trequartista, while he is not one? 5. why take off emanuelson, while he is one of the best? 6. again why antonini… Read more »


Good. Soon we dont have to deal with Allegri anymore.


yeah, alegri stupid.


congrats atalanta. thank you. you may give milan a solution i.e: to sack allegri at the soonest! the way milan played, how many crosses delivered without ideas and too many idiotic actions from boateng are killing all milan fans. sack allegri and replace him with tassoti! this allegri dude never realize that milan played without vision and teamwork upfront.


Predictable, non-creative play and tactics is what put us here. Even if we got a point or all 3, more than likely it would’ve come from individual play rather than that of a cohesive unit (see Pazzo at Bologna for a reference). Today it would’ve been from one of those kamikaze-like shots from 30 yds out. Milan is full of talent but for a plethora of reasons, they are not a cohesive team. Any club who has less/similar/more in terms of quality and plays the way Atalanta did today… or the way Juve, Barca, etc plays, will eat our squad… Read more »


Ancelotti couldn’t do it either with the team he had at its best. Nothing new in Milan.


I didn’t suggest Ancelotti did. He was just as stubborn in his tactics and put more into the UCL than Serie A. The results he achieved in that competition – and the fact that he’s a former giocatore Rossonero is what separates his legacy from Allegri. I know one thing though… Allegri is not Milan quality. His narrow tactic worked well for one season (almost two, to be fair) and in a sense, he’s like a drug addict chasing that first high again. The results of which are bad 9/10 times. His time on the San Siro sideline will be… Read more »


Full of talents?

Where for example?


Well that was embarrassing…if this team manages to finish in the top 5 much less top 3 would be nothing short of a miracle. Emanuelson, el sha and abate were the only bright spots. Everyone else was either average or just plain bad…..


i love u,milan.


who are these horrible players ?!


im sorry but bonera didnt play that bad stopped a few counter attacks. antonini was pretty good considering the rest of the teams performance. pazzini shouldn’t play again. his 3 goals were a penalty, the keeper dropped it lucky at his feet and he flicked the last one. right place right time for them. he is rubbish. el shaarawy was our best player and max took him off. boateng was bad, de jong was average, ambrosini was average, acerbi was bad, abate and abbiati bad. emanuelson wasn’t that great either. no player out there today should play midweek against Anderlecht.… Read more »


Milan will be fighting to avoid religation if they keep going this way -I think Allegri’s end is coming. Stupid Berlusconi and Galliani think we have a competitive team and we can’t beat Atlanta. WOW


Mid table season.


only 3 players deserve to be milan players !

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Allegri was stupid from day one, In his first season he had the greatest combination in the whole of Italy but he never played them, The team hustled to victory through some decent games and ill luck of other teams. From the time Allegri has taken over, Milan lacks creativity,Even the best of players become insensible under him, Boateng is a strong guy who can win one on one’s and do the dirty work,He can never be the playmaker. What will happen if he tries SES in that role ,I mean the world won’t end if Urby played LB or… Read more »


What a dissapointing result. Who is to be blame for this loss? Am not sure but fortunately it’s Allegri the stubborn coach, a coward that never learn from his mistakes. Sorry to say this to Allegri but he have to get sack! Then Who is going to take over Allegri? I need ur opinions,milanisti.


even with this team, we should’ve beaten sampdoria or atalanta, if we had Cappelo, Mourinho, or Pep as a coach we would’ve been at the top of the table ! even with the incomplete team that we have now ! we don’t have a concrete style of play ! simple and silly tactics, we need variations, and we have players for that, allegri isn’t what we need, the past years were good only thanks to IBRA and everyone must admit it !!!


Donadoni and Montella were linked to Milan


hey kuchini, still think i’m crazy? The man doesn’t learn from his mistakes, bonera still prefered over zapata, still prefers ambrosini at 36, plays two dms, non of whom are creative against weak side at home, still prefers boateng with non creative qualities as the trequatista, need i say more? Milan has no creativity and style at all, and it doesn’t look like allegri is doing anything about that, he sucked it all out. He stands for everything that’s against milan.


Allegri has no clue of what he’s sciglio was in fine form before the abate’s return so the best thing was to play him at lb and let abate have his rb..up till now allegri dosen’t seem to realise boateng n the other dm lack of creativity except de jong..he manages to keep ses for about 70mins and allows bojan who has more experience stay put and ironically say we dont need to burden youngsters with too much responsibility..he fancies italian players than foreigners, cos i dont see any other explanation for playing boneri over zapata or antonini over… Read more »


I love this result for 1 reason… Allegri’s exit is sooooo close. Forza Milan


1 more defeat and allegri will go!


why don’t we buy KONOPLYANKA for 10 millions and Strootman for 13 so we can have a complete midfield ? why don’t we buy a good LB like KOLAROV for less than 10 millions so we can end this problem on the left, I really hope Yanga-Mbiwa comes to us in the winter or at least for free in the summer and why we didn’t get DEDE form Vasco before we sold Silva ?! we need a powerfull and high centre forward like Damiao or Dzeko because Pazzini isn’t that good, his hat trick vs Bologna was rather an accident… Read more »


Milan for Life! No matter how no matter when we are still the most successful in d world but Allegri is burning our hearts into ashes. This man have to go. Just go! We don’t want u anymore besides thank u for d 18th scudetto.


Simply allegri should sack now,if u cant beat sampdoria and Atalanta can u beat anderlecht,zenit,udinese,juve,inter,roma,man united,real madrid. Why do u change a winning team?what was bonera doing on the pitch?


Allegri will finish this club b4 he go’s milan played lyk a lower!milan will lose massively against udin,roma,lazio,juve,inter & napoli many clubs to lose to. even away matchs to lose & some draw match wen u caculate this it shows u dat milan will not qlf to cl next season they ‘ve to do somthing.fuck dat caoch am fed up with him.


Nightmares of the Bottom!


what do you expect 4rm a man who was depending on one man 4 2season thinking that he is a good coach.allegri no more ibra u should go.


Ses92 nd Emanuelson ware jst superb,bt Allegri really swish off the attacking by removed both players i’m pissed.


No creativity…who is creative in the team aside prince…cut Allegri’s head off and pardon B and G.


El Shaarawy was the best in this match, and mister best coach of all times substitutes him with Bojan who lost every ball he had, why not take off Boateng that was useless and with an injured hand ?!




I thought the fool would remove Antonini the Urby on LB. But no. And 4 the 1st time NO POSITIVE COMMENTS from any1 about Allegri WHATSOEVER! It’s his que to leave


I would adore if we could sell Boateng for 25 millions, and to spend this money on Konoplyanka and Strootman or Eriksen, it would be wonderfull for us fans and for our team !!!


I would love to see Mourinho or Pep as our coach ! this would be our best transfer of all times !!!


@Cyborg. Now you are being reasonable. Like i have always said, criticise Allegri for the right things. I have always been against his formation and team selection. He is a good coach but not Milan quality. But B and G need to get a top quality coach and do u guyz think anyone of top quality wud accept this bunch of Idiots we call a team? All of u saying this team can be good are simply blind. -Boateng is not even average. He just has one good day and many bad days. -The others are simply nuttin to write… Read more »


I dont think Pep would coach this team even if they gave him all the money in the world , lets get real here. We cant compete with this team in any competition at the moment. Just garbage …


If you all know a good coach like Pep and Rijkaard cant coach milan with these kind of players then why bash Allegri, instead blame B and G…mind you Mourinho lose today again so he is now a bad coach.


my fellow milan fans, we have a very good squard, way better than the squard we’ve been having recently. All we need is a suitable coach. We need someone who’s willing to risk more, ie who prefers to take to play young players as long as they are good. Barcelona started with 3 promoted youngsters in todays match and we had non, even de sciglio who proved that he’s good didn’t play. A coach with style, preferes technic over physic and tactics.


this is Allegri without Ibrahimovic. i’m just wondering, how many shots off target does Boateng have after just 3 games?? it was a good show from El Shaarawy and Abbiati. Atalanta earned those 3 points.


Allegri shld leave d club 4 sm1 more tactical….he’l b best 4 Siena, Bari n d likes bt nt Milan….hez got d players who should be able to sweep atalanta away bt no, hez so rigid wit his local formation