Tuesday, March 5, 2024

David Beckham: AC Milan Saver?

DAVID BECKHAM will rejoin AC Milan on December 28, and RossoneriBlog's Meytar Zeevi examines the situation and sees if they are really no-room for...

Time To Leave, Rino?

GENNARO GATTUSO seems to have some unclear issues with the new coach and Rossoneri Blog's Meytar Zeevi checks if the time for the legend...

Milan To Swap Huntelaar For Pavlyuchenko

MILAN are being reported of the interest to swap Huntelaar for the Russian Demon Pavlyuchenko. Articles have been circulating around the internet and the world...

Eto’o signs for Inter – Bad news for Italian clubs?

Was it right to sell Zlatan Ibrahimovic and take Eto'o instead, the Rossoneri Blog team tries to figure out if Eto'o constitutes a threat...

Rossoneri Blog Question: Do Milan need another striker?

While Pato, Inzaghi, Borriello, and Viudez are in the team, the Rossoneri are still looking for another striker. Rossoneri Blog is checking if Milan...

The players supplier – Brazil

Brazil is the land of samba, carnivals and of course football. In each year, at least five footballers are rolling from Brazil to the...

To be or not to be… A Fan!

Many have complained on how the fans of the Ac Milan Team need to be similar to the fans of the bigger Clubs such...

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