Thursday, June 20, 2024

Milan Forever?

The Rossoneri superstar Kaka sum-up some issues today about his future in AC Milan by having an interview with Hungarian newspaper in the wee...

I am here and I am here to stay!

After rumored with Real Madrid and Manchester Untied, the hot Brazilian is ready to say once again that he will not leave AC Milan...

Third? Second? That is does not matter!

The Rossoneri have a chance today, chance to be place second place. Some can say that it does not matter who is third or...

Wholesale or A few Adjustments?

CALLS FOR DEFENDERS This has been the call from so many people involved with AC Milan. From Reno Gattusso, to Carlo Anceloti and Adriano Galliani....

Milan or Inter? Let me think about it

Inter? Milan? Many people asked that before, well there are many intentions for this query. Some can ask about who they going to cheer,...

Can’t get the hint

Milan's head coach services are one of the most popular, very good clubs wants him to lead their team. There were two dominant contenders...

Adebayor? Too expensive

In recent month, Milan was up with the name of Arsenal's hitman Emmanuel Adebayor. The target was clear; add power to Milan's attacking lines....

Keep Believing

It's nice, Milan never lose their faith. If you asked me five sessions ago, I would probably tell you that Milan would end at...

Rebuild? Think again!

Milan's vice-president Adriano Galliani is also the man who decides who Milan buys or not buys. The transfer guru admits the Rossoneri must find...

Wants a new contract? Come and get one!

Milan's Massimo Ambrosini has not a clear future in the Rossoneri uniform. The Italian contracted  with Milan until 2010 but no-one yet called him...

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