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Using Tadalafil To Treat Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

    Many people think that erectile dysfunction is something that only old men have to deal with. This is because the main causes are type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, conditions that are prevalent with men of a certain age.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ However, younger men are also susceptible to suffering with erectile dysfunction too. The exact number of men that it affects is hard to glean given the fact that lots of men are too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about. If you are too embarrassed to visit your doctor and want to treat your erectile dysfunction, then Numan where you can buy the medication called Tadalafil. You can try the products at this store. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One recent study, though, suggests that around 26 % of men who are under the age of 40 years old either currently suffer with or have suffered with erectile dysfunction in the past. Another piece of research states that the percentage of men suffering with it reflects what decade of their life they are in, i.e. 30 % of 30 year olds suffer with erectile dysfunction. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Psychological Problems __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Half of all those men who suffer with the issue state that the stresses of life are the reason behind it. This goes to show that the younger the man is who is experiencing erectile dysfunction, the more likely it is that it is caused by psychological reasons.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feeling anxious can have a physiological impact on your body where by the blood vessels in your body become narrow and constricted, thus stopping blood getting to the penis. Whereas with depression, it totally kills any interest or desire for sex that you may typically have. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you suffer with these mental health conditions and go down the route of using medication to combat the issues, then they too can further compound the problem even further given the fact that one of their side effects is reducing your libido.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Prevelance Of Pornography __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As well as mental health issues, many top scientists also now believe that the wide use of pronography amongst young men can also have an impact and have even identified a new condition based on the back of that. This is called Pornography Induced Erectile Dysfunction or PIED for short.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How wide spread this problem actually is, is still unknown within the medical world. As a result of suffering with PIED, men are easily able to achieve and sustain an erection whilst watching pornography but are unable to do so in a real life sexual encounter. Watching pornography during your teen years can lead to your brain waves becoming confused and not being able to pick up on real life nuances when it comes to really having sex. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pornography sets unrelaistic expectations of sex, with young men who may not have ever experienced it before in real life for themselves only being exposed to it online. It also means that you get used to stimulating yourself and so can become not so responsive to actual penetrative sexuak intercourse.

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