Curva Sud leader Lucci: “We haven’t seen a Milan that moved so well in the mercato for years, continue like this!”

Milan fans before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on May 10, 2023. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Luca Lucci went on Instagram to send his support to the Milan management.

The summer has been an incredibly interesting one as it started with the sacking of Paolo Maldini and Massara, and continues with 7 new players already joining and more on their way.

Many Milan fans went from ‘”#CardinaleOut”‘” to now showing support to the new leadership of the Rossoneri, but the Curva Sud were never on the first extreme, and have always given their backing to club.

Luca Lucci, one of the leaders of the Curva, made a post on Instagram today to praise the work of Milan:

“#in #out bla… bla… bla… Curva here… Curva there… dispute… do… say… maybe with today you will shut your month, pseudo Milanisti ‘fans’, because only one thing is certain – that we haven’t seen a Milan that moved so well in the mercato for years: targeted signings, promising young players, Champions with European experience, a mercato that finally doesn’t see the jewels go away for free but instead monetizes more than necessary, for how much it may be a sorrow, finally no soap operas but concreteness! We asked for the lead in quality after the first signings, we trusted you with an ‘Avanti Così’ [continue like this]. With today it’s clear that the path taken has never been more satisfying.”

“We were certain that strong corporate moves must then be supported by facts, and so it was!! Now the last word is of the pitch… and dear Milan the mercato is still long. Avanti Così, united until death. Words don’t matter.”

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Curva sud you are not bigger than the rest of Milan fans, our very own tonali was use as a sacrifice by this greedy owner who didn’t want to invest money in the team despite our achievements, if they made all this summer signing without selling any of our key players i would have given the mercato a A.


What a load of nonsense. Newcastle went to Tonali and his agent and ask for information to see him if he was interested in coming to Newcastle and they would pay 8-10m per season with bonuses. Tonali and his agent accepted Newcastle offer. Then Newcastle went to Milan to see if they are open to selling the player. Milan was then informed by Tonali and his agent that they are serious about Newcastle offer. Therefore, Milan response was yes, we are open to selling Tonali as long as Newcastle meet our demands of 80m which they did. So this bullsh!t… Read more »


Go and read tonali interview and come back here, you don’t know Italian players, it easy to sell your star players if milan put mike or theo or leao for sale definitely an offer will come, they should try selling the dead wood whether it easy especially for a good offer.

Last edited 4 months ago by Elliotazzuri

What about donnaruma, Andrea Pirlo etc, they left Milan withou any capital gain. Are they not Italian, what happened to their commitment? Nobody is happy selling tonali but indeed if you don’t want something no one could force you into it. Ask mbappe, if you truly love something you will force yourself to stay. So it goes both ways.

why didn’t leao leave, did he not get offers, did Milan not consider selling him at a time, but still he stayed even when Real Madrid Chelsea and co are after him.


on point there

Coach Seedorf

What are you talking??? Pioli himself said he has always been involved in transfers and in this sense there is nothing different between the Maldini era and this new management. Maldini didn’t sign any player without Pioli’s inputs. Secondly, Milan forced Tonali out, he didn’t want to go initially but Milan told him they won’t refuse the offer from Newcastle hence he left. Tonali was surprised by Milan and if you’re no longer needed, you leave, period. That you are impressed with this transfer season doesn’t mean you should start talking trash about Tonali and Maldini. Won’t accept that from… Read more »