Tonali to Newcastle a done deal at about €80m including bonuses + resale percentage, Milan want Frattesi

Sandro Tonali during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on May 16, 2023. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Sandro Tonali will be a new player of Newcastle very soon, with Milan competing their biggest sale in history.

It is now just a matter of time: everything has been agreed between all parties to conclude the sale of Tonali to Newcastle.

What seemed impossible just a few weeks ago is now becoming a reality: Tonali, who has never denied his love and support for Milan since childhood, is close to making history and becoming the most expensive Italian player of all time, and the biggest sale in the 124 years of history of Milan.

As reported by Antonio Vitiello of, the Rossoneri will pocket €80m (including bonuses) from the sale of Sandro. In addition, there will be a percentage on future resale owned to the club.

Only formalities are missing for the new to be announced. Sandro is currently in Romania with Italy U21 and his agents are with him there. It’s believed that the player will earn €7-8m per season with bonuses taking it to around €9m, which is much, much higher than what he currently gets at Milan.

The official numbers will only be published when the financial statements of the club come out, but it’s clear that this is a deal that Gerry Cardinale and Giorgio Furlani considered too good to not make.

Davide Frattesi during Italy training at K.V.V Quick ’20 Stadium on June 17, 2023. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

The exit of Tonali leaves a huge hole in an already thin midfield. With Ismael Bennacer injured until 2024, Aster Vranckx not getting bought out and Tiémoué Bakayoko returning to Chelsea, Milan currently only have Rade Krunić and Tommaso Pobega as options for the two-man midfield.

For this reason, Milan have targeted Sassuolo’s Davide Frattesi. The Italian is also wanted by Inter and it’s believed that the player prefers going there as well. However, today, Sky Italia reports, there were contacts between Sassuolo’s Giovanni Carnavali and Milan’s Furlani to discuss the deal.

Sassuolo want €40m for him and it seems to be a battle between the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri for his signature. There are also other names being evaluated by Milan.

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A bad player with “fighting and loving” attitude is better than a superstar with “cannot care less” attitude for any club, now imagine losing a future star like SANDRO!

Last edited 11 months ago by Anto

Brilliant way to go about doing business, RedBird.
Should hold webinars about “Multiples Ways of Downgrading a Team”.
That should give you some profits as well.


Wrong site there bud. Go to proper inter site.


learn how to read Milancrazyfan


Now watch us lose Thuram and Frattesi to Inter. Serves you right you murican tards.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ted

Ted it’s official, thuram has chosen inter instead of us. Multiple sources stating” umconvinced by the club’s project” fratessi will soon follow suit. What’s even crazy is that some people here, fake fans, will still defend cardinale.


They are deceiving us with big names..they will end up buying 6 players from India and Pakistan and Bangladesh


You bet. At least these guys will play with sandals, therefore redbird will save money on proper gear too. Nike made sandals.


Really got it right, The Americans are not care about fans at all they only care about fetching big money from big team and spoil the image that have been constructed by the formal good Owners of then, worth a bad owner Ac milan are battling now, I swear Cardinale and Furlani are just worst than coronavirus… I just pray we should quickly get cured before we would be died of them…


Sell Theo the best LB in the world hell no, sell Tonalli the active player who understand what’s Milan

robert caruana

Che tristezza….. neanche con I soldi in tasca, non abiamo la capacita di compare un giocatore. Seite scars……Redbridge out.


Is Frattesi better than Pobeda or Yacine Adli?


With Tonali sold, Milan would now need 2 new central midfielders if pioli sticks with a 2 men midfield – Ndour would have been a good signing. Free, young and italian, but he has joined PSG. – Frattesi does not suit the formation, so signing him would not make any sense unless there is a formation change. – Casadei would be an interesting choice, most likely on loan if Chelsea allows. But coming out from Inter academy may complicate his signing. Chukwuemeka is another possible target from Chelsea. – Florentino Luis from Benfica should be the first choice replacement. He’s… Read more »


Florentino Luis has a contract until 2026 with 120 million release clause in it. And we’re talking about Benfica, the toughest negotiators out there.


What happens when you get a US vulture fund seizing control of your club. All the absolute rubbish from that disengenious little worm about taking Milan to the next level – you could tell that was waffle the moment you read it. Selling your best young players and being linked with absolute garbage as your best targets are abandoned and signed by other teams; how’s that for taking a team to the next level!!

Last edited 11 months ago by Donadoni

How will we attract players when we sell our best young players? What project will we show them? Disgraceful. Just when you think we’re doing ok, the Americans turn us over.


it’s a shame.. i was born milan fan but it seems i won’t die one. the new owners have destroyed all the charm of ac milan. goodbye and at the very end. You will compete against the biggest clubs in the world, but sell our heart icon of a player. the man who will die for Milan at any time. isn’t that what every club would love to have and they are hard to come by.. but you think “moneyball”, it’s not going to give us sweat and tears combined with talent. now don’t destroy the club.. glazer 2. one… Read more »


They replaced Maldini with an accountant to discuss and negotiate with players. What an embarrassment.


Ac milan and red bird at this point have no direction and lack the common knowledge of what it take to be successful in this football era. It takes more that money to build a legacy and many of the hard core rossoneri fans know this.