Official: Giroud extends his contract with Milan until 2024

Olivier Giroud after extending his contract at Casa Milan on April 19, 2023. (

Olivier Giroud has put pen to paper and he will keep wearing the Milan colors.

The past 24 hours have been incredibly special for Oli G: last night he scored against Napoli the goal at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona that sent Milan to the Champions League semi-finals for the first time since 2007 (2-1 on aggregate), and today he extended his contract.

“Milan is proud to announce that Olivier Giroud has renewed his contract with the Club. Olivier, at Milan since the summer of 2021, has become an important linchpin in the Rossoneri forward line, making 76 appearances and scoring 27 goals,” a statement reads.

Giroud has extended his deal until 2024 and he will be making €3.5 million per season. Olivier, 36, has been the starting striker for Milan this season, proving time after time that there is no one better than him right now at leading the front line of coach Stefano Pioli.

Olivier Giroud with Frederic Massara, Giorgio Furlani and Paolo Maldini after extending his contract at Casa Milan on April 19, 2023. (

“Everything is fine, I am very happy and proud,” Giroud said as he was leaving Casa Milan. “If this is the best way to celebrate last night? Well yes, it’s better we won [laughs]. If I feel at home here at Milan? I feel like a Milan supporter from Day 1, I received a nice welcome and I feel very good.”

Olivier will hope to keep smiling until the end of the season as Milan have a difficult battle for Top 4 ahead of them, and also an upcoming Champions League semi-final encounter next month.

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Can someone remember when Ibra left? It took a decade and Ibra back in order to us having a 9 worthy of the shirt. However, who would’ve thought it was this guy who would have a second wind in his late 30s. Theo, Mike, Leao, Rebic, Ibra, Ben, Giroud. A perfect blend of bad boy attitude, trophies, work, winning mentality, hunger, and experience. It’s very different to buy from Real Madrid, and League One champs rather than buying mid-table rejects from Calcio. It would be wise to look for a guy who can pivot like him, but we already got… Read more »


I don’t know why we can offer a old man contract easily, but young talent we will be delaying contract renewer, why hasn’t they rush to renew leao, kessie, donna, hakan e.t.c like how they do for ibra, giroud, why do Italian teams love to offer contract to old veterans faster than younger blood with futere and big price tag


Because it’s less stress and very affordable


No that not why it base on priority, serie a priorities given old player contract first, in England they always prefer tiring their talents to a new long term contract as soon as possible


Can you understand the difference between a contract offer and a contract agreement? A young player will be told by his agent to stall the signing as more offers mean higher market value, promising offers from a bigger club. You know, Leao may have offers from City, Madrid, PSG, Liverpool, Bayern, you name it. The boy may win the CL with Milan, but he will continue to stall because it’s in his best interest. In difference, an older player at a big club like Milan knows that they can’t complain, just sign before they change their mind. You can also… Read more »


You don’t get the full point leao, kessie, donna at some point where happy to stay in milan at that point the management should have rush in a with a renewer, but they keep on stalling, why do they offer giroud a new deal immediately, but keep on stalling on leao, despite the fact that leo has commit his future to milan in the media, if it England they won’t waste time


They wanted to leave mate, there is no timing or offer that can overcome that. Don’t blame the management, the players’ careers are short, and they have the final decision. Some teams freeze players when they don’t want to sign, and they will avoid any communication until the very end. Kessie had an agreement, do you think it’s wise to say I’m leaving in January and jeopardize the fight for the scudetto? I’m still disgusted at Donnarumma tho. He took every penny he and his family could while the club was in ruins. He gave his word, no other player… Read more »


I don’t care what anyone thinks at this point; Krunic is a true Milanista! That boy helped us knock out Napoli from UCL. He deserves a pay rise and contract extension. Now I understand Pioli’s obsession with him.


Krunic is average, diaz, sala has done better against Napoli than him, Madrid or city will exploits him


It took a Krunic to get us to Semis of CL, taking Kessie’s role.

I say to keep everyone but Messias who is a one-trick pony.


Get Milenkovic-Savic, Fratessi, Parissi and Zaniolo. Make this squad complete. Sell Origi, Rebic, Ballo-Toure, Messias and maybe use Adli for Fratessi/Parisi deal.


SMS, Zanioli, keep Origi, Rebic Adli.


Fuck UEFA Juve, City, PSG, and Barcelona don’t know what FFP means while Milan got banned from EL for spending less than 200m.

Silvio stopped investing in Milan years before the Chinese era, yet that wasn’t enough reason for EUFA. They only know how to preserve the status quo and avoid mid-table clubs fighting with big ones.