Milan get 15% of Lyon’s capital gain on Paquetá as the Brazilian is sold to West Ham United for €61.630 million

Lucas Paquetá during Brazil-Paraguay at Mineirao Stadium on February 01, 2022. (Photo by Pedro Vilela/Getty Images)

Lucas Paquetá has moved to the Premier League, and Milan get some money out of it.

Paquetá left Milan in 2020 to join Olympique Lyonnais for €20m and today he made another move, joining West Ham.

Through an official statement, Lyon revealed the numbers: “Olympique Lyonnais confirms the transfer of Brazilian international midfielder, Lucas Paquetá, to English club West Ham for a total amount of €61.630 million, including €18.680 million in bonuses spread over the player’s 5-year contract and plus an additional 10% sell-on fee.

“Moreover, and as had been concluded during his initial transfer, 15% of the amount of the capital gain realized will be passed on to his former club, Milan, according to the rate established in that contract.”

It’s not entirely clear what is considered ‘capital gain’ and how much Milan will get, but according to Calcio e Finanza and others, the Rossoneri are set to receive around €6m from the transfer.

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Calm down

One of the only two transfer mistakes made by Maldini. The other is bringing Bakayoko back! he never looked suited to attacking football. But at least the 6 million received from this couldn’t have came at a better time seeing were initially only left 10 million for a defender and a midfielder. Now the added 6 million is perhaps the reason we could afford Thiaw and Vranckx for a combined fee of around 16 million.


Paqueta is a good player. Unfortunately, he failed to adapt to life in Italy, which then affected his performance on the field. Maldini made no mistake letting him go.

If Moncada was around at that time, he would have prevented Leonardo from signing him in the first place. Maldini and Massara clearly value the importance of Moncada’s inputs before signing any players ever since