Official: Hally & Son becomes Milan’s new Fashion Eyewear Partner

Milan with Hally & Son. (

Milan have announced a new partnership, with Hally & Son.

Milan continue to get new sponsors and improve their financial situation and today they announced a new deal.

The official statement reads:

AC Milan and Hally & Son are delighted to announce a new partnership, which will see the brand owned by Avm1959 SpA become the Club’s new Official Fashion Eyewear Partner.

Hally & Son, the iconic 1950s sunglasses and eyeglasses brand that was revived by Avm1959, is renowned for reinterpreting timeless style and elegance in a modern key. Artisan craftsmanship and tradition are blended with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology under the impulse of creative thinking, which characterizes the fashion industry. Hally & Son’s sunglasses and eyeglasses are created for those who value aesthetics, quality and unique details in all aspects of life, showing that passion for beauty transcends all things.

Style and elegance, combined with innovation and passion, form the basis of this new partnership between AC Milan and Hally & Son. These two brands, thanks in no small part to these shared values, have set standards for excellence in their respective sectors and proudly represent Italy throughout the world.

Milan with Hally & Son. (

Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan said: “Today marks the beginning of a journey that unites two brands representing the Italian style abroad. We are proud to welcome Avm1959, and in particular, an iconic Italian brand such as Hally & Son, to the Rossoneri family.”

“AC Milan perfectly encapsulates a winning mentality and a continued drive towards innovation, making it the best export product of Italian football over the decades. The result of last season has shown, once again, how it is possible to reach the very top by restructuring the operating model. As a Milan native and a Milanista myself, I am extremely proud to associate Hally & Son with this extraordinary Club,” added Jacopo Romano, CEO of Avm 1959 SpA.

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