Adli: “I am proud to join one of the biggest clubs in the world, Milan is bigger than everything, I will try to adapt to wherever the Coach wants”

Yacine Adli talking to MilanTV. (

Yacine Adli has spoken to MilanTV for the first time, talking about his move.

Adli has been training at Milanello for nearly a full week and videos of him playing one-touch football and giving water bottles to his teammates have already gone viral.

The 21-year-old is finally wearing the Rossoneri colors after ending his time with Bordeaux, where he played on loan last season despite getting bought by Milan last summer.

“I am proud to join one of the biggest clubs in the world, the best in Italy,” he told MilanTV.

On his last season: “Of course, last season with Bordeaux was complicated; actually, the last three years were complicated as I arrived during a difficult time for the Club. It helped me to grow as a man, to deal with complicated situations. I think that it will help me to overcome difficult moments in the future by remembering all of that and moving forward.”

Yacine Adli during training at Milanello. (

On the advantage of having many Frenchmen at Milan: “When a club like Milan calls you, no matter which players are there, you want to join the club. It’s an advantage for me to have many French teammates. Milan is bigger than everything and all I wanted was to join this mythical club.”

On his past with Ballo-Touré and Maignan: “I was in PSG’s academy with Fodé and Mike. Mike is a bit older, so I saw him playing a lot, especially when I was younger. I’ve played a bit with Fodé, so we know each other a little, but here we will get to really know each other. It’s great to play alongside other Parisian guys.”

Yacine Adli during training at Milanello. (

On Bennacer: “I know Isma very well. We share the same agent and we know each other. I think that he’s a very good player, maybe one of the best midfielders right now. What he does is truly amazing and I am sure he can do even better to show everyone that he can make a name for himself in football.”

On his favorite role: “I just prefer to be out on the pitch playing. I will try to adapt to wherever the Coach wants me to play. I don’t have any preferences, I’ve already played in different positions and it is one of my qualities, so I will try to carry that on.”

Yacine Adli during training at Milanello. (

On the Champions League: “Playing in the Champions League is my boyhood dream. When your career starts, every player’s dream is to play in the Champions League. Knowing that I will maybe take part in that competition is amazing, but I also need to prepare myself well to be ready.”

On music: “I have been passionate about music ever since my dad made my sister, my brother and I join a music academy. In fact, I played the violin for 4 years. My sister was the one who played the piano and I used to watch her a lot so I’ve always had a passion for piano and music.”

Yacine Adli during training at Milanello. (

On his home commune: “Villejuif is a very important place for me. I grew up there. I try to help the young players from my town to get the same opportunities as I had. With the association, we also try to share our values. Right now we are going through a hard time as one of our association players, name Zinédine, passed away recently. So, once again, I’d like to express my condolences and may he rest in peace.”

On Zidane and on his experience: “Zidane is a player that I really admired and I watched him play a lot. In terms of my own experience, I spent 3 years at Bordeaux and played 100 games in Ligue 1. As a result, I’ve got a bit of experience. Now, I’ve joined a completely different club, with a fantastic group of players. I need to get used to that to be ready to help the coach and the team and try to gain a place in the first team.”

Yacine Adli during training at Milanello. (

On Milan of last year: “Last season, I watched all of the team’s matches. A few players stood out, like Leão, Hernández and others, but I think that the team effort is what made the difference last season. We saw a lot of great players like Pierre [Kalulu], with him I played in the France youth setup, he had a great season.

On who he’d like to meet soon: “I don’t really have a player who I want to meet at all costs. I am just looking forward to working with everyone.”

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this guy has the vision, calmness and passing accuracy of true fantasista. guardioli needs to play him as am


Yes defo, and is physically strong unlike diaz

Gbenga AJOSE

Guys, if news am hearing about Nikolo Zaniolo going to Juventus is true then fork Eliot 20 times !!!!!!!


Zaniolo is overrated.

Coach Seedorf

Welcome back Ted and Milan10. Where have you guys been and where are others on this blog?

AC Milan

Zaniolo is not overrated buy selfish. He has above average skill set but way too selfish. It is a team’s sports. We can’t have one player plays selfishly. This is a no to me.