Report: Milan ready to make a new and improved offer for De Ketelaere, Brugge interested in two Primavera players

Charles De Ketelaere during Belgium-Poland at Stade Roi Baudouin on June 8, 2022. (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

Charles De Ketelaere prefers Milan to Leeds but the Premier League side is offering more money to Club Brugge.

Milan are working to reinforce the attack and while contacts with Chelsea for Hakim Ziyech continue to be alive and the right formula is being sought, the Diavolo are also working on 21-year-old Charles De Ketelaere on Club Brugge KV.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan made an initial offer of €20m plus bonuses for CDK, but Brugge are demanding a lot more and there are other clubs willing to pay more for the young Belgian talent.

The website of Di Marzio claims that Leeds United of the Premier League have offered €30m plus bonuses, while on Sky Italia’s website they claim it’s €37m plus bonuses. Between Leeds and Milan, De Ketelaere would prefer playing for the Campioni d’Italia next season.

However, for a deal to take place, Milan would have to improve their offer and Di Marzio claims that they are ready to try again for CDK with improved conditions. A thing that can help in the negotiations, is the fact that Brugge are interested in Milan Primavera players. There’s again difference in what’s written on Di Marzio’s website, who claims the players Burgge want are 20-year-old goalkeeper Andreas Jungdal and 19-year-old striker Emil Roback, and what’s said on Sky’s website, who say it’s Roback and 18-year-old midfielder Lukas Björklund.

Therefore, Milan could try to include some of their young players in order to convince Club Brugge to accept their new offer. There should be more developments in the next few days.

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Ffs! Just go and get him! We lost botman to Newcastle! Yes Newcastle! So please Maldini don’t lose cdk to Leeds! It’s quite embarrassing tbh! 🙁

Last edited 1 month ago by Acmalkakleotheotommagshev

Yeah it is embarrassing. Especially when the players clearly prefer to join Milan but the club wont pay a fair sum for them.
Botman must be so upset. Chance to improve his skills in Serie a, under maldini etc. Challenge for trophies and play champs league.
Instead he has to go to Newcastle.


This is 2022. We’re losing players to teams who fought for survival last season.
Italian football must take action as this is indeed very embarrassing.

Gbenga AJOSE

Honestly the whole thing I becoming embarrassing. Where is Scudeto money and all the TV rights revenue. Where is qualification for champion league money ??? Juventus has signed Pogba and Di Maria is also on his way to Juve. Lusaka is at Inter. What d hell are we doing ?? I expected us to have pinned down Dybala for right wing and CDK for both right and center. We always wait till the tail end of the market for opportunities and cheap deals and I hope it won’t backfire this time.


I honestly don’t understand our financial situation. We won Serie A and for the 2nd season in a row succeeded at qualifying for UCL. We also have now 30M per year deal with Puma. But still we can’t spend? It’s either that the new owners are broke or they also think that they can run Milan without spending a dime. If it’s second we won’t win Serie A like that. Last season was close. This season same can’t happen again since Juve and Inter are getting stronger. The latter is practically already done with buying players, even without Dybala they… Read more »


I hear ya Deku. This summer was such an exciting opportunity to cement our place as a top team in italy and Europe.
So far all we have gotten is silence, confusion and wasted time.

Worst of all this was a summer to enjoy for milan fans, instead its turning into misery

Coach Seedorf

You guys are too impatient. Relax, you will smile before the summer ends. We have Tomori, Kalulu, Kjaer, Gabbia already. Botman is not so much a big deal. When we lost Fofana, we got Tomori and look at him today? There are always options. Important thing is that Maldini and Masara stayed, they will do well in the mercato don’t worry about that at all


the club is still loosing money. projected loss for current year is 50 mil. elliott and redturd want to run it as a business. there’s no money to spend.


CDK and Ziyech would drastically improve our offense. Barring injuries, stamina, depth etc, we would have a starting 11 that can compete with anyone.
Probably not the depth for an entire season but all things being equal with those 2 taking over our weak Right side of the field, we can give the chelseas and man cities of the world a good fight


Still think we shud get Dybala for his class and CL experience. All fans have said we needed a new striker, RW and AM. Origi is a squad player who is a fine addition for free, nothing more. Therefore think we should get Dybala – Free Zyech – loan Cdk – 30m Add to midfield Sanches – 20m Defense Probably need either young or bosman free players for depth at LB and CB. That shud be pretty manageable given our recent success and any income from sales. Also zlatan wages are slashed and kessie and Roma off the books. If… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

If we want to make a loud statement in Serie A this season , then we need Dybala on that right wing.


to get both Dybala and Zieych seems redundant. 5 players are all that we need: CAM, RW, CM, CB, LB. latter is the easiest and the cheapest since Parisi has 1 year left and Genoa got relegated so Cambiasso is also a great option. CAM de Katelaere or no one else, come one we deserve 1 big investment. RW, either Zieych or Dybala. CM hopefully Sanches (contract until 2023). CB, we can go for 3 players: Milenkovic, Senesi, or N’Dicka (all have contract until 2023). If we can get CB and CM under 40M, CAM for 30M, under 5M for… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Deku

Would you be happy with origi as our starting striker?
His goal scoring record is terrible.
Hes a decent squad player but not good enough to be our main striker.

Thats where cdk is useful given his versatility.
Dybala definitely a classic no. 10, perfect for us.
Zyech much more a winger and decent option for rw
We have desperately needed new starting quality striker, am and rw for so long.


In my opinion we should convert Rebic to ST. he has great presence in the penalty area, good with trapping the ball, normal height and strong physique. Origi should just be sub-Leao. With Leao and another speedy, technical RW we can do what France did in Euros and we have Giroud as mentor, as well. so yeah, I stand by what i say 5 players only.

Coach Seedorf

Origi is starting quality striker. Watch and see him explode this season hopefully. He could overtake Giroud in starting line up as the season progresses. He has all he needs to excel with us. Sanchez might be a smoke screen given his injury concerns. If we really wanted him, we could have got him by now. Milan may have their eyes on someone else as Jessie’s replacement.either an internal solution or an external one


I hear you guys. More would be better. I’m pointing out that with just those two, we would have a strong 11 for a one-off game.

Coach Seedorf

I don’t have faith in Juve rejects anymore. No to Dybala. Bonucci and Higuane are the latest examples of Juve rejects flopping while with us. It was like they came to worsen our problems. Dybala after joining us might be plagued with injuries and fitness concerns. CDK is what we need now, I will get lang or Antony instead of Dybala. I’m not underrating Dybala, just saying Juve rejects haven’t worked out well for us in recent times and Dybala would be a gamble for us. An unnecessary gamble given his injury concerns already at Juve

Coach Seedorf

You’re very correct. The problem is that the current Milan that I know won’t pay 20-25mil for 29years old Ziyech. Just look at the precedence. Gazidiz doesn’t see any resale value in a 29years old. I would really love to have Ziyech but I feel he is a smoke screen at the moment except Chelsea will agree to a 10mil option to buy fee cos Ziyech will be 30years when it’s time to activate this option. Ziyech will make out right side deadly instantly if all goes well


Your probably right that they wont want to pay that kind of money for him. If they get him on loan for the year then it suits everyone, if he has a good year Chelsea can sell him to another team. That way we can spend or money on cdk and next season find a younger rw that we can buy. Dybala for free Cdk fkr 30m Zyech on loan This would complete our attack for a reasonable budget Dybala would be rejuvinated playing for milan, a younger more attacking team than what hes been used to. Also he fits… Read more »