Kjær: “I’ve been waiting for this for 7 months, expectations? We’re Milan and won the title – there’s no other way”

Simon Kjær during training at Milanello on July 4th, 2022. (@acmilan.com)

Simon Kjær trained with the group for the first time in over half a year as Milan began preparations for the new season today at Milanello.

Kjær underwent knee surgery to fix his ACL in December and has not played a game of football since. Despite his absence, Milan still managed to have their best season in many, many years, winning the Scudetto for the first time since 2011.

Today the team met-up after the summer break to start training ahead of the 2022/23 campaign and the Dane center back trained normally with his teammates. Afterwards, he spoke to MilanTV:

Simon, from the very start of the session, you were already at the head of the group. You were very eager to get back to leading the Rossonero squad…
“Absolutely, I’ve been waiting for this moment for 7 months. I’m very happy to be back with the guys and to start playing football again. I’m very happy.”

Simon Kjær during training at Milanello on July 4th, 2022. (@acmilan.com)

How are you feeling? A required question, after all this time…
“I feel good. I’ve done a lot of work up to now but there is still a lot to be done. Physically, I’m feeling good. I had a bit of a holiday with my family. But even while I was on holiday, I had just one thought: getting back to playing. To get back here in Milano and get back to training. That’s why I’m happy to be here.”

I saw you go straight to look at the data following the practice match; you’re already in the league mindset, focused and eager to see what the GPS recordings say…
“I’ve been working with data and numbers for 4 months, I know where I need to be and what numbers I should have to gradually return to full fitness, but it’s also important to have the numbers in your head as a reference. For a first day, it was pretty good.”

Simon Kjær during training at Milanello on July 4th, 2022. (@acmilan.com)

Does it feel good to restart with the Scudetto on your chest?
“I think we’re all delighted about the Scudetto but it also adds some positive pressure for all of us, pushing us to do our most this season, too. We need to continue growing; we won the title but like I said in the past, we need to continue improving.”

You said pressure, which means the group’s expectations are very high…
“Absolutely, we’re Milan and won the Scudetto. There’s no other way.”

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