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Damn, I feel sorry for Messi, but what a show!

I don’t want to hear anything about Mbappe. He is awesome but Benzema is a legend.

Fuck this PSG and Man City. It’s a delight seeing the traitors Leonardo and Donnarumma fail.

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Man U, AC Milan and Boca. There is no room for more.

Dan Ban

Mbappe is out of there for sure. Everyone knows donnaruma is terrible with the ball at his feet. He’ll be riding the bench now. That would not have happened to Keylor.
30s are the new 20s. Look at Benz, Modric, Giroud, Lewandowski just killing it.


I hate to say this but am Glad to see donnaruma fail Maignan is definitely an upgrade to him…. The traitor sold the match for Madrid Stupid Error