Official: Lazetić joins Milan from Crvena zvezda on a 4.5-year deal

Marko Lazetić at Casa Milan. (

Marko Lazetić has officially joined Milan and he’ll be wearing the #22 jersey.

The Rossoneri cut short the loan of the hugely-disappointing Pietro Pellegri, and they decided to invest in another young striker: 18-year-old Serbian Marko Lazetić.

The deal has been in place for a few days now – believed to be €4m plus €1m bonuses, and Lazetić already underwent the medical check-ups with the club earlier this week. However, the official statement arrived today.

“Milan announces that Marko Lazetić has joined the Rossoneri from Crvena zvezda on a permanent deal. The Serbian striker has signed a contract with the Club lasting until 30 June 2026.

“Born in Belgrade, Serbia, on January 22 2004, Marko came through the Crvena zvezda youth ranks before making his first-team debut in November 2020. He was then loaned to Grafičar, for whom he scored four goals in 14 appearances. Having returned to Crvena zvezda in the summer of 2021, this season has seen him find the net once in 16 matches.

“Lazetić will wear the number 22 shirt.” Marko will most likely be included in the squad for the Derby della Madonnina which comes right after the break – next Saturday.

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Okay this should be a good deal but where is the defender? or a playmaker? …… it would be a huge loss if we fail to qualify for the Champions League, the first place is already lost with the transfer of Rubin Gosens to Inter…we are progressing too slowly !!!


He’s a talented player that’s clear. Big, strong, uses his body well, can dribble, can shoot, technique’s there, kinda reminds me of Fernando Torres in his play. Ibra and Giroud influence will be good, I just hope Pioli can grow him properly.

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Roberto Giano

Wecome kid! exciting to watch his first appearance


I just dont understand the hype. Sure he has some technique. But seriously, 4 goals in serbian 2nd division is nothing to get excited about. Basically this is Milan owners trying to make a few quid. Why is this even an official announcement?what top clubs make a frenzy about a primavera signing, sad. We have some serious problems in our first team!!!!! Perhaps work on Romagnoli and Kessie. Find a RW an AM and a striker!! More fucking time and money wasted! Remember Pellegri? Whats Roback doing? The last exciting kid Colombo already is waaaay better than this lad, has… Read more »


Agreed, if we bought a quality no 10 a striker, right winger we could challenge for title. We are so close but the money restriction is stopping us taking that next step to win trophys, so frustrating. How our rivals spend when they are in more debt I don’t know how they can and we can’t. Gazidis did same at arsenal, nice new stadium, balanced books but never won anything.

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Alegri dosent play Kulusevski, he wants out. Reports say Juve offered us 18months loan for Kulusevski but we want option to buy him, while Juve will only agree to an obligation to buy him. He can be the solution to our RW and we only need to pay for him 1.5 years later, seems like a good oportunity. But seeing that we only work with cheap loan deals i doubt we will do anything with this. If we theoreticly get him, we will only need to get Belotti for free as a ST in the summer and we have Adli… Read more »


Agreed that would be a strong team, I’m just worried bout this season and getting top 4,it won’t be easy. If we suffer injuries to zlatan, leao or rebic again we could struggle and no top 4 isn’t a option or cuts financially will have to be made for summer transfers. Kessie going for nothing and renato will be 25 million to replace him on top of 30 million for botman.kalalu is more than ideal we don’t need botman depending on what happens with romag. These players leaving for nothing is killing us, we could have made over 100 million… Read more »


Well if he comes right now on loan that will definetly strenghten our team for this season. Or if any other good RW comes that will deffenetly make a difference for us. Rebic can cover the ST position and we have other posibilitis for AM at the moment if Diaz keeps being off form. Bennacer, Messia or even Salamakers can all be tried in that position. Its up to Pioli to work it out. But he does have options, he dosent have to stick to Diaz all the time, in fact he should have tried something else by now. Thats… Read more »

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Lol. Some people. You know nothing about this kid. Maldini knows more about football players than any of us. Stop acting like some super scout. I bet you said the same thing when Kaka was brought here, when Pirlo and Seedorf were rejects that we took, I can go on and on. Truth is. You know nothing about this kid. Stop acting like a football expert. Kessie is gone and Romagnoli is too.


While I trust Maldini, a defender’s perspective is not always reliable for judging an attacking player. He once said Castillejo could become a big surprise. We all know the results.
And remember, he also brought in Ballo-Toure last summer.

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Of course i know little of him.
If u read my post you will understand that most fans like me want serious first team issues addressed before wasting money on prosoects we dont need


We dont have money. What havent you figured out yet? Maldini is doing what he can with 0 budget. Literally nothing. We wanted Botman in this window and Elliott said no. The problem is Elliott. They need to sell the team.


What dont you understand?
The money wasted on the likes of Lazetic and others could be used better. Like getting Bellotti.
I think we all be happy to see elliot leave


I also don’t understand. Let’s see how he develops in the future, though I don’t see him as being as potential as regarded. The price is also not good. Juve got Kaio Jorge for only 3M, and while he is one year older, he already showed better performances in Brazil. Now Milan got Lazetic for 5M.
Let’s hope for Saelemaekers-esque story, and more Maignan-esque signings.


Just don’t forget this kid turned 18 few days ago and has close to non experience in any senior league. He is talented but he needs to be patient and grow behind the spotlight. As said, I hope Pioli can bring him up same as he did with Leao, Tonali and Kalulu. I think Maldini and co wants to create their own Vlahovic.

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That’s our hope, but I won’t be too optimistic.
Btw recent news said Milos Kerkez is joining AZ Alkmaar permanently. I don’t understand the bosses are thinking.


New arenal


i agree with you.. 10 years ago, i told to my friends as arsenal fans, they are not football club but like showroom car.. and now it happen to milan… and they laugh at me… hehehe


Milan the new arsenal, buy unknown talent development them for years and sale for a profit without caring whether a trophy is won, only top 4 matters, looking forward to gadizi new arsenal 2.0 aka Milan


Sell for profit? Last time I checked we are a charity organisation, giving top players out for free

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What profit? 🙂 If Kessie & Roma leave, we are already out of 150M to 200M in just two season. Even if we are going to be the new Atalanta, we are doiny a shitty business to do it


Looks like he can operate in the tight spaces and get away from defenders one on one.
This is something we have been lacking in our final third. Hauge could have done it but alas.
Anyway, I don’t see the gloom about his signing. He is a good player with great potential, and skill sets that we currently lack in the final third. And he is not constantly in the hospital like Pellegri was.
Good move. Good luck Lazetic.
If only we could get Kulusevski for the right side…

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Milan already sold Kerkez to AZ for 2 mil, the exact amount Milan paid for Lazetic’s down payment.
If no one comes in, it means that Milan doesn’t hv any budget at all for this mercato


I just read the same news. This illustrates exactly what I have said above. Its a money making exercise for the management. Kerkez has done well and might have been a good option ahead of Toure at LB. Clearly our owners dont care about strengthening our first team. I bet Lazetic never kicks a ball for our first team. The money spent on him could have been used to get Belotti in this window. Hes no Vlahovic but would be a useful option given the injury problems of our 2 old boys. I really do hope Milan fans get together… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

You said it all mate !


Meanwhile Kerkez is joining AZ Alkmaar permanently (yes) after just a few months. I don’t understand the bosses are thinking.


Just read about it and wanted to post it here. What’s that about? Isn’t he one of the brightest talents out there? He should already be deputed on that left flank, instead we have Ballo Toure. Who’s also injured now. Wtf???


Exactly Ted, exactly


welcome another bench warmer and another candidate of capital gain. Hope you prove me wrong !


Figures just released show financial losses for the big 3 in Italy year ending June 2021

Inter losses=250m

Nobody wants to see us in financial trouble again but surely we have. More resources than buying an 18yo from serbian second division!!

Juve sign Vlahovic
Inter sign Gosens and Caicedo

All the top clubs lost money during covid so we shud be in a good place to invest in players while managing our debts.
Interest rates are super low


few rich people or millioners who want to invest in serie A.. Its so different with English Premiere Leaque…