Video: The choreography of the Curva Sud during Milan-Inter dedicated to first responders, medical staff & those who didn’t make it during the COVID


The Curva Sud presented a beautiful choreography before the start of the Derby della Madonnina, showing their gratitude towards to those who fought COVID.

The first Milano Derby of the season took place yesterday and while the action on the pitch was certainly not lacking, the Curva Sud of the Rossoneri stole the show with their stunning choreography. The choreography consisted of several banners and then a huge image covering the stands.

It’s the first Milan derby with fans since COVID hit Milano back in February 2020, and the Red and Black fans did not forget thank the people who made it possible.

A banner went up before the choreography: “To those who fought, to those who didn’t make it. To those who battled on the front lines to save the nation: We honour all of these people, dedicating the most important choreography of the season…”

“Milan does not forget. Grazie.”

There was then a beautiful image of front-line health workers in masks and visors, holding an Italian flag with a mourning symbol.

The choreography of the Milan fans honoring the doctors and medical staff in Italy that lead the battle against COVID during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on November 7, 2021. (
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