Official: Mirante joins Milan as a free agent until the end of the season

Antonio Mirante at Milan. (

Antonio Mirante has joined Milan to provide backup following the injuries of Mike Maignan and Alessandro Plizzari.

Maignan is out for 10 weeks after undergoing surgery yesterday, and with third-choice ‘keeper Plizzari out until the end of the year as well, Milan had to move on the market and sign another goalie.

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara chose to go with a profile they were already considering in the summer: the free agent Antonio Mirante, who turned 38 in July.

“Milan can confirm the signing of Antonio Mirante; on a deal that will see the keeper stay with the Club until the end of the season,” a statement on the website of the Diavolo reads. “Over the course of his career, Mirante has played for Crotone, Siena, Juventus, Sampdoria, Parma, Bologna and Roma. He has chosen to wear number 83 for the Rossoneri.”

Mirante underwent all the necessary medical procedures yesterday and signed the contract at Casa Milan. He had an interview with MilanTV, which was released earlier today.

Antonio Mirante with Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara at Casa Milan. (

On his arrival at Milan: “My feelings are very positive, obviously, most of all for how I got the call, this negotiation, and that gives me a great boost, and I am aware and experienced enough to not allow any panic to set in, in light of the situation. Even though this all came out of the blue. The negotiations were lightning fast. On Tuesday afternoon, I got the call following Maignan’s injury, who I wish the best of luck for, we hope he’ll be back soon. As I was saying, the ‘negotiations’, if we can call them that, took no time at all because I accepted immediately because there was never any doubt in my mind.”

On the negotiations: “Considering my age, it is right that I should bring human qualities to the dressing room, which from the outside appears to already be at a really high level.  The team gives the impression of having great enthusiasm, a great push and of always being positive. Which is a great value for me.”

On Pioli: “I have not worked with Pioli before, we’ve only ‘faced off’, but I’ve always had the impression he is well-prepared, and that he took over at Milan at the right time which led to the team and the Coach growing exponentially. I believe this growth, this partnership, will last a long time. The thing that catches the eye watching Milan play over the last year or so, is that the team always seem to know what they’re doing, they always appear to be pushing hard and always appear to know what needs to be done on the field. The team is always well laid-out on the field, they have a clear idea, a precise identity while still being versatile. They’re a team that can have their say against anyone.”

On the teammates: “I’ve only heard from Florenzi by message, because my day was choke-full of medical checks, so it was just a quick text message to say hi and we’ll see each other at Milanello on Thursday. Of the others, I’ve met Romagnoli, with the Italy team, but given my age, I’ve faced most of my teammates before and I’m confident I won’t have any issues settling in.”

Antonio Mirante at Casa Milan. (

On working with Dida: “I don’t need to point out how great Dida was, I don’t know what type of coach he is, but I learnt, during my experience at Roma previously, and this is something I truly believe, you can always improve. So I go to training aware of the fact that every day I’m adding a brick to my experience and my qualities. I believe Dida can teach me a lot, he can help grind down my flaws because even at my age I need to continue improving, I can’t think about just settling on what I am now. I am sure I will work with him a lot on what he thinks I need to improve on.”

A message to the fans: “Hello to all Milan fans, I’m happy to be here and I’ll see you at San Siro on Saturday. Ciao!”

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