Scaroni: “Milan certainly need a new stadium, our objective is Top 4, I expect Ibrahimović back in the next CL game”

Paolo Scaroni talking to Ivan Gazidis at Milanello on September 9, 2020. (Spada LaPresse)

Paolo Scaroni spoke on Quarta Repubblica, discussing issues related the stadium and the goals of the Rossoneri.

The season of Milan started on a positive note with 3 wins and 1 draw in Serie A, and a 3-2 defeat to Liverpool in the Group Stage of the Champions League.

The Rossoneri President Paolo Scaroni was a guest of Mediaset’s Quarta Repubblica last night and he discussed several issues, as reported by and

On the objectives of Milan: “I’m a business man so I don’t have any hopes or illusions. I budget – in our budget we expect Milan to arrive at least 4th, in the Champions League zone. This is our objective. Then of course, we are very happy with everything more.”

On the issue of stadiums: “I want the stadiums to be filled 100% or at least 75% because for us it’s a significant economic loss. I’m confident that the government will accept our cry of pain and that it will accept the idea of having stadiums that are fuller than they are today. In England they are 100% full, in Austria they are 100% full, in France they are 100% full, and in Spain they are 100% full, so we have examples that we have to follow.”

Milan fans during Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on September 12, 2021. (Fabrizio Andrea Bertani)

On the future of San Siro: “We, as Milan, certainly need a new stadium, but all of Italian football needs modern stadiums. When the stadium is modern, occupancy increases by 50%, that is, spectators increase by 50% because in a modern, well-equipped stadium, whole families go, they spend half a day there and not just the time of the match. Therefore, the teams with which Milan competes, like Liverpool, against whom we played a match last week, receive €100m a year from the stadium; we collect €35m. How can we hope to have results with such an increase statement this insufficient?”

On the reasons that led him to become President of a football team: “I was President of Vicenza Calcio. I have a football background not as a player, because I was very mediocre, but as a director, and I must say that what amuses me and also gives me a lot of anxiety. Every time I go to see a Milan match I’m really anxious. But it’s a price you pay to have fun, there is nothing that comes to you free in life. Anxiety every match, like on Sunday, is rewarded by some positive result.”

On Ibrahimović: “I expect him to be back in the next Champions League game.”

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28 days ago

Why objective top 4 why not win the scudetto that should be the objective we can’t be having the same top 4 objective every year

Dan Ban
Dan Ban
28 days ago
Reply to  Oluwashevy

I think it’s about consulting. Set the bar low and over deliver. They certainly know if things go right we can challenge the scudetto but many things have to go righr for that to happen.