Official: Giroud has tested negative for COVID-19, the player will undergo a medical screening on Saturday

Olivier Giroud celebrating during Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on August 29, 2021. (Fabrizio Andrea Bertani)

Olivier Giroud has recovered from COVID and will soon return to action.

On September 2, Milan announced that Giroud has tested positive for Coronavirus. Today, the club confirmed that Oli G, who joined the club from Chelsea in the summer, has made a full recovery and will very soon get back to action.

A statement on the Diavolo website reads:

“Milan can confirm that Olivier Giroud has tested negative for COVID-19. The player will, tomorrow, undergo a medical screening as per Italian government protocols in order to return to sporting activities.”

It remains to be seen whether Giroud will be called-up for Sunday’s match against Lazio, as he hasn’t trained with the squad for over a week, but he’ll be there for the Liverpool game on Wednesday.

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finally, good news for a chance. milan need giroud’s post playing and physicality vs van dijk. also, i saw antonee robinson play for usa vs honduras and man he was awesome. its a shame that the deal fell through due to typical italian medical bureaucracy (also, too bad eldiott wouldnt spend 15m on faivre) but one thing is for sure: maldini – massara – moncada a.k.a. triple M clearly know what theyre doing, like spotting good talents. milan are in good hands and who knows, with their proven track records, maybe soon they’ll hit another jackpots and find another theo,… Read more »


WE NOW RETURN TO MILAN10 MUSINGS “Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma will extend his contract with the San Siro giants until 2024, according to his agent Mino Raiola.  It was previously suggested that dialogue had opened between the Rossoneri and Raiola over the goalkeeper’s future, and that negotiations were ongoing over the terms of the new contract. Raiola has confirmed that the 20-year-old will ‘extend his contract with Milan’ until 2024, and thereby ending speculation that the Italian could leave.” – Corriere dello Sport via SempreMilan 2019 “AC Milan are in talks with both Hakan Çalhanoglu and Gianluigi Donnarumma over the… Read more »

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it took me literally <5 mins to read and copy pasted those reports from well respected journalists and im pretty sure people who actually finished elementary school could easily find out for themselves as well, unless of course, theyre mentally and/or cognitively challenged. like i said, the notion about milan mgmt being unwilling to, let alone incapable of, extending players contracts is baseless and idiotic. like i also said, it takes two to tango. milan had no problems extending ibra’s and calabria’s contracts. hell, they even made baka and tonali reduce their salaries no fuss no muss. why? BECAUSE THEY… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Milan10

like i said, many big teams have same exact problem; juve with dybala (wants same wage as de ligt to extend), man utd with pogba (pulls a donna), even psg with mbappe and neymar (had barca still had money, neymar would’ve gone back to barca just 1-2 seasons ago). why would any sane milanista single out maldini for common problem with star players like this? hell, cr7 and ramos pulled same crap with madrid and alaba with bayern. and guess what, they got booted. beckham also felt he’s bigger than man utd. guess what, he got booted as well. now… Read more »


Thank you for this light…my main man … Milan 10…. ForzaMilan 10


thanks mate. forza milan


I Totally agree with you. The best way to go forward with the club is through financial sustainability and good scouting system


Agree like Bayern. I want us to become like bayern. Always strong and financialy healthy.


correctamundo mate. bayern is perfect role model for that

Ac milan

Thank you again for talking sense. There is an old saying among lawyers: if you have the facts on your sides, pound the facts; if you have laws on your side, pound the law; if you have neither, pound the table. While we were pounding facts here, some others were constantly pounding the table. Super ridiculous.


The players that left Milan are not worthy of the jersey and history is a teacher. Most of them will not get what they are looking for and will regret it. For Kessie, he should be sold in January cos he has already created a negative environment. He had just only one good season and he thinks he has arrived. Let’s watch and see, Milan will be stronger without them


lol. and if u have wealthy clients, go ask for a pound of flesh


Just hate the fact that no sensible person can ever disagree with your comments. You’re always spot on.


Wait for the serpentine shinter spy.


he’s crying himself to bed because his beloved hakan missed 2 clear chances today haha


are you…are you implying that the uninitiated are not sensible people mate? haha


Serious case of verbal diahorrea!
Selling players for money that can be reinvested yes.
Letting them walk for free no.
It’s not rocket science!!

Also Hauge and Cutrone did not want to leave.

Your piece of shit boyfriend Hakan did, and we are all glad as he is a crap player and a snake


“Selling players for money that can be reinvested yes.” so u want milan to be seller club like leipzig, ajax or dortmund? “Letting them walk for free no.” what do u suggest milan should do? break the bank and give kessie 8.5m that his agent wants? what if kessie pulls a bogarde sitting out his contract even as reserve after that and refuse to be sold? what if other players start demanding unrealistic amounts as well to extend? what if he demands even more money when its time to renew his contract again 3-4 yrs from now? too many ifs.… Read more »


You’ve said it all my man , many of these baby milanisti thinks this is football Fantasy where you can pick any player even at that you can’t just buy players or renew contracts anyhow.
Just like you’ve said… we the real milanisti support and love the way the club is heading… for me we’re way better than the last decade.
Forza Milan


correctamundo mate. too much fifa and not enough sunlight, air and socializing really mess up their judgement


I agree with you but we just need to renegotiate some contract sooner. For example we should have this drama with kessei last year. You just need to say that our transfer market strategy is dependant on him staying. If he dont wanna stay he must be excluded from the squad and be sold. Other than that i 100000 percent agree with you. Bayern way is the way to go. Bayern is always stirring shit in champions league and they never buy players for 200 milions


“AC Milan are determined to keep hold of their key midfielder Franck Kessie whose contract expires in the summer of 2022…
…The report notes that Milan want to conclude the renewal in December this year so as to avoid complicated situations similar to those of Donnarumma and Calhanoglu.” – Corrierre dello Sport via 2020”

come on mate, milan DID start the negotiations 2 yrs ago but kessie’s agent (read: pimp) always refused milan’s lucrative offer after another. get ur FACHTS straight

Dan Ban

Well said bro. I think sometimes clubs make exceptions like many times Barca with Messi , or City has done with kdb. But it’s an issue with all these divas. Heck even Tottenham is in this sht with harry Kane even though he extended until 2025.
The player needs to have a Desire to play for the club and the club pay a competitive salary .


well, theo, baka, ibra, kjaer, tonali, tomori and definitely calabria do have desire to play for milan. its not milan’s fault hakan, donna and kessie are golddigging little bitches

Roberto Giano

excited to watch Milan in upcoming weeks. watching Milan use their depth


I feel like Kessie is afraid he might never hit this peak in his career ever again, and so he’s trying to make the best use of this opportunity by getting the best offer possible. However, i also think he’s just enjoying the Ibrahimovic effect. He can ask Nocerino.

Ac milan

It is the lbra effect. I mean it is big enough that we came back to where we belong: CL. We are not a one man team but since we were team of young, we need proven winners such as Ibra and Giroud to lead the team. Kessie proved he was a decent PK taker + a good box to box mid fielder. He is not yet world class. You know who is real world class Kessie? That’s right, the person who bossed you in the Eruopa league Renato Sanches who earned 2.6 mil last year. Now you want 8.5… Read more »

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