Messias: “I’ve always been a Milan fan and I’m really excited to be here, dreams come true if you believe in them”

Junior Messias during an interview with MilanTV. (

Junior Messias spoke to MilanTV yesterday after signing the contract, saying ‘I would never have thought I would reach this level someday’.

Messias joined Milan on transfer deadline day, arriving on loan with option to buy from Crotone to reinforce the attack.

The 30-year-old Brazilian, who was still playing in Serie D a few years ago, will wear the #30 shirt at Milan. Messias sat down for an interview with MilanTV shortly after putting pen to paper: “The moment I saw the writing ‘AC Milan’ was really emotional, because this is my favorite Club. I’ve always been a Milan fan and I’m really excited to be here.”

On Maldini and Ibrahimović: “Paolo was an exceptional player and now he’s doing a great job as a director. He’s an exemplary person. As for Zlatan, he’s an extraordinary footballer.”

On his path: “I learned to play football on the streets, with my friends. Sometimes I even played alone, wherever I could find space to kick a ball, I would sometimes play all alone kicking the ball about. It was a beautiful feeling and what I loved doing the most. Having fun was all that mattered.”

Junior Messias with Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara at Casa Milan. (

On arriving in Italy in 2011: “My parents always encouraged me. I also matured thanks to my family, my wife and my kids. Everything looked different when I first arrived in Italy because I had never left my small city before. It was a totally different world for me. I adapted immediately and got a job. After about 30-40 days, my brother who brought me here returned to Brazil while I remained here.”

On dreaming: “At some point I had lost hope, because I was already 25 years old and was still playing in the amateur league just for the fun of it. I would never have thought I’d reach this level someday. The amateur league normally lasts for 10 months, the contract lasts for 10 months whereas the remaining 2 months I worked instead of going on holiday. I would normally do my deliveries and that phase taught me the true values of life. It gave me great motivation.”

Junior Messias at Casa Milan. (

On working hard: “I am where I am now because of hard work, I made a lot of sacrifices. When you reach this level, you have to prove to yourself, to work hard, the team and the group, all together.”

On his idols: “Milan has had so many great players, lots of quality players who are my idols, not just Brazilians but also Italian players.”

Junior Messias at Casa Milan. (

On Ibra and Giroud: “This team has a good foundation, plays well and is coached well. So, I believe we’ll be able to reach our objectives. We’ll do our best to reach our objectives. It’s easier to play with these players because of their movements on the pitch. It’s evident that when needed, they can score at any time.”

On joining Milan: “I’m a humble person, a team player and this is one of my strengths. One needs to put in lots of work, sacrifice. I would never have thought I’d reach this level someday, but, year in year out, season after season, I worked hard in my division. When I was playing in the Eccellenza division, I worked hard to play in that division, when I was in Serie B I also did my best to perform and this is how I made it here, step by step. Dreams come true if you believe in them.”

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Well I strongly believe in you bro, you will be a Santa clause surprise this season with 10-13 goals. Forza Milan

Dwayne K27ism

Grew up in the streets.
Remained humble and patient toward passion and purpose.
Is a Milan fan.

Serpent of mondinna

I like the fact you are hard working, but you clock late and are not really proven our season depends on you doing better than your 9 goals tally, please don’t flop or we will suffer, don’t be a samu


Hakan Flopanoghlu needs your advice more.

Ac milan

I laughed pretty hard on this one


We bought him from a relegated team just like we did buy Bennacer from relegated Empoli 2 seasons ago.
Messias will surprise many people.


And Ngolo Krunic too~


Krunic last match was impressive that’s a good sign I feel we are up to the task for this season and I see Milan qualifying out of the group stage the scudetto is still early but am sure it’s our wonders season


How far Milan will go will depend on Pioli’s flexibility as a coach. In the UCL, Milan is up against some of the best tacticians. The Milan squad is good enough. It has quality and depths. What remains to be seen is how Pioli utilize them to their full potential.

Football is 11v11. Yes, certain players can single-handedly decide a game. But, a strong collective can win together. Milan can qualify from the Group of death, even top it, if Pioli maximize the team’s potential.

Forza Milan?!!


Now it voice than to poili tactics as long as he didn’t field in likes of samu krunic is upgrading now well all I can say poili just need to the his best and the players will perform well and luck on our side we will scale through


What’s the update on kessie and Roman contract Tottenham just flexing their muscles with contract we should act fast and don’t lose our key players for free again