Milan drawn with Atlético Madrid, Liverpool and Porto in Group B of the 2021/22 Champions League

The Champions League trophy. (NorbertScanella Panoramic)

Milan will face Atlético Madrid, Liverpool and Porto in the upcoming Group Stage of the Champions League.

After 8 long years, Milan finally returned to the Champions League after finishing the last campaign in 2nd place.

Today in Istanbul, the draw for the Group Stage of the competition took place and Milan, represented by Club Ambassadors Franco Baresi and Daniele Massaro, Team Manager Andrea Romero and Head of Communication Pier Donato Vercellone, learned who they’ll be facing.

With a coefficient of 31.000, Milan were in Pot 4 and were destined to get a difficult draw. And that’s exactly what they got. The Rossoneri have been drawn with La Liga Champions Atlético Madrid of Diego Simeone, Liverpool of Jürgen Klopp and Porto of Sérgio Conceição.

The group stage will begin on 14-15 September and end on 7-8 December, with home and away matches being played, and the top two teams in each group will qualify for the knockout stages.

The full draw of the 2021/22 Champions League Group Stage.

After the draw, coach Stefano Pioli made the following comments: “It is a stimulating group, very difficult, but we are Milan and it’s right that our name is associated with clubs that – like us – have made history. Together, in our group, we’ve won 15 Champions League titles. We expected it, this is the Champions League and we can’t wait to get started. We’ll try to do something important.”


  • Matchday 1: Liverpool v Milan, 15 September, 21.00 CEST
  • Matchday 2: Milan v Club Atlético de Madrid, 28 September, 21.00 CEST
  • Matchday 3: Porto v Milan, 19 October, 21.00 CEST
  • Matchday 4: Milan v Porto, 3 November, 18.45 CEST
  • Matchday 5: Club Atlético de Madrid v Milan, 24 November, 21.00 CEST
  • Matchday 6: Milan v Liverpool, 7 December, 21.00 CEST
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Why weren’t we allowed to be in group G?


because of atalanta


Atalanta is in group F


i think it is because they could not have Wolfsburg end up on group A. if milan goes to group G, there was a chance Wolfsburg being last and get a conflict with group A… i’m not too sure

Because it is divided so that 2 teams from the same nation will be in groups 
A to D and two in groups E to H.
So that there will be no crash with the match days that 3 teams
from the same nation play at the same time. 

Now italy teams have two teams in group A to D and two teams from E to H.
Same goes with the other nations as you can see. 

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Thank you.


RIP Bilan, just focus on the league


if ur juventino then u should worry more about penaldo leaving u. not even mr champions league himself can break ur curse lol
if ur interista then u should worry more about bankruptcy. u couldnt even beat madrid and shakhtar with conte, lukaku and hakimi, no way ur gonna get past group stage with poor man’s conte at the helm.
let milan show u losers how its done in ucl

Serpent of mondinna

But inter has hakan, your most highly rated, even better than Lukaku and hakimi


now now mate, i know for a fact that ur happy hakan joins ur club inter but that doesnt mean u should get ur panties in a twist just because i said theyre gonna go bankrupt because they are. FACHT


It never siezes to amaze me how many fans from other teams get their little hard-ons wetting their panties for AC Milan. I suppose it’s to be expected, but I wouldn’t even consider attempting to troll other clubs’ fans. Perhaps Liverpool fans if I was ignorant enough to try. At least they have history and prestige. Certainly not a bent club from shitty la Liga anyway..




Great, we were just handed the hardest group. Nice welcome back after 8 dry years.


Very tough draw but with a fit zlatan, 2 or more signings and our brilliant defence and keeper u never know!


My ass this was a draw


Give than our other option was group A… i think we got the lesser of the two evils. When everyone is fit, on our day we can beat anyone. Same goes for Atleti , they are good but some days they lose to… levante.

Martin Bernhard

A bit worrying group and i wont really expect us to progress from it but maybe we can surprise as underdogs but this group on paper certainly doesnt look favourable to the club. The most likely scenario will be that we end up playing el in the spring.

Serpent of mondinna

If we get a good am and RW and kessie stays we will make it out of this group otherwise it left to luck

Martin Bernhard

It certainly would help but even if we doesnt we might still make a surprise as smaller less equipped teams has made bigger surprises over the years but yeah lets hope so but this group will be a rough one but i doubt any of the teams believe that it will be easy.


@serpent ..are you for real…is it becoz inter are going bankrupt this season


We are coming up ontop irrespective of the teams there we are milan we have the highest trophy in the history of champions league compare to the rest team in the group so we coming out stronger that I belive. No doubt is a strong one but I belive something good will come out of it that am sure off


Group B is a difficult group for us. Our qualification from this group depends on signing quality AM, and RW to improve the attacking aspect of the team.Moreover, adequate preparations will give us better results.


I concur my my brother we really need quality signing at ATM and RW, Silva and Sarabia we’re good to go

Riccardo Montolivo

For fucks’ sakes. Wtf is this!


Champions league, there are no easy games!! Got a feeling giroud will have a big impact in this competion.i hope pioli goes 352 or similar because a double pivot midfield we might get overrun by the likes of liverpool, athletico.

Serpent of mondinna

3-5-2 don’t work on cl


well, if ur gonna be the best then u gotta beat the best. if milan could handle man utd fairly well (should’ve won on agg if it wasnt for kessie’s goal wrongfully disallowed) then surely they can take on atl madrid and liverpool. at least the boys will experience top level football


What I find weird is that it was drawn in Instanbul and we somehow got Liverpool. Bad omen if you ask me. But at the end of the day. The game is played on the pitch, not on paper.


i read many articles which claimed that the ucl drawing’s rigged. that uefa heats or chills the ball so the drawer will know which ball to choose etc. i can understand barca – bayern but madrid – inter – shakhtar in same group again? and messi vs cr7 for one last time (actually, probably not)? what are the odds? liverpool are clearly the favourites, especially now that van dijk’s come back, but i think milan can hold their own. the question is, will porto still be willing to let jesus corona go to milan now that theyre in the same… Read more »


I thought the same thing about Porto and Corona. No way they do the deal now.


my thoughts exactly on the tecatico situation. Liverpool might be favorites but things change fast. If we manage to freaking get our team healthy, we arent easy to beat.


i never believed uefa could be so dirty but the fact that platini himself (and fifa’s sepp blatter for that matter) was proven to be a criminal changed my mind. also, there’s no way some of barca’s matches in 2008/09 and 2010/11 werent rigged, same goes to south korea’s “exploits” in wc ‘02.
regarding milan in ucl, im optimistic that milan can at least finish 2nd, like napoli used to do in yesteryears



Gbenga AJOSE

Well……its hard to predict anything favourable for us in this group but you never can’t say never. we may spring a surprise on the premise that we are just like a new team in this Champion league and not much is known about our team internationally. But If we want to have a high chance of progressing to the elimination stage, then we need to go all out for CAM and a good right winger.


My concern isn’t who we are drawn with, but with the lack of proper market so far, there’s no way we gonna combat with the likes of Liverpool, Atm and Porto with castilejo or saleamakers on our right wing. No strong attacking mildfielder it’s hell no. But I’m happy with the draw because it’s gonna makes our sleeping management to wake and make Milan competitive, if we get Bernardo Silva with that formula, it a real deal(2years paid loan with obligation to buy) very fantastic and it’s really gonna booster the team morale. Please Maldini you have the Milan DNA… Read more »


We are Milan we just need a quality player in the attacking phase to come in very necessary am not scared of the group it will expose the boys and make the management know that we need quality not quantity not 1m player loan options not that of signing


Wolsburg so lucky to get group G.


Personally, when second pot was drawn I wished we don’t get into F or G, cause UCL is always tough competition and Milan knows how to play it so why if destiny is getting out better to play against top.. however I dunno why but o have a good feeling that Milan as always in history is UCL team and will surprise everyone .. Forza


Our deadly weapon aka Krunic vs Salah, Suarez and Taremi


It’s really annoying to see fans attacking our own players & I should mention it would be Ibra & Giroud versus them. In the meantime I’m really scared of this group. Liverpool is a deadly team. Atletico knows how to win and porto is fast counter attacking side with a stingy striker. I’m Asian & I know how good Taremi is.

Milan oldtimer

Well lets be optimistic at least. Tough group for sure. With another am buy and a rw you’ll never know. Allthough liv and atl are tough they are not superhuman. Forzaaa milan


Tough group but I for once, am very very exited i get to see Milan play big teams. Elliott, Maldini and Co want Milan to be back to their best…. well, this group is a good indicator. IF we get destroyed as some ppl here think, then it’s a signal to Maldini and Co to up their game.

Atalanta was in a tough group last year with ManCity and went through. It can be done. WE CAN DO IT.

Martin Bernhard

It can be done but personally i would have preferred a bit softer group as we could have earned some extra cash attained by wining a lot of matches and then reinvested it in the squad. Add to that with a lot of new arrivals we could also have gelled a bit better as a team before the spring where we then could have met the “big” teams. In the end though who knows if this will be beneficiary as the players are thrown directly out on the deep water. In the end though regardless whether we are thrashed or… Read more »


I’m really not counting on the milan DNA anymore, i think that is long gone! We been washed for too many seasons now. My strongest believe is the passion this new milan has. You should never write this team out. We don’t have so much quality, but we are a compact side, who is determined to rise again. The man utd game last season and the madrid game, made me understand that, we are not frightened by the big teams. I’m honestly more worried about playing porto than playing atleti or liverpool.


This will be fun!
ATM is beatable. Porto is beatable.
Peak Liverpool may not be beatable but Ibra, Kessie and Kjaer can beat up some of their guys at least so that they don’t get to our record of 7.
Bring it on!


Easy group for Milan. Atletico Madrid can’t play football so since there is no more away goal rule they are screwed.

Liverpool have a bad history with Italian teams. They got lucky 2005. Real lucky. Pippo Inzaghi would have killed the game off in regular time.

Porto is not that good except against Juventus.

Fear not Rossoneri’s. This is the best way to come back in the Champions League.

Coach Seedorf

Relax guys, i like this draw for Milan. Haven’t we rested enough away from this competition? Lets show other Seria A teams how to play UCL football and succeed. I like this draw for the following reasons: 1. Buying an AM/RW is now a must for management before Aug 31st. I was convinced they would purchase one already though. 2. There is no room for laxity, this draw will keep us on our toes knowing there is no room to underrate anyone and lose silly points in this competition. 3. Playing these 3 teams will bring out the best in… Read more »


Am a Liverpool fan I came all the way to let you broke ass loser knows you are breakfast for us we (Red) will eat you and poop you out as shit, your lineup is shit, your league is farmers league, your club can’t afford it’s best player, I wonder what you loser discuss in this place every day, I wonder what your season objective his. probably make it to the Europa League, you can’t even sign a average player, I can’t wait for the day, mo Salah can use you guys to win top scorer.


You came for us?
From your punctuation marks and writing, I don’t doubt it. I highly doubt you could come for your lover though.
Get it? Or do I have to break it down?
Go drool on Minamino instead.

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Milan 15

You fuckin idiot you know nothing about football we will see don’t forget this is Milan 19 league 7 champion league 6 club world cups and many others second successful club in the world after Madrid you talking about looserpol compare to Milan you have to kneel mother fucker

Last edited 2 years ago by Milan 15
Coach Seedorf

Lol, you will walk alone out of Anfield and San Siro empty handed, don’t worry. We will pull your liver the way Italy dealt with your sorry ass England right at the Euros. Pray you get a draw against us meanwhile, you are fired from this blog now

Serpent of mondinna

We know we are not at Liverpool level yet, but respect our history it’s powerful


Losers make more noise wen it comes to this game ,shittypool club were shit last season and will still be shit this season and we will make u walk alone this period ,it’s not abt buying expensive players it’s all abt knowing how to use them go ask Leipzig and Atalanta


Serpent burner account?

Milan oldtimer

Don’t cry when you LOSE again from an italian side. Allthough you should have gotten used to it by now…. go troll else where now.


Blow me u scouser piece of shit
And fuck off from our blog
Tomori will take Salah out of the game and
U ain’t got much else maaaatteee


A great group now Maldini will have to replace Casti with a strong right wing and buy another playmaker otherwise we will not even be 3th.


Milan will top the group, A.Madrid will come second or vise versa. I see Liverpool going to EL. This is milan territory, the players are fired up for it. Will might not win the champions league but definitely will make it to the quarterfinal or semi. Anybody feeling some type of way about this comment, we can place a direct bet one on one.


This is a blessing in disguise. Milan will now spend on quality AM and RW cause they know they will need it.


Listen up guys, I love Milan so much but let’s tell ourselves the truth and stop getting deceived with this strong believe that we shall make it through from this group. ATM and LVP will go through. Let’s just be praying to earn more points than Porto to relegate us down to Europa that’s all. Love you all from die hard Milan fan.


You are not worthy to be a Milan fan. You scared of Liverpool and Atletico Madrid? Maybe you should change teams. SMH

Ac milan

On paper we are the third strongest, but I believe our players to exceeded our expectations.


Elliott probably don’t care what happens next, they’ve achieved what they wanted – CL qualification and money from it.

The Arsenal way of making money.

Ac milan

Their goal was to make eruopa. Kudos to the directors and managers and players for getting it this far.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ac milan

Had this draw been 2 weeks back , we would have surely got Isco/Valisc by now and a RW.
I hope some last min magic happens !


The wort possible scenario. We are treated like second tear team


I hope we get through and knock aut Uefa favourites


Fuck them all


2 More quality signings and we’ll finish top of the group. Else its a close to the top – 2nd place.

Question is, Who’ll be playing europa league in 2022: Atletico or Liverpool? 😉


Don’t write Porto off it will surprise u Milan and Porto will scale through lol