Hauge set to have his Eintracht medical on Monday, the Norwegian leaves Milan on a deal worth around €12 million

Jens Petter Hauge during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Jens Petter Hauge will very soon be a new Eintracht Frankfurt player, leaving Milan after just one season.

When Hauge joined Milan from FK Bodø/Glimt last summer, many expected him to have a long career in Red and Black. However, the player never really convinced Diavolo coach Stefano Pioli who doesn’t consider Jens Petter part of the plans for the 2021/22 season.

Eintracht Frankfurt have been interested in Hauge for quite some time, and now it appears that they’ve reached a full agreement with Milan.

According to Sky Italia on Saturday evening, the 21-year-old will leave Italy tomorrow and head to Frankfurt to start his journey in Germany. His medical check-ups are expected to take part on Monday, and then he’ll sign the contract with Eintracht and start playing in the Bundesliga.

The request of Milan has been satisfied and it’s reported that they are sending Hauge away on loan with obligation to buy for close to €12m. The Italian media also suggested during the week that it’s possible that the Rossoneri would be owed a percentage of a future sale of the Norwegian.

The winger made 25 appearances in the Milan jersey last term, scoring five goals and assisting one.

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That 12 million is gonna be a big help to us! Lose a player with big potential for 12 million, what a joke!!if it was 40 – 60 million for a player who wanted to leave iI could understand it but wtf. Lose Donna and hakan for nothing letting them run there contracts down on top of this, what a shambles.

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Coach Seedorf

I expected a buy back clause, not future resale. I don’t like this deal at all

Nathan Graegin

Exactly! On YouTube, there’s a podcast that I join and I told them how can we sell hauge when he cost so little bc they think he won’t reach his potential, but we keep leao who literally has not improved in 2 years, cost us 30 mil and has not been a good return in terms of results on the field. The management is a joke! Hauge can play cam and rw as well but pioli continues to use krunic, samu and salemakers who combined don’t have the same amount of goals. It’s a joke for real. 12 mil isn’t… Read more »


Its a absolute joke what are they thinking. Like u said he’s proved hes better goalscorer than samu, krunic saladman and we let him go and we stuck with them players who have done nothing. How is 12 million gonna help us sign quality players if we have nothing left, buy another player with potential! I hope Maldini wraps some deals up soon because I just don’t get this deal.

Nathan Graegin

Exactly! If we can’t spend money to get players who only fuckin cost 10 mil, we can’t raise another 12-15 mil for vlasic or tete! We don’t even have a complete 11 and these fools act like 12 mil is gonna hep them. We have a coach that can’t develop young players and he’s costing us leao, hauge and any other future youngsters


nate, maldini and massara need to do internship at atalanta, to see how business is done.

Nathan Graegin

Your 100 percent correct my guy! We have inexperienced ppl in positions that are far to important. We love maldini but let’s be real. He’s ass when it comes to offensive players plain and simple


he has skills with the right attitude, simply needs a moment to express his potential. this is the reason why Milan cannot sell 100milion stars


We will regret this sale when Pioli is sacked


agree. I prefer Pioli to leave to Hauge


I’m thinking the same too, Hauge is a good player he loves Milan they will regret it just like the others


Guarantee you will see him next season cut inside and score like he did against us in the friendly before we signed him many times.


He will go and do a locatelli & a paquetta
Have a couple good seasons and be worth 40 mil
Before we know it

Serpent of mondinna

Fuck all of you bastard, that supported this management and is still supporting them, worst transfer window we didn’t strengthen our squad we only replace player and retain people who where on loan, fuck you milan 10, where are the idiots who where saying the window is still starting, fuck you


Calmdown in as much everyone is not happy about this does not warrant the F words***we all want the best for Milan and mostly hauge because he as a bright prospect but from the the look of things I think he is going on loan and the option to buy but the money place on him it’s ridiculous 12m the management need to sitdown and rethink the main reason hauge is going it’s because of the coach. Poili is to dimensional and predictable and as no clue about creativity I just hope the luck of last season should still be… Read more »


So at the end it is loan deal with obligation to buy. It means milan won’t have any extra funds to strengthen the squad this season like some milan fans here implied. Let’s say Frankfurt will not make any trouble, like milan did to Brescia for Tonali (milan agreed to pay 15mio at the end of season, instead of paying out that money, milan tried to negotiate it, asked for more discounts), milan’ll get percentage of next sale. The percentage is not mentioned here, but IMO above 20% will be difficult Let’s say Frankfurt sell Hauge in 2 years for… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

With tears and deep regret in our hearts, we say “Goodbye and all the best” , Hauge. We wish our cries, barrage of complaints and backlashes from the fans would stop you from being sold. But all these are impotent when you have an owner who is hell bent from injecting fund into the club to buy players but only interested in buying and selling for gains or buying and selling for buying . Right from the onset, I already had a premonition that Hauge was acquired for resale at a profit because as at the time of his purchase… Read more »


Exactly, so we are left with only 2 players who can actually beat a man one on one in our front line, rebic and leao. Zlatan no, giroud no, samu no, saladman no. Krunic no. Lol what a joke. we should at least kept him to bring on as a sub as a impact player cos he can score from beating his man as we found out! If we don’t get a good right winger I’m worried we will be too slow and predictable in our build up which happened quite alot last season, hope Maldini got some aces up… Read more »

Nathan Graegin

Sooo we are in the last month of the transfer market and we still haven’t improved the attack. Yes giroud can score but we have 2 old, slow injury prone forwards ‍♂️. We still are with samu and salemakers and the only real cam that’s worth anything is Diaz who’s on loan! Rebic and leao are still inconsistent as well. We aren’t even getting the 12 mil since it’s a loan so we still can’t afford anyone lmao. Our offense looks raggedy asf, and only our defensive half will keep us in games but that can only last so long.… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

Brother , every one knows Hauge is better than Krunic and Samu you mentioned, but the problem is no clubs want them.now . Or do you want us to give the two players to any club for free ?


Might as well
Save on wages at least


Gave away Gigio & hakan for free
Nothing new at this club

Gbenga AJOSE

Save wages ? When you have three competitions to play. Let’s not allow our annoyance dictates for our sense.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gbenga AJOSE

Yes y not ,if we can allow important players like dona and calhanoglu who cud have fetched us plenty of cash go for free them y can’t we allow krunic and castilejo leave for free ,this two are worth nothing in terms of cash in the market

Gbenga AJOSE

“”””Y not “”” when you have Champion League, Series A and Coppa Italai to play..You know in your heart that it is not possible to give them away for free at this moment when there is no money to replace them


I just can’t believe the lack of goals from samu and saladman, shocking! Why on earth would you want to keep these players, I’d rather bring in young players with potential then stick with those two.

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Spezia want krunic
But krunic is Pioli’s golden boy
Mr fixit , plug any hole
To valuable to Pioli to sell hahaha

Gbenga AJOSE

There is difference between “Wish” and “Effective demand” Spezia just wishes to get Krunic That’s what we have been hearing for donkeys weeks.. Have they come up with reasonable offer that we have rejected ????


Please try to remember, I remember we all thought Krunic was already sold to Freiburg last season for I think around €8-9m, but Pioli made a last move to block the move and placed him as “unsellable” because he considers him a “wildcard” who fits into numerous positions. Well, as for Castillejo, he has always rejected offers coming for him especially from Spain, he has always said he wants to prove himself to Milan. Even in this transfer season it was because he refused to go to Real Betis in an exchange deal on a lower salary that was why… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

Exactly.. That’s is the problem! We find it hard to get rid of the weeds in our team. The owner doesn’t want to inject money. So what should we do to improve the squad ??


You aren’t far from the truth my fellow, However, my exact point is, offers actually do arise for Krunic and Castillejo in the context of our discus, but for one reason or another arising from the coaching perspective, to the players preference, we end up sticking to them. That said, if the club is serious in offloading Krunic or Castillejo, we would have done that long ago. Although, I feel for the LW, the management’s preference would have been to sell Leao, but he’s an expensive investment for clubs at the moment, so Hauge represents a sacrifice they had to… Read more »


Did the club tell Samu and Krunic to find new club at the end of last season, if the club see they are not in milans plan? Probably not, because Pioli loves them much, that’s the real problem.Every player who got pecking order will find a club, just like Laxalt and Duarte!! Milan was unlucky in Contis case, bc Parma was relegated
And then how much milan wants for them, if milan want 10mio for each of them, forget it, nobody wants to pay that much!


It’s a fffing joke!!!
He shud have had more opportunities last season.
I am beyond even reasoning this shit show.
Hauge is a rare gem. Well done u fuckheads in control.
Milan is now 3 quality players down on last year.
I’m fuckin sick of this club and the bullshit management.
Fyi supporting for 30 years. This is a low

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watch out for maldini cult followers. management is talking about a project. what project? this club is in limbo with inexperienced sporting directors who couldn’t sell water in the middle of desert.

Nathan Graegin

Bro exactly! This is not a good decision at all. We spent peanuts on hauge and he had goals in the season and europa. We got leao for 30 mil and he scored 4 more goals than hauge with less play time. The return in investment is higher with hauge and he was already playing in a season that was deep into the competition. He had no preseason to learn the team or the language. What’s the point of this youth project when you get a coach like pioli who can’t improve our youth


What is your problem with him ? stupid coach


Is Milan10 okay ? We are in covid pandemi now


Was wondering same too, hey old friend, you gotta turn up


I miss Milan 10…pls any phone number to reach him…it cost much to call overs here in Nigeria but I don’t care …I miss Milan 10..no string attach.


You right about that my friend…


It is so sadden to hear Hauge will undergo his medical on Monday. I’m optimistic that one day Krunic will leave this club,no matter what relationship he and our coach has.


I already told you guys krunic and samu gives the coach match bonus and some allowance fee so tjere can feature in the club as long there can kick ball am sure there will feature in some games there is no how there will be exempted when poili is our coach,if the management can take the bull by the horn and sell them without the involvement of the coach then we all will see some
Good skillful players that will come in as replacements


Good move for Hauge, pioli would have clearly not played him as a LW because he was behind Leao and Rebic. He will finally get game time and develop into a very good player in Germany.

The only solution for Hauge would have been to switch to a RW to get chances, but again, Pioli didn’t manage him well

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Nathan Graegin

Bro hauge has shown he can play as a cam as well but this sorry ass coach didn’t try him anywhere else but cam. Pioli played meite and krunic as cam and krunic even as a lw but hauge gets nothing?!? Fuck pioli and this management. They are just as at fault, since they have no clue how to improve what this team needs most! The fuckin offense


Ivan Gazidis has always been like that , all he wanna make is money…either the team end up winning a trophy not hes not concerned, he just wanna make money….buy young talent after a season u sell for profit


Same old thinking by Milan like this will get the same old results. It’s like doctors who advise people to “eat less fat, eat more carbs and wholegrains” They get the same old results and patients continue to become obese and get sick. Gee, I wonder why.


We’re playing CL after dry 8 years and instead of being excited, we get fingered by Elliott with Maldini and Massara covering for them. Until now they’ve:

– lost 2 first teamers for nothing
– sold one of the brightest, exciting prospects for peanuts, without giving him proper chance
– left with useless garbage which no one will take
– haven’t addressed the critical positions at all (CAM, RW, RB, DM)

We are in final weeks of mercato and this team is half built, not even for serie A top flight, let alone CL.

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Nathan Graegin

Exactly, this is what happens you don’t improve the team properly over the years. We will continue to wait to long to get the players that are affordable and then wonder why we can’t afford them later on. Oh and kessie is yet to sign a contract and Madrid will be talking to his reps during the game as well. This management literally make the same mistakes over and over and over again and if the owners can’t get us the money we need, sell the club to a real billionaire that has a business that acts as our Sponsor… Read more »


Aubumeyang case is starting to play all over again!!! Damn it!


we let go good player and we still have clown in our squad… now we read in the news, we want this, we want that and at the end we still use samu and sale on the right wing, and lazy player leao in the left… and still no AM and the coach always makes stupid experience in the games.. what a disaster…