Çalhanoğlu set to leave Milan as a free agent and join Inter on a three-year deal worth €5 million per season

Hakan Çalhanoğlu during Italy-Turkey at Stadio Olimpico on June 11, 2021. (@imago-images)

Hakan Çalhanoğlu has decided to go to the other club in the city, he will have his medical tomorrow.

Çalhanoğlu’s contract with Milan expires in 9 days and the player has officially decided to decline the renewal proposals of the Diavolo and choose a new club.

As reported by everyone in the Italian media over the past day (Sky Italia, Milannews.it and others), Çalhanoğlu’s new destination will be Inter.

The Nerazzurri are looking for a replacement for Christian Eriksen after the Dane’s incident at the Euro’s and they have decided to move forward with Euro 2020 flop Hakan. According to Sky, he will have his medical check-ups with Inter tomorrow before signing a contract for three seasons.

The player, who was at Milan for four seasons and became a key player for Stefano Pioli, will reportedly earn €5m plus €1m bonuses. The offer of the Rossoneri for Hakan was €4m and they were firm in their stance. Çalhanoğlu joins Gianluigi Donnarumma – who today had his medical check-ups with Paris Saint-Germain – and leaves Milan as a free agent because he wanted more money.

Çalhanoğlu played 172 games in all competitions at Milan, scoring 32 goals in the process.

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Interesting but an expected development. A club only interested in loans year in year out for even their most wanted targets can’t be serious to some players and agents. continue like this and lose kessie and Calabria as well. This is business guys. I think we need some serious investment else champs league will be disastrous.


Sadly some disliked your comment, despite the fact that you’re telling the truth.


this is Milan 10’s favourite player,a greedy,ungrateful player who thinks he is the next rui costa/kaka/boban lol


Spot on!
I’m glad hes gone he is bloody ordinary and not worth the money.
That’s a great result for us, inter now have to rely on him!!
No loss

Martin Bernhard

I pretty much always hated his guts but i’ll aknowledge that he atleast on his good days could be and was an asset for the team but a large part of the time he also played like shit and seemingly limiting our style so i cant really say im especially disapointed by him leaving the club. My biggest concern though is how it will affect how we otherwise could have reinforced other positions with the money we now need to invest on his replacement, As we wont see donnarumma joining another serie a team this time around and therefore seeing… Read more »

Milan oldtimer

Right on


yeah on his good days meaning only plays good once every 7 games,we dont need players like that..kebabloglu only starts playing good when King Ibra came

Martin Bernhard

Yeah pretty much once in a blue moon he would show up.


A lot of us didnt really like him that much. I’ve seen plenty of people in this blog complaining about him. It only bothers me that we lose on some transfer fee money. He is inconsistent and that’s what inter is getting. What concerns me a LOT is the rumors on Kessie asking 6M and management not giving it. Calabria has a similar situation. There is a difference between a player is worth the money and management not paying above a level. We all in a way understand, Hakan and Donarumma in a way were not worth what they asked.… Read more »

Milan oldtimer

Agree. Cahl inconsistencies made him a tricky investment. Look at. His performances with turkey in euro. Kessie and calabria need to be given that k8nd of cash. Hell, they ve been very consistent


This snitch is a good riddance. I couldn’t stand his grimaces when in the field for three seasons, always making a bad pass or bad decision. Go enjoy in Inter!


4 years with AC Milan and only 6 months where he actually performed well and he wants a huge pay rise???? Off you go! Don’t come back


4 seasons, 8 good games. Thank you. Next!

Last edited 2 years ago by SOHEIL

I deeply understand how y’all feel about this move, but my question is will this current Milan management break the bank and spend reasonable amount on good players. I’m scared we gonna end up with mediocre players and start all over again. It’s fine if the management is ready to fund the new campaign, but it’s gonna be disastrous ending with mediocre players. It’s high time the management wakes up and prove their worth to all we milanista. Get De Paul, Belloti, Berardi and a solid defensive midfielder Plus the redemption of Sandro Tonali. Then we’re good to go.


We just got rid of mediocre player in Hakan Calhanoglu.


dude we already spent 40 M euros on tomori and Maignan..even rube and merda haven’t spent that much,so it’s understandable that the management are being careful on spending some money again when we only have sold Laxalt


Yes I agree , we make champions league and can’t afford $35 mil on de Paul or can’t afford berardi ,
These are the players we need to win scudetto next season & do well in champs league. We are going to go around in circles with loans & free trAnsfers and settle for mediocre players we hope will rise up
Instead of buying the quality players u need.
Cmon Elliot vultures what kind of owners are you
You are have billions in the bank tightArses
Make a statement ‘ buy a big player


Good riddance….the only concern how will we move forward as we are only going for loans….with contract issues unresolved it’s about time we better look ourself in mirror and say where we gona move forward…..if kessie and roma issue is not resolved it’s better we sell them and get some money to reinvest because with Elliot it’s getting hopeless. My only regret is not getting them cashed when we got ample time for, this management is to be blamed.


So Happy this Merda left. He’s basically going to jog around every game for Inter like he did here for that extra 1 Mil. No regrets. I dont know if our management are going to make big signings again ever but im just glad we didnt give in to this merda’s robbery. 0 respect to the club and fans with this move.


Hopefully they put Tonali further forward more in where Hakan played. I believe he’ll play better there. He’s a reverse Pirlo…Hakan leaving doesn’t bother me, this frees up play for Brahim and gives a chance to get a real winger and move Alexis back inside mid. Formation change for sure and possibly moving Theo to winger. His defense isn’t great and I see Milan have been looking at left backs so it’s possible they are thinking the same thing.


If one of the midfielders is to be put further forward, it has to be Bennacer and not Tonali. But the suggestion for changing formation is spot on, given that Calha is no more there.


I agree Bennacer would play well there since it’s naturally his position but that would require a massive improvement on Tonali’s part. He looked very uncomfortable as the regista but when going forward he looked more competent and confident. They should try both ways and if Benny looks great in ACM, I’m all for it, he’s a truly dynamic and gifted footballer. I’m excited and happy we have Tonali but it doesn’t look like he could start as the boss of the midfield especially in the champions league.

What formations were you thinking would be good to try?


Inter just swooped in on an easy transfer this summer. Hows that for a bite after we were top of the table and slipped, to losing two of our starters for free. The good side is we are back in champions league and everybody is so happy just to be out of the Serie A mod table race. But the real issue that Pioli stated in an interview is to have depth, with one player able to play two positions. The next transfers will have to be a right back, a midfielder, a winger and a striker. A right back… Read more »


To make the room we need cash and that’s a big issue we have right now so instead of lingering on we would have cashed them in both cases gigio and hakan….it’s high time management better learn and think about those who have expiring contracts in a year and two years time….inter spend crazy kar two years with squad depth to make it across the finish line, juve spend every year to keep up the balance…our magagent better learn a thing from de laurentis Napoli owner froze players who refuses to be sold or not renew…Well with hakan it shouldn’t… Read more »


Free kick kid

Riccardo Montolivo

And I though we found the playmaker…


lol and all it took was Ibra showing up to put an end to that. I think also Hakan isn’t strong willed enough cuz he was always letting other people do stuff. He didn’t take the penalties and he even let Diaz and Theo take free kicks. I can count on my hand the number of times Pirlo let anyone else have a go.


Hakan is such a shit player and shitty person. Hoping to blackmail Milan with a good performance at Euro 2020, but everything backfired. Instead of swallowing his pride and take what Milan offered, he chose to move to Inter – which I believe was deliberately done. I hope he’s strong enough to deal with the flack coming during the derby. Give or take, Inter won’t be as strong as they were without Conte and the absence of some players, coupled with a new coach and possibly new formation, tactics, etc. While I agree Elliot have to spend, Hakan really proved… Read more »

Riccardo Montolivo

Bye rotten apple, you don’t deserve to be part of the team. If you want money go to China. Milan lost a key player, Inter got a quick fix to Eriksen’s situation. Hakan’s will not be a starter at inter, they will eventually find a better 10. We invested in Hakan, for once the kid justify his salary and he demands a raise? What did he accomplished at the Euros? Screw you Hakan, enjoy being bullied by Frank, Tomori and Kjaer soon, and I hope Curva Sud can attend so you can hear what they have to say. Shame on… Read more »


For some reason this sounds like great news.


None reason to be sad, far from a top player, very inconsistent. He will warm the bench for inter..


Very happy offload a dead wood who claims to be gold !


Realistically, even if we had Donna and Hakan with our transfer market a successful one with all positions reinforced, we wouldn’t do well in CL because our whole squad is inexperienced nor do we have a coach who can get us through CL. So UCL goal is non existent for us specially considering that we are in fourth pot that means whichever group Milan would end up in, is gonna be the group of Death with three spots being already full of other clubs from the draws. So our optimal target is the league. Based on how our transfer market… Read more »


True with what you said….but let me add a bit of piece see other clubs are heavily in debt plus short on cash and we are not…the only issue with us is that we don’t wana spend….I agree about ffp with uefa but this is one window where we can splash some cash and cover positions in team because uefa have allowed teams to spend because of Covid if their finances allowed and we are completely messing up….you said it right it’s a league which matters not champions league because we are pretty much outsiders….our team is simply in complete….they… Read more »


Best Post in a long time, it is a reality check looking at the bigger picture. The revenues of United, Chelsea City, psg dwarf ours. To keep the debt down defo means we can’t spend much and not getting anything for Donna, hakan will have had a serious impact this window the. How as Donna done this to us with everything we have done for him. He was never going to stay and we could have sold him last season the fu@kin snake. He knows we have no money and could have at least helped our cause financially. Asking foe… Read more »


Inter are in financial problem and trying to get free players, like Barca are doing.
I dont understand why Maldini hasn’t moved for Hysaj, who’s free and will be a decent backup FB.

Martin Bernhard

it would obviously also be down to what he demands in sallary + sign on fee + agent fees that could be an issue but if hysaj and his agents demands isnt too far fetched id get him as well on a free transfer.


It seems no one is seeing the positive. When Donna left we got a better replacement,Hakan leaving has now changed transfer plans…now management will have to spend.

Another thing is players leaving like this will let management understand that u can’t put a cap on performing players salary. Football is business, and you have to pay to keep your best players.

So let thank God for this happening now it will force them to make moves whether they like or not


Good point..

Martin Bernhard

I really dont think that maignan is an upgrade to our former gk but more an adequate replacement. When that is said at this point i really dont care that he left us though.

Its exactly a business hence why we cant just pay whatever wages our players might demand. The wage cap isnt a bad thing in my view but i do think that we in some instances should be able to go a bit beyond to secure deals, in the end though its not the players that should dictate our economy,


I didn’t want him to renew from the beginning as after 4 years he had 10 good games. Very inconsistent and euros showed that too. He just solidifies my thoughts as the snake went to inter. The only thing I have to say is milan better get an amazing attacking midfielder once and for all. We’re in the Champions League now so and we already lost donnarumma and calhanoglu. That sounds disastrous. Never mind the loan deals we need a great player and right winger and we need to start building something if we want to remain in the Champions… Read more »