Milan expected to complete the Tonali deal for €15m plus Olzer, Brescia would also be entitled to 20% of a future sale

Sandro Tonali during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on March 14, 2021. (Spada LaPresse)

Sandro Tonali will be bought out by Milan in the next days, while Giacomo Olzer will go the other way.

Tonali joined Milan on a €10m loan with option to buy for €15m plus €10m bonuses. There were never doubts about the desire to keep Sandro, but Paolo Maldini wanted to lower to price of the player and renegotiate the deal terms.

As reported by, Sky Italia and others, in the last few days, talks intensified between Milan and Brescia to find a new agreement for Tonali.

The Rossoneri had to move quickly as Serie A rules suggest that all options to buy need to be exercised by June 16. According to Antonio Vitiello, a deal seems to be more or less in place for Tonali: Milan will pay €15m including bonuses (instead of €25m) to keep Tonali, but will send the young talent Giacomo Olzer to Brescia on a permanent transfer (with a buy-back clause).

In addition, Brescia would be entitled to 20% of a future sale of Tonali. There is confidence that a total agreement can be completed shortly and the operation is currently being defined.

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Ac milan

This is a great deal. Good job!

Martin Bernhard

Really great business from our management as olzer seems to have been valued a great deal above his current actual value and that with a buyback clause on top of it,


Its good for Olzer to get playing time in Brescia, i heard Colombo might join him on loan deal in Brescia.

Martin Bernhard

Even if the deal has some bonuses and a 20% resale clause added in the tonali deal its at least a high cut compared to olzers 75000 valuation on transfermarkt so i guess they have the intention to use the player which i agree would also be a win win situation as he wouldn’t have played much if any for us to begin with. If they want to loan colombo and use him then id deffently support the notion of him joining them as well. edit: BRESCIANINI will also join monza next season on a season long loan so he… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Martin Bernhard

Another Maldini Masterstroke. Well played Capitano.


Ibra has knee problems and if he goes for surgery he will prob miss the first part of the season. We should really look for a normal striker. Normal as in playing age.


Playing age is subjective. Giroud is in his 30s and is still clinical.


Giroud plus another young player will be the target for this mercato. Leao is LW and we clearly saw that during this season. Hauge will be used in other deals, maybe for Berardi or de Paul. afterwards we’ll go for a young ST. when I say sell Hauge people start to pout, but since Chalha + Donnarumma fiasco we lost 100M worth of assets. Castillejo, Caldara, Laxalt and Conti won’t bring us more than 25M. Barca are interested in Romagnoli and as I think same will happen as Donnarumma we should think of swaps or 20M offers. Koeman doens;t like… Read more »


Agreed with most of what you said. Even though I don’t agree with using Hauge as makeshift for any player because I believe Hauge will surpass anyone we will buy using him in next couple of seasons, but that seems to be the only way to land De Paul as of now unless we get to sell Samu or Gabbia or get him on 15/20M with obligation to buy next summer which seems unlikely.


Not really mate, age catches up with every one. Giroud scores around 10goals per season, before his 30s he used to score 20goals per season. Older players are more injury prone as well, they need to rest more often, have less stamina etc.


Now get renato sanchez as back up for kessie when playing African nations


Thats a good pick, Bologna midfielders are good too. Pobega is good but he is a very different type of mid than Kessie and Benacer. Pobega is more simmilar to Kucka in his style of play.


good job bandiera. now permanent de paul/ziyech and giroud asap


I wish it will happen


maldini/massara/moncada will do wonders this summer mate, that i can guarantee


Locatelli played well and scored for Italy! Shame on Montela, Rino, Mirabelli and all motherfucker chinese owners!!!

Last edited 2 years ago by CuongMinhTran

I don’t get the confusion around Tonali. It was his first season so we shouldn’t be too impatient. Benaccer’s first season was average but then he blossomed in his second season. I don’t see why Milan is trying to low ball Brescia


sale locatelli and buy trash, sick club.