Hauge: “I’m prepared to go back and fight for a place at Milan, I am happy with the year and the choice I’ve made”

Jens Petter Hauge before Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on May 16, 2021. (Marco Canoniero)

Jens Petter Hauge is happy to have chosen Milan but is ready to talk to the club about what the future holds.

Hauge joined Milan from Bodø/Glimt in the summer after impressing massively against them in the Europa League qualifying matches, but he did not have the breakout season he’d hoped to have.

The young Norwegian finished the season with 2 goals in 18 appearances, without featuring in any of the last 9 games of the campaign. In addition, he was excluded from the Europa League squad of Milan after the January mercato, getting left out in favor of Mario Mandžukić.

It now remains to be seen what will happen to Hauge. There are reports that Milan could use him as a bargaining chip in negotiations to bring Rodrigo De Paul from Udinese. In any case, the 22-year-old was interviewed on TV2, a Norwegian channel, and he spoke about his future:

“First and foremost, I will recover now and prepare for the get-together with national team here. Then I will probably take a short vacation before starting the talks with Milan. It’s a dialogue that must at least be set up.

“What do I wish? I’m prepared to go back there and fight for a place. But if they want things differently, then I have to decide on it. First of all, I want to be part of the team and contribute, not just in training.

Pierre Kalulu and Jens Petter Hauge celebrating at the end of Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on May 23, 2021. (Spada LaPresse)

“It has been an incredibly long year where a lot has happened. There’s been a lot of adrenaline and stuff. When you then get some time to think about big the step I actually took was, I am ultimately incredibly happy with the year and the choice I have made.

“It has been a completely new everyday life for me to train and play with some of the biggest profiles in the world. Milan is an insanely big club, it is a city that thrives on football and where football means almost everything. It has been incredibly educational. Then it may be easy to remember how things ended this year, but feel I have shown myself to a whole new level and have demonstrated my qualities.

“Ibrahimović? He’s an incredible player. He sets standards that I didn’t even think were possible. There’s quality in everything he does and helps the rest of the team a lot.”

Andreas Hanche-Olsen, Martin Ødegaard, Morten Thorsby, Erling Haaland, Ørjan Nyland, Stefan Strandberg, Jens Petter Hauge and Birger Meling during Norway training in Marbella on May 30, 2021. (Vegard Wivestad Grott)

Hauge was close to being cut from the Norway squad, as coach Ståle Solbakken admitted that “he did not show his best side at the last gathering. There is no point in hiding it. He was disappointing. He knows that and everyone else who was there knows that.” Jens Petter responded to the words of Solbakken: “I’m from Northern Norway. We are used to calling a spade a spade.”

However, things are now looking more positive for Hauge after two training sessions with the Norway team. “Jens Petter has already shown much more than he did at the previous get-together. He looks lighter in the body,” said Solbakken.

Jens Petter Hauge celebrating during Milan-Sampdoria at Stadio San Siro on April 3, 2021. (Daniele Buffa)

Hauge is not new to overcoming struggles. In 2018, when he was at Aalesunds on loan from Bodø/Glimt, he was also benched and even played some games in 4th division: “When I was on the bench at Ålesund, it was also a new step without having my friends nearby. It was a bunch I didn’t know very well. The fact that I have been through such things, I think makes it easier for me now.

“I am very happy that I have not just hovered on a cloud in recent years. It lets me know that if I do things right, the upswing will come again. As long as I’m mentally ready to take that job, I’m sure that I will take the chance when I about it.

“The Norway national team? Of course you should have big ambitions for the team here.”

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Jens Petter Hauge is so underrated. Massive talent. I hope he stays at Milan and I hope Pioli gives him a chance. Especially now that he’s starting with us fresh in preseason. 2nd striker and AM is his best position in my opinion.

I can never forget the game he played at the San Siro against Milan for Bodo Glimt. Milan would have loss that game easily if Bodo Glimt players didn’t waste the assists Hauge provided. His assist from the left wing and his goal in the 2nd half from midfield was world class.

Nathan Graegin

Exactly. There’s no way pioli sat there and said ya, samu, salamakers, leao and even Diaz are better than him right now.


“neres > sancho, cutrone > andriy “the giant” silva, hauge > leao and brahim” – nathan

Nathan Graegin

Lmao ummmm yes those players are all indeed better than leao and Diaz. I’d take cutrone over Silva when both were at Milan. Hauge has shown to be better than leao with the ministers he’s given. Neres and Sancho are better than any right winger that we have. I think you seriously have something wrong with you. In fact, I’m gonna stop being mean bc your clearing not right in the head


in what sport is neres better than sancho? cutrone better than andriy? hauge better than brahim AND leao? i like haugiggs too but holy shitballs. “I’d take cutrone over Silva when both were at Milan.” lol this uninitiated still wont admit that he was a football virgin when he said “silva is trash” (he still is btw). he finished 4th in european golden shoe race ffs, only lost out to usual suspects lewi, messi and cr7. cutrone couldnt even outscore eibar’s and valencia’s gk. FACHT cutrone’s worst season with milan (18/19): 43 games (1910 mins totalled), 9 goals. andriy’s worst… Read more »


The funny thing is that he criticized Silva for scoring in the Portuguese league because he claims it is not a proper league, and now won’t stop praising Patson Daka for his goals in Austria. He hates facts and is inconsistent in his arguments.


“He hates facts and is inconsistent in his arguments.” correctamundo mate. its sad to think that many milanisti (some of them might be newbies) might come to rossoblog only to read these uninitiated, misinformed comments. milan are big club ffs, they deserve to have world class fans as well. “The funny thing is that he criticized Silva for scoring in the Portuguese league because he claims it is not a proper league, and now won’t stop praising Patson Daka for his goals in Austria.” funny that andriy was practically the ONLY milan player who’d ever scored in ucl before with… Read more »

Nathan Graegin

See how you just lied, never at any point did I criticize him for scoring in the Portuguese league. I was excited when we got him. He wasn’t scoring for Milan and cutrone was. This is a fact. Cutrone at Milan was better than Silva at Milan, hence why we got rid of Silva.

Nathan Graegin

It’s hard to improve when you don’t get to play despite doing more with your time than guys like hakan, leao, salemakers and samu. Even Diaz,l got more playing time and he’s not even with us right now. We could have tried hauge on the right or even as a cam but this coach has no clue how to develop players.

Nathan Graegin

I would really like to know where the money is that we earn, go to. I get we have a little debt still, as well as player wages. But those wages are low asf tbh so where’s the money going. I’m gettin late berlu vibes right now. Why aren’t the owners using their money as well as what the team earned? We need certain players but it looks like we are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back approach. I think we won’t see a rea market for another year or 2, and that’s IF we make the ucl… Read more »


the uninitiated: milan need to spend lavishly so they would end up like inter, an 1 season wonder without sustainable longterm plans waaah waaah

FACHT: milan has already secured maignan AND tomori, with giroud soon to follow while others like juve, inter etc havent bought anyone yet. ffs, some of milan rivals havent even got COACHES yet. inter even have to sell hakimi.

Nathan Graegin

Lmfao why do you even reply when you don’t have shit to say. If we can’t spend 30 mil on 3 players after making 2nd place, then it’s time to sell the team. Something doesn’t smell right. Had we invested we would have won the league and that’s a fact


“If we can’t spend 30 mil on 3 players after making 2nd place, then it’s time to sell the team.” its not that eldiott cant, but they wont spend lavishly. im 100% sure they know about finances better than u do. like i said, wouldnt want to be inter right? regarding the sale, they wont sell BEFORE the stadium project is given green light by milan city council, otherwise they would sell milan at a loss. why would a shrewd vulture fund who messed up argentina do that? besides, whose fault is it that the stadium project has been put… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Milan10

Fuck you mate, atleast inter won the league they have something to show for the money 1league title more than Milan, while we will soon become arsenal 2.0, or Atalanta 1.0 no trophies won, what the point of balancing book if you don’t win anything

Last edited 2 years ago by Elliotazzuri

first of all, thanks for repeating what i said years ago, that means u’ve learned. “nazidis is stingy”, “nazidis will turn milan into arsenal 2.0”. been there done that. but that doesnt change the fact that its how nazidis and eldiott roll, the sooner milanisti realize and accept that the better. “atleast inter won the league they have something to show for the money” if u actually followed milan u’d know that’s exactly how berlu’s milan collapsed: they spent what they didnt have starting with summer of dinho. they won 1 scudetto but in the end they had to sell… Read more »


I respect your point, but the management are not ambitious, Milan made profit from player sale last summer, and we also got cl money, so why are we buying old meat like a vulture and we can’t even give our player new contract


if u followed milan news u’d find that maldini’s extremely competitive and ambitious. he said before atalanta game failing to qf for ucl would’ve been failure, right after pioli, nazidis and scaroni said finishing outside top 4 would’ve been ok. he’s the only director i’ve known that won battle of wits vs raiola. not even moggi (ibra transfer and extension), alex ferguson (pogba), agnelli (many raiola clients play(ad) at rubentus) and laporta (selling ibra for mere 24m to milan after had just bought him for whooping 70m just a year before) have ever done what maldini did to donna/raiola, and… Read more »

Nathan Graegin

Don’t bother with this guy, he’s not right in the head for real. You clearly saw I asked a simple question, where is the money that we earned. Like you said, the ambition isn’t there, we only spent 15 mil last summer and that’s it. We got 2nd, made ucl, add on sales and we should have a war chest to spend. Somethings not right

Dwayne k27ism

There are some bs rumors we will sell Hauge in exchange for De Paul or whoever.


If we let Hauge go, Then I know milan management don’t know what they’re doing and Pioli don’t know how to groom young players or he just don’t like Hauge for no reason.
Hauge needs to play more than Leao, Saelemakers, Diaz and Castilejo.
I’ll rather have Pioli leave than Hauge.


“i’ll rather have pioli leave than hauge”
“maldini has done bad job so far because he doesnt buy young players from ajax and lille”

those are examples of the uninitiated “logic” for u; finishing 2nd for first time in 9 years is nothing according to them because 1 player or activities in the market that suit their ideas are much more important. ridiculous

Nathan Graegin

Maldini has zero clue how to build a attacking g team and that’s a fact. He’s blind to the fact we needed a young cf, a new cam and a rw and he was full of himself when it came to renewals. Had we got ragnick we would have won the league instead of inter. We play like shit, extremely predictable and our management are ok with that


“Maldini has zero clue how to build a attacking g team and that’s a fact.” why do u always talk like eldiott/nazidis gave maldini/massara 200m to invest in mercato? they try(ied) to buy correa (a world class rw/rm/am/ss), de paul (a world class am, cm, rw, lw, ss), vlahovic (one of europe’s hottest young st), modric (world class cm/am), ilicic (best left foot in serie a alongside dybala), among others, but there’s just no money. u make it sounds like all maldini has to do is say “simsalabim ibracadabra” and ibra will summon iraqi genie who’ll grant their 3 wishes.… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Milan10

I don’t know if who’d better leave, but I also have a little doubt on Pioli due to his player and tactical choice. With the squad as it is now, and without any change in Pioli’s way, I could only see us falling. While I’m also overjoyed by Milan’s qualification to the UCL, I couldn’t be so excited with the win over Atalanta. The defensive approach was fine, but aside from Leao’s chance they failed to create. Had Atalanta’s players made no mistakes that led to penalties, Milan would have ended up with same points as Napoli’s.


“First of all, I want to be part of the team and contribute, not just in training.” calm down mate, even ibra had sit on the bench sometimes at ajax or juve. ur time will come if ur patient enough. hauge is fast and he has rare trait: an excellent finishing, a trait not even much more skillful players like robinho or figo had. he should play as lw with rebic as rw. they can switch positions to confuse defenders as the game goes on, zidane – figo style. he’ll be perfect as false 9 as well. come on pioli,… Read more »

Ac milan

When I first point out Hague can be used as AM several weeks after he joined, I got negative replies. I am glad you can agree. That means you really do understand football.


hauge’s a winger though; he dribbles like winger (with his head down on the ball rather than up to spot his mates like classic am like rui costa), his tendency to cut inside and shoot is classic inverted winger thing. he can play as lw and rw.


Is Hauge going to the Euros? If yes I hope he impresses there and convinces Pioli that he’s truly ready to ad-carry this team next season.

Coach Seedorf

Maldini please Hauge + cash for De Paul is an absolute NO…… You can give Udinese Laxalt, or Conti or Krunic. Hauge, Gabbia should be left alone in Peace. Give Udinese Samu Castilejo if you want but please Leave Hauge out of it, let’s not regret his loss later. Like Milan10 said, Hauge should play on the flanks, the upgrade we need on our flanks is already with us. Leao and Hauge for LW, Rebic and Salamakaus for RW, De Paul and Diaz for Am


I like his mentality. He is willing to prove his worth. Unfortunately he didn’t get much chances last season. I am still puzzled why Pioli didn’t give him more playing time.
If Pioli is still not convinced by him, Hauge should go on loan (and not be used as player exchange) preferably in Serie A just like Suso and Niang in order to know the league better.
Hope he does really well in and can demonstrate his ability in European Championship!

Serpent of modinna

So happy I drove idiot Martin Bernhard of this blog



Serpent of modinna

Who fought?, nobody needs to be warned

Jolaosho ololade