Official: Ibrahimović has extended his contract with Milan until 2022

Zlatan Ibrahimović during the contract signing at Casa Milan on April 22, 2021. (

Zlatan Ibrahimović will be a Milan player also next year, as he put pen to paper.

It had been on the cards for weeks now but today the final confirmation and the contract signing was finally made.

Ibrahimović, who joined Milan for a second stint in January 2020, has renewed his deal with the Rossoneri.

“Milan has announced that the Club has extended Zlatan Ibrahimović’s contract,” a statement on the Diavolo website reads. “Milan is the Club for which Zlatan has played the most in Italy. After scoring 84 goals in 130 appearances with the Rossoneri, the Swedish striker will continue to be wearing the red and black jersey next season.”

The striker, who will be turning 40 in October, will reportedly earn €7 million per season, including the bonuses which are based on appearances in the next Serie A campaign.

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Roberto Giano

Good. Find a deputy for him. Milan can not count only on him due to his injuries.


He should be the deputy. We need to get a starter. You can’t base your game around a player who is only capable of playing 30% of the time.



Nathan Graegin

Exactly! I’m telling y’all now, we can’t afford the strikers that have been mentioned. Daka is 20’mil but these ppl are fixated on ppl who are 40 mil and above. Scamacca, vlahovic, malen are all 40 mil+. We missed out on brobbey to. I read hakans deal won’t be raised up so he’s prob gone along with Diaz so no cams lol we now need 2 cams, rw and cf

Gbenga AJOSE

Correct ! but it needs to be rung into IBRA ears that he going to be a deputy striker. IBRA has ego and may not want to play second fiddle. Also making him a second choice depends on the quality and performance of the new striker we buy. If its still average striker we eventually buy , don’t be surprise he will still be first choice

Roberto Giano

fair enough


Grazie Zlatan. What a player.


Great news but now get someone who will take over from him. My pick is Belotti.


Yes baloti a proven player. We need hypothetical striker not.


Thank you Roma

Roberto Giano

for this last 6 games, stop using single striker formation because we have only Ibra who can play that position. 4312, 442, 352, 3412 so many alternatives you dumb Pioli. Play Leao and Rebic together as duo strikers. Did you ever learn about tactics?!


You see I agreed with you on the first part about two strikers formation but you got it wrong with Rebić and Leao together. See, they are both more natural and comfortable playing either on the wing or supporting striker, cause they are fast, can hold the ball well and create something. Consequently they create space for our main striker. So I say Ibra with either Rebić or Leao.


Totally agree

Roberto Giano

I mean Rebic and Leao together is when Ibra injured. Offcourse if Ibra fit he will be the first choice

Nathan Graegin

This is going to backfire. We are the only “big team” that is not only making a 40 yr old the main striker, but who is also paying him 7 mil when he played just half the season!!! I’m sorry but I again will not agree with his renewal. Tell me, of all the strikers that we are linked with, who is going to play sec to zlatan? Malen, vlahovic, daka, belotti are all players that absolutely has to start. You really think zlatan is gonna allow himself to be second? Please! Thats a fantasy. Those players will need to… Read more »


Although I think zlatan is irreplaceable because there are no other strikers like him, your right. He played less than half season, somehow played again for Sweden, he’s still injured now. 7 million for a player that can’t run much and is injured all time seems ludricus. He’s one of my favorite all time players but even I have to admit this. Pay as you play deal would have been ideal but I doubt he would have agreed to this, cavani 6 years younger with no signing on fee?


cavani wants to go back to south america. Boca juniors, his destination.

Nathan Graegin

Exactly bro, I love zlatan to. One of my fav players to watch since I too am a forward by trade. But let’s be real, his contract should be about 2-3 mil, then we could use the rest for other players like kessie and Donna. Imagine if we got one of the forward mentioned last June and then got zlatan. Imagine our offensive threat then. Sorry but maldini and co simply are letting the team down right now. We have 3 positions to fill, forward, 2 cams bc hakan is prob leaving and Diaz isn’t the answer, and a rw.… Read more »


Agreed, the only way we can buy quality is to qualify champions league and even then we won’t have that much. It would take 4 to 5 seasons of being in champions league to see a real difference in spending power. If we sign tonali and tomori that’s a big chunk gone even with sales, how much we gonna get for samu, krunic, conti, caldara?

Gbenga AJOSE

Exactly the problem!

Nathan Graegin

Exactly! We’ve had the money but instead of getting good players, we keep wasting money on mediocre players and. Pray they come good, it hasn’t happened yet so why are we doing the same thing over and over. Like you said once you get tonali amd tomori, that’s it, money’s gone. If it’s not a free transfer or going for another player whose at the same lvl as samu, we won’t get anyone else