Mandžukić gives up his March salary which will be donated to Fondazione Milan, Scaroni: “An exceptional gesture”

Mario Mandžukić before Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on February 7, 2021. (Jonathan Moscrop Sportimage)

Mario Mandžukić has decided not to get paid for March as he was unavailable.

Mandžukić joined the club in January on a free transfer but has failed to make any kind of impact due to injuries.

Today it was reported in Italy (by ANSA and has decided to forego his salary for the month of March, as he was largely unavailable during this month because of physical problems. His salary will be going to charity.

“An exceptional gesture,” President Scaroni said. “It demonstrates Mandžukić’s ethics and professionalism and his respect for Milan. The club will thus have the opportunity to further support the Milan Foundation for projects in favor of young people in conditions of economic and educational fragility, where sports is a tool for social inclusion.”

Mandžukić has so far played just less than 160 minutes for Milan. He has a contract until the end of the season with an option to extend for another year.

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Gbenga AJOSE

Just like Kaka did few years ago. This is a nice gesture…we need a younger version of player like this to wear Milan shirt . Players with empathy, understanding and commitment and not parasites


Mr afraid of tomorrow match against Genoa… assuming is away from home now I won’t be afraid… finger crossed

Gbenga AJOSE

Thank God we won brother .

Tony P



Mandzukic can still add value to the team for the rest of the season but for his salary and age Milan should not renew his contract.

Milan should have signed Scamacca in Jan. Mandzukic signing was a waste of money. Bad management decision.


The problem was that Sasuolo wants 30mil for Scamacha who is acttualy valued at 8mil at the moment. Mandzukic was free. I would honestly spend those 30mil for Belloti in the summer. And we already have Leao like a young CF. Two of them will be just like Cutrone/Silva situation, someone will just be wasted on the bench.


Totally agree. Spending that kind of money on a young striker is a big risk. But Definitely Belotti though. It would make sense to get Belotti if we keep Leao.

Roberto Giano

Bellotti can give 20+ goals a season


Very much impressed. Castillejo should learn from him and give up his pay for the entire season.

Last edited 2 years ago by TruRossoneri

Haha your absolutely right!
Though Castillejo wil probably end up working at a beach bar in Spain next season, so he’ll need the money!

He surely is in the running for worst Milan player of this century


hahahaaha! He looks like a surfer more than a footballer and with his physique, he can float on the water even without swimming.

Roberto Giano

Castillejo actually played better as RW in 4231 before he got injured. What’s wrong with him now?


This deal is a bad gamble


You shouldn’t have do that mandzuki it doesn’t matter whether you don’t play it business, club use player and dump them when they are old or injure without caring whether they where good player