14 Milan players set for international duty: Ibrahimović back for Sweden, Hauge and Hakan to face each other

Zlatan Ibrahimović during a Sweden press conference on March 22, 2021. (Jonas Ekströmer TT)

14 players from Pioli’s squad will be in action with their respective national teams in this upcoming break.

After a very long stretch of games, which ended with a wonderful 3-2 win over Fiorentina away from home, it’s now time for the international break.

14 Milan players will be in action for 13 different sides (12 countries). World Cup and AFCON Qualifiers are on the table.

The biggest story of this international break is of course the return of Zlatan Ibrahimović to Sweden. The striker will be involved in two World Cup Qualifiers and in a friendly.

Gigio Donnarumma is the only Milan player called-up for the Azzurri, due to the injuries of Davide Calabria and Alessio Romagnoli. Jens Petter Hauge’s Norway and Hakan Çalhanoğlu’s Turkey will take on each other during the break, while Pierre Kalulu, Matteo Gabbia, Sandro Tonali, Diogo Dalot and Brahim Díaz have all been called-up by the under 21 teams of their respective countries.

The full list of called-up players and their matches with dates and times is below:

National TeamPlayer/s called-upMatches
AlgeriaIsmaël BennacerAfrica Cup of Nations 2022 Qualifier: Zambia-Algeria
(Lusaka, March 25th 2021, National Heroes Stadium, 20:00 CET)

Africa Cup of Nations 2022 Qualifier: Algeria-Botswana
(Blida, March 29th 2021, Stade Mustapha Tchaker, 21:00 CET)
BelgiumAlexis SaelemaekersWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Belgium-Wales
(Leuven, March 24th 2021, King Power at Den Dreef Stadion, 20:45 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Czech Republic-Belgium
(Prague, March 27th 2021, Eden Arena, 21:45 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Belgium-Belarus
(Leuven, Marco 30th 2021, King Power at Den Dreef Stadion, 20:45 CET)
Bosnia and HerzegovinaRade KrunićWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Finland-Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Helsinki, March 24th 2021, Olympic Stadium, 20:45 CET)

Friendly: Bosnia and Herzegovina-Costa Rica
(Zenica, March 27th 2021, Bilino Polje, 19:00 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Bosnia and Herzegovina-France
(Sarajevo, March 31t 2021, Grbavica, 20:45 CET)
Côte d'IvoireFranck KessiéAfrica Cup of Nations 2022 Qualifier: Niger-Côte d'Ivoire
(Niamey, March 26th 2021, Stade Général Seyni Kountché, 18:00 CET)

Africa Cup of Nations 2022 Qualifier: Côte d'Ivoire-Ethiopia
(Abidjan, March 30th 2021, Stade Olympique d'Ebimpé, 14:00 CET)
DenmarkSimon KjærWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Israel-Denmark
(Tel-Aviv, March 25th 2021, Bloomfield Stadium, 18:00 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Denmark-Moldova
(Herning, March 28th 2021, MCH-Arena, 18:00 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Austria-Denmark
(Vienna, March 31st 2021, Ernst Happel Stadium, 20:45 CET)
ItalyGianluigi DonnarummaWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Italy-Northern Ireland
(Parma, March 25th 2021, Stadio Ennio Tardini, 20:45 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Bulgaria-Italy
(Sofia, March 28th 2021, Vasil Levski, 20:45 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Lithuania-Italy
(Vilnius, March 31st 2021, LFF Stadium, 20:45 CET)
NorwayJens Petter HaugeWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Gibraltar-Norway
(Gibraltar, March 24th 2021, Victoria Stadium, 20:45 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Norway-Turkey
(Malaga, March 27th 2021, La Rosaleda, 19:00 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Montenegro-Norway
( Podgorica, March 30th 2021, Podgorica City Stadium, 20:45 CET)
SwedenZlatan IbrahimovićWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Sweden-Georgia
(Solna, March 25th 2021, Friends Arena, 20:45 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Kosovo-Sweden
(Pristina, March 28th 2021, Fadil Vokrri Stadium, 20:45 CET)

Friendly: Sweden-Estonia
(Solna, March 31st 2021, Friends Arena, 17:45 CET)
TurkeyHakan ÇalhanoğluWorld Cup 2022 Qualifier: Turkey-Netherlands
(Istanbul, March 24th 2021, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, 18:00 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Norway-Turkey
(Malaga, March 27th 2021, La Rosaleda, 19:00 CET)

World Cup 2022 Qualifier: Turkey-Latvia
(Istanbul, March 30th 2021, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, 20:45 CET)
France U21Pierre Kalulu2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: France U21-Denmark U21
(Szombathely, March 25th 2021, Haladás Stadium, 21:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Russia U21-France U21
(Szombathely, March 28th 2021, Haladás Stadium, 21:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Iceland U21-France U21
(Győr, March 31st 2021, Gyirmóti Stadion, 18:00 CET)
Italy U21Matteo Gabbia
Sandro Tonali
2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Czech Republic U21-Italy U21
(Celje, March 24th 2021, Stadion Celje, 18:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Spain U21-Italy U21
(Maribor, March 27th 2021, Stadion Ljudski vrt, 22:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Italy U21-Slovenia U21
(Maribor, March 30th 2021, Stadion Ljudski vrt, 21:00 CET)
Portugal U21Diogo Dalot2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Portuagl U21-Croatia U21
(Koper, March 25th 2021, Stadion Bonifika, 21:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Portuagl U21-England U21
(Ljubljana, March 28th 2021, Stadion Stožice, 21:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Switzerland U21-Portugal U21
(Ljubljana, March 31st 2021, Stadion Stožice, 18:00 CET)
Spain U21Brahim Díaz2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Slovenia U21-Spain U21
(Maribor, March 24th 2021, Stadion Ljudski vrt, 18:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Spain U21-Italy U21
(Maribor, March 27th 2021, Stadion Ljudski vrt, 22:00 CET)

2021 Under-21 EURO Group Stage: Spain U21-Czech Republic U21
(Celje, March 30th 2021, Stadion Celje, 21:00 CET)
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Riccardo Montolivo

A squad full of NT players this is a joy to see.

Gbenga AJOSE

I beg you guys to be mindful of your legs….No room for any injury anymore……..Atalanta is on our heels …..


Hauge needs to play for Milan more ffs

Riccardo Montolivo

Yeah, who needs a Real Madrid loanee when we have Hauge


No more injury…. We r just infront of CL door after many yrs…


Hope all of you guys come back to milan injury and corona free!!


just play haug

TC Milan

All the best my players,u come back with no injuries.

Martin Bernhard

Injuries is the initial worry of mine and others from the looks of it but to my knowledge there is also the risk of players leaving eu to play abroad could potentially endup in quarantine for a week or two which would be beyond detrimental to the squad. Imagine losing both bennacer, kessie and potentially kjær playing in israel and then even maybe getting an injury or two on top of that as that could effectively kill off our hope of success. I generally welcome international games but not so much this time around but im obviously not saying this… Read more »


I just hope we can get everyone fit and available to the end of the season especially Ibra, Bennacer and Mandzukic.

Would really like to see Mandzukic play on the RW with Ibra upfront.

Saelemaekers and Castellijo offers nothing and really contribute to any goals. Sometimes it feels like Milan have a bunch of handicaps on the RW. It’s that bad.

TC Milan

I heard about Orsolin does he fit well in our squad especially on the right wing?


No he is good but not our level. We need players like haaland, mabpe, neymar I heard juve are thinking about selling Ronaldo. He is old but next to ibra he can do really well.

But if we want to be cheap then atleast we can get salah or mane, reheem sterling is another good fast option. Bayern have Kingsley comen who is another we can get or jadon sancho from dortmund.

These are all better options then orsolini and are very realistic targets for us

Martin Bernhard

Sorry to say this but pretty much all of the players you mentioned are unrealistic for the moment and i doubt any of those players can be deemed as cheap options either. I wouldnt be too surprised though if mbappe joined us in maybe his early to mid 30ies as he seems to have a fondness for ac milan since he was a kid but before that may happen he will join a club like real, barcelona or utd for some insane ammount of cash in the vicnity or exceeding his initial price paid by psg so a fee of… Read more »


It will only happen in FIFA21, are you for real :D, no offense but each one of them will cost at least 90mil


I just don’t see a future for us when we have this ridiculous wage cap. This is a statement that says we will not sign any world class players. I just don’t know what we are going to do. I like players like hauge and brahim diaz but sometime I’d like milan to try for one of these big world class players you know.

Martin Bernhard

Well why wouldnt milan be able to sign a talent like for example haaland or someone else before their price go sky rocketing ? Dont expect milan to splash 100 mil or even more on any players currently. If we spend 50 mil at this current point of time it would be a great investment of ours and put a dent to the remaining transfer funds of ours. In the end its not about satisfying yours or other peoples wishes of big names but investing wisely and that can just as well be the smartest move as expenssive ones do… Read more »


Maldini is planning a move for Milinkovic-Savic and Belotti next season according to the latest rumors.

Martin Bernhard

If its a credible rumour i’d welcome both of them with open arms but i doubt it though as savic would propably cost at minimum 50 mil but belotti though might be a thing., He has a contract ending in 2022 so it might become feasible and who knows if torino endsup relegated his price might drop further. Belotti propably wiill cost 25-30 mil this summer so im all for us buying him as he would be a great aquisition in my book and i’ll go as far to say that it would be a massive failure from the club… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Martin Bernhard

Yeah, totally agree. The rumors on Milinkovic-Savic seems a bit far fetched but it is being reported that Maldini is a big admirer of Milinkovic-Savic and Correa.

Belotti signing should be a no brainer. I’m not a fan of Vlahovic and if Milan decided to go for a younger striker then Scamacca is a better option.

Martin Bernhard

Well i have no doubt that he is a player maldini would love to aquirre but he would propably also like to get messi but i doubt they will try even though he still has an expiring contract to my knowledge. Problem with savic though is that several major clubs would try to get the serbian player and with a contract ending 2024 lazio wont be in a hurry to sell and lotitto isnt really known for being easy to deal with so that complicates everything. Had his contract ended next year and savic made it clear he wouldnt renew… Read more »


There might be a trade with Romagnoli going the other way since Raiola is playing hardball. Only time will tell.


It will take time bro, we have to take it step by step ,we have to reach to the champions leauge first , we haven’t played in UCL from 2013/14, our club has suffered a lot through change of managements from the berlusconi era to the chinese to the current Elliot management, we have to play good football and need a solid and smart investments for next 2-3 years, then we will reach to the European Elite unless some cash rich arab takes over our club and injects loads of money

Last edited 3 years ago by mamuMilan

The part I loved the most was, ‘if we want to be cheap then atleast we can get salah or mane, reheem sterling… coman or sancho’


So Ibra will not play for the friendly match against Estonia and come home earlier right ?