Rebić handed two-match ban for ‘disrespectful expressions’ towards the referee against Napoli, Gigio fined €10k

Ante Rebić during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on March 14, 2021. (Spada LaPresse)

Ante Rebić will miss the games against Fiorentina and Sampdoria due to suspension after his red card.

Milan lost 1-0 against Napoli in a frustrating night where they struggled to create goal-scoring chances but were also denied a penalty by referee Pasqua.

Ante Rebić, who came off the bench in the 60′ minute – making his return from injury, did not like at all the way Pasqua officiated the match and in the 91′ minute let out a few words to the face of the ref.

The Croatian was given a straight red card and today the Sporting Judge of Serie A decided to hand him a two-match ban. That is “for having, at the 47th minute, disrespectful expressions addressed to the referee.” He’ll therefore miss games against Fiorentina and Sampdoria.

Gianluigi Donnarumma was also given a punishment for his actions against Napoli. The goalkeeper was fined €10,000 “for having, at the end of the match, assumed a threatening and offensive attitude towards the members of the opposing club’s bench, to one of whom he addressed an insulting expression.”


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in such a crucial moment. he should be fined heavily by the club.


I guess he gonna pay for his stupid red card

Gbenga AJOSE

Some players don’t know how to mange crisis.. Instead of contributing in other ways to make the team move out quickly out of this trouble waters, they compound the problems.. How many points his disrespectful expression to the referee earned us now ? All the top rivals Series A clubs are out of the Champion league now. All will now go all out to make top 4.

Riccardo Montolivo

Yeah, he has balls, those balls have given us plenty of wins. He is surrounded by kids and he is tired of being a babysitter. Sometimes it’s frustrating, and I prefer him insulting the referee than breaking the dressing room. Forza Milan, Forza Rebic


You are ethier the worst milan fan I have ever seen in my life or your an interista because that is single handedly the dumbest thing you could have commented. Those “kids” you mentioned are performing better then him for so many games. With insulting the ref he is more of a child then anyone in the dressing room. He is a fool who will risk putting us out of the champions league places come end of the season seeing as we are in critical stage of the season with all these injuries. I’m confident your a troll because fans… Read more »

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Riccardo Montolivo

take a chill pill soheil 2.0


If those “kids” are playing better then him, then how is he risking putting us out of the CL ? If the kids are playing better then for sure we wont miss him at all. You are contradictoring your self. The reality is that we need him, he is one of our best players and no one can replace his role. We woudn’t have even been here without his effort. So show some respect to Rebic.

Riccardo Montolivo

Leao 14 games without scoring. Saelemaekers 14 games without scoring. Samu 22 games without scoring. Diaz 16 games without scoring. Hauge 13 games without scoring. Those kids can’t even score against a rainbow. They’ll score what? 3 goals a season at this rate? We can’t rely on Zlatan and Madzukic, and Rebic is not an ST. Donnarumma was also noticeable angry and almost started a fight without a good reason. The seniors are frustrated and it’s because we are playing with Diaz, Saelemaekers, Hauge, Dalot, Tomori(he’s good), Meite, Gabbia, Tonall (N.T. player but still a newcomer). More than half of… Read more »

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I read croatian football news (they are known for their sensationalism when it comes to football) writing how Dinamo Zagreb got the “italian Dani Olmo” and the “next big hit of Apenini” in their hands, a Milan cadet’s captain Matteo Tonon. They’ve also signed his big brother Alession Tonon who came from Milan youth academy as well and is also tipped as Italian next big thing.

Anyone knows more about this? If so, why would super youth academy, own breeding superstar club AC Milan do this?

Martin Bernhard

Considering the age and experience rebic has he really should know better and i would at minimum consider fining him a months wages so he knows it has consequences to put himself and the club into miscredit. His behaviour could very well endup costly and have great repurcussions for the club and his team mates attempt to qualify for cl so regardless of the horrible referee perfomance he really shouldnt be excused for his behaviour.

Last edited 2 years ago by Martin Bernhard

Fining him a month sallary will just make things worse. It will demotivate him, he will probably think the team is not suporting his effort. He already has a shaky relation with Pioli. And after all he did it in a moment of frustration, cause he obviously cared about the team and was running his socks off to get the win. Lets not forget that he is one of the best players we have. Without him we hardly even create chances. It wont be wise to demotivate him, better only have a talk explaining that his frustration was understandable but… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Completely disagree rebic is a professional and even if he didn’t act as one on sunday he knows the name of the game and the risk of getting fines as im sure it wouldn’t be the first time he got one in his career. I have no idea why you say he has a shaky relationship with pioli so unless you can point me to a verified factual interview where either the player himself or pioli says that is the case its at best speculation on your part from what i at least can see because i dont remember anything… Read more »


We are all professionals in our fields of work. And we all do mistakes. But how would you feel if your boss slaps you with 100% salary reduction for one month ? Would you be motivated to work for a whole month for free ? He got 2games ban from Seria A and that’s his punishment. There is no reason for his team to further aggravate things. That would be foolish. You can read online about his preffered position disagreement with Pioli it was public… This has nothing to do with democracy, it is man management. You cant be sucsesfull… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

first of all i said the club at minimum should CONSIDER fining him but you cant compare his line of work with a common worker. Fact is he has a contract with us and he earns FAR more than any normal person does or even dream about so no i dont feel its very comparable to a normal worker who would have a greater issue losing one months of pay than he will feel the burden of getting fined. Well as i said i’d like him to stay but if he seriously would get demotivated by getting fined well then… Read more »

Riccardo Montolivo

Rebic gets 63,000 per week, you can’t take a full month that’s an insult to the player. He will definitely get fined as there are rules of conduct in Milan maybe around 20,000- 40,000 euros.

Our wingers are completely useless. Leao is flashy but that’s he has the same problems as Zapata, concentration.

Did you see how Rebic celebrated the goal against Roma? That’s the weight of the shirt, a show of responsibility that is not shown by the kids.

Riccardo Montolivo

If the player cant accept getting a fine when he is due for one then he can take his boots and get the hell out of the club. I wouldn’t fine him, professional players know that referees often have an agenda. FIGC and VAR are pulling every trick to save Juventus, Rebic must’ve seen something that he didn’t like and he took it against the referee end of the story, it wasn’t smart, it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t good. Rebic is one of the irreplaceable men in our squad. We need Bennacer, Kessie, Rebic, Donnarumma, Zlatan on the pitch. Rebic… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Well as already said the ref was horrible on sunday but rebic should have known better regardless so i dont agree. He is good but but he certainly would be replacable in my view but as i said id prefer him to stay. Well i do think thats a likely scenario you put forward but nevertheless if a player starts to offend a referee there is only 1 end result so think its finable in my view. No excuses in my view. I never said that maldini scolded him but as this is not the first time im sure he… Read more »

Riccardo Montolivo

No one can say well done Rebic, you will miss two games. He is good but but he certainly would be replacable in my view but as i said id prefer him to stay. Really? Name three Serie A players who can replace him. We targeted Chiesa and he didn’t want to come, so also consider that better players want to play in Champions League. Also, consider our wage cap. I don’t care about overhyped players from other leagues, I want proven players in Serie A. Well i do think thats a likely scenario you put forward but nevertheless if… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Well not to be rude or anything but i really dont care if you want a proven serie a player and thats even though im always for us having a large quantity of italian or homegrown players thats really not the question though. Strictly hypothetically if we sold rebic for around 30 mil we would atleast have some cash to persuade a player like depay who would be an improvement overall between his positions, we would have some leverage financially to bag the thauvin deal as well. and yeah i would suggest us to pick up some youth talent but… Read more »

Riccardo Montolivo

Well, you don’t care but the management will. The Leao gamble is not paying off. The kid can’t score against Torino, Bologna, Spezia, Udinese, and Verona and he cost 30m. Sure he did well in a lesser league but this is calcio. I’m not talking about an all Italian Milan, I’m talking about proven players in the league, a clear strategy for Maldini who bought Tonalli and tried to buy Chiesa, two of the best in their roles in the league. No one will pay 30 million for Rebic, you’re dreaming. He is too old and inconsistent for that amount… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Maybe exactly because he is a left winger and not a forward, he is far more dangerous when fielded on the flank and not centrally. I was all for us aquirring chiesa but as things stand i dont mind us bringing in players from other leagues and that was what you opposed as you wanted proven serie a player. rebic is in his prime age he is 27 so dont agree. Same stats as leao are you fucking kidding me thauvin has been consistently bagging lots of goals for sevceral seasons when not njured and he wasnt meant as a… Read more »

Riccardo Montolivo

Consistently scoring against shitty teams throughout his career. Against, this is Calcio, look at Silva and Leao.

Replaceable when he is a finalist of WC, and you want to replace him with a man who only got 1 freaking minute in WC, I had enough of this blog for today

Last edited 2 years ago by Riccardo Montolivo
Martin Bernhard

Well even a proven serie player doesnt necessarily mean guaranteed success either so dont agree with the sentiment of yours.

Im sorry to say this but do you have some troubles reading or comprehending a text or something as i have said several times above that i would prefer him to stay so im not gonna keep repeating myself anylonger.

Last edited 2 years ago by Martin Bernhard
Riccardo Montolivo

I don’t have troubles pal. Our disagreement stems from the idea that Rebic is or isn’t replaceable.

In your best-case scenario, he could be sold for 30m and you would get Thauvin.

I disagree with your opinion for the reason I stated above. I’m just sick of people on this blog underrating good players like Hakan, Calabria, and hyping Niang 2.0, and Hauge.( not saying it’s your case, you’re one of the bloggers that make enjoyable comments).

Martin Bernhard

Well i dont mind disagreement and no ill will from me towards you but i just got a bit irritated about having to explain that i actually do prefer keeping him as i do reckon him as a good player and never said otherwise but i do see him as replaceable nevertheless but under the conditions that he doesnt do something about his temper in certain situations. Im generally not a user that is super outspoken in regard of bashing players infact on the contrary as i know things quickly can change in regard of form or hype as ive… Read more »

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Oluwa shevy

Rebić is not the only player we have hw can go to hell with his comment without Rebić we have been wining and the boys are trying just the injury crisis we facing for now I belive he will be fine and the management should caution him very well our next game with Florentina we are wining


Maldini should easily fuck off out of our the guy cant improve the club get renick

AC Milan

What does this have to do with Maldini? If you cant support Maldini, then you are not a Milan fan.


In every shit that milan goes through this sean is because of dumbass chiesa should ours for peacesake look at him in juve now, small work wont get u the big price YA DUMMY#MALDUMMY