Official: Çalhanoğlu has tested negative to the COVID-19 swab test

Hakan Çalhanoğlu celebrating at the end of Milan-Torino at Stadio San Siro on January 12, 2021. (@imagoimages)

Hakan Çalhanoğlu has recovered from the Coronavirus and will be back soon.

Çalhanoğlu tested positive on January 17, one day before the match against Cagliari, but today (Friday) the club confirmed that the Turkish has healed from COVID:

“Milan announces that Çalhanoğlu has tested negative to the COVID-19 swab test. In the coming hours, the player will undergo medical screening required to resume football activities,” a statement on the official website reads.

The absence of Çalhanoğlu was heavily felt, especially in the two defeats against Atalanta in Serie A and Inter in the Coppa Italia. Hakan is the glue that ties the midfield and the attack of Milan together and they found it very difficult to create goal-scoring chances in the matches that he missed.

Hakan is not on the squad list posted by Milan for the match against Bologna tomorrow (15:00 CET), but based on the result of a test he’ll soon take, he could be added and make it to the bench.

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I’m one hundred percent positive that Maldini would be tempted to leave if Gazidis doesn’t approve this man’s wage request.

Without Ibra-Calhanoglu-Ben-Kessie-Donna this team would be at the midtable.

Not all youngsters are what we need right now: Casti, Gabbia, Krunic, Meite.

Now, Brahim, Leao, Tomori are the real deal. COVID-19 is here to stay, and Gazidis will be even more strict if we don’t secure a CL spot, the season is too green.

Martin Bernhard

Well i agree with what you said except for the part of youngsters. None of the players you mentioned besides of gabbia can be deemed youngsters anylonger as Castillejo is 26, krunic is 27 and meite is 26 and conti who allready left soon to be 27 and that leaves gabbia at 21 who in my view has done well for us when fielded. In regard of meite im willing to give him some time to prove himself and it seems he can be of some value to us as a substitue player but for the remaining part i wouldnt… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Martin Bernhard

Samu was hired as a young attacker, I thought Krunic and Meite were younger than Kessie…

Gabbia needs a loan mate, he is nowhere near as good as our first three options. He is waiting for someone to get sick or injured. I would sign another CB in the summer and loan him to a good team.

Meite is promising, again, he is behind three starters. If we add Pobega into the mix Maldini shouldn’t exercise the buy option.

Martin Bernhard

Yeah but as we was talking present time i see no point in when they arrived and the ages i posted is now.

Well i think he has proved to be trustwoirthy for this team even if he is lower in the pecking order.

Pobega doesnt exactly play the completely same role as meite as pobega is more offensive minded in his approach than meite.


That’s why we need him for him to adapt to the AM or DM, right now he is forming his football as a mezalla, right?

Last edited 3 years ago by Raven

pobega is a static cm who can also play dm, kinda like loca, ambrosini or tacchinardi while meite is actually box to box cm like kessie was at atalanta. neither are am because theyre not creative enough. both can be dm though because of their size and strength

Martin Bernhard

i didnt mean he was an atm but still playing a different role than meite.


“With Calhanoglu on the field Milan have lost only 8% of matches in all comps, without Hakan percentage of defeats for Milan grows to 33%” – @OptaPaolo