Official: Donnarumma, Gabbia and Hauge have tested negative for COVID-19, set to return to action

Gianluigi Donnarumma during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 17, 2020. (Jonathan Moscrop Sportimage)

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Matteo Gabbia and Jens Petter Hauge have all recovered from the Coronavirus.

The Rossoneri face Udinese at Stadio Friuli on Sunday noon (12:30 CET kickoff) and they have received some excellent news on Friday night ahead of the game.

Gabbia had been out with COVID-19 since the start of October, while Gigio and Hauge only got the virus at the start of the week. However, they have all been cleared and tested negative now.

“Milan announces that Matteo Gabbia has tested negative for Covid-19 and will undergo medical screening tomorrow before returning to sporting activities. Moreover, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Jens Petter Hauge, who had been asymptomatic, have tested negative following further testing.

The local health authorities have been informed and both players are authorized to return to training,” a statement on the website of Milan reads.

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Excellent. CB is thick again. Rebic recovered. Hauge ready to action. Gk solid. Let’s crush every opponent ahead

Gbenga AJOSE

Crush everybody like stone crusher ! Lol


Yeah, Donna was particularly missed against Roma. We should have won that game by 3-2 at least, Our Tarantula of a goalkeeper messed up on the cross that led to a goal. It was awful positioning and lack of good judgement and timing. Gigio would got his hands on the ball to either deflect or catch it.

Anyway, the sooner players get the Corvid virus, the better so that they can recover and get back with better immunity. Yeah, bring onyone, we are ready!


wow that was fast. are great players more resilient to covid, thats why ibra, hauge and donna recover quickly, unlike cr7 and duarte? lol
rebinho is finally ready too, nice. leaonaldo – hakaniesta – rebinho supporting god ibra. filthy


In that case I guess CR isn’t a great player! Lol

It just depends on the players immune system. Some recover faster than others. That all.


“In that case I guess CR isn’t a great player! Lol”


Right on time. Let’s keep the momentum going. It’s so much fun watching Milan play these days. Over 20 games unbeaten is no joke. These boys are the real deal.


I must say.. as of recent, we are starting to put back fear in our opponents, they are starting to lose sleep over us.. and that’s half the battle..


I will always pray for good health and condition for all Milan players.
But especially to Kjaer.
He deserves more credit.
I can’t even imagine Milan back line without him.
I remember how people doubted him at first (including me).
The only person who defended him in this blog that i can remember is Martin Benhard.


True! Kjaer is a true Viking!

Martin Bernhard

Yeah that’s correct Lando even if i wasnt exactly fond of the idea of us loaning caldara out with an at that time mentioned buy clause set at 15 mil i had no doubts that he could become a great succes atleast if he got the right ammount of playtime. kjær has been instrumental for my national team and id argue just as much as christian eriksen whom i would love to take off inters hands if they plan to keep benching him which i have a hard time believing he will accept for much longer. I actually wanted milan… Read more »


WE NOW RETURN TO LIKE MILAN10 SAID PROGRAM “Milan10 3 years ago …Regarding kjaer, he would be fantastic signing if milan could get him for 15m or less. What about those koscielny rumours though. He is older than kjaer but i think he would be even better signing Milan10 9 months ago benvenuto kjaer. im sure and do hope u’ll do well at milan. “Sometimes, when playing for my previous teams, there wasn’t a designated free kick taker so I trained hard and took the free-kicks. I don’t feel the need to always be the one to take it, if… Read more »


I am quite happy that the key players are back. However the contracts talk of Donna and Calha is worrying. Raiola keeps pushing for release clause of 40mio Euro(which is too low) and Calha wants high pay rise.


Thw release clause would only be active if we fail to qualify for cl.


The team needs to continue like this. Win and avoid dropping points, particularly against ‘lesser’ teams. No doubt, some of the competitions will improve, but Milan must not suffer a major dip in form which can lead to a collapse. Good squad rotation and a few additions in January. A solid CB should come in, so Gabbia – and possibly Duarte can go on loan. Presently there’s 1. Kjaer, 2. Romagnoli, 3. Duarte, 4. Gabbia, 5. Mussachio. If a new CB comes in, that will make it 6 CBs. So, Gabbia and Duarte need to go on loan, which leaves… Read more »


If only we had Donna the Saviour available against Roma, we would be 2 points higher :/

Martin Bernhard

Hey there Ink obviously tatarusanu had a bad game and it certainly can be argued he cost us the victory but on the other hand we can allways blame other players for not capitalizing on chances and so on so i dont think its really that fair to blame him for the entire match but thats just how i see it.

Anas kallah

What’s happening to caldara? Is on loan to Atalanta?

Martin Bernhard

caldara is on a two year loan at atalanta with a buyout clause set at 15 mil atleast according to the numbers in the media at the time of when he left us.


Ac milan affection & care speed up the 7 dont get it @ juve moreover the italian minister keep condemning him and rumours bout juve want to sell him.He must be stressfull rite now.

Carlo Gambino

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