RaTeam news: Milan were without Gianluigi Donnarumma, Matteo Gabbia, Mateo Musacchio, Ante Rebić and Jens Petter Hauge. Sparta Prague had to do without Lukáš Štetina, Dávid Hancko and Filip Souček. Kickoff time for Matchday 2 of the Europa League Group Stage was 18:55 CET.

Goals: Brahim (24′), Leão (57′), Dalot (67′)

AC Milan (4-2-3-1) – Stefano Pioli
Ciprian Tătăruşanu; Davide Calabria (68′ Andrea Conti), Simon Kjær, Alessio Romagnoli (81′ Léo Duarte), Diogo Dalot; Ismaël Bennacer (81′ Franck Kessié), Sandro Tonali; Samu Castillejo, Rade Krunić (87′ Daniel Maldini), Brahim Díaz; Zlatan Ibrahimović (46′ Rafael Leão).
Unused: Moleri, A. Donnarumma, Çalhanoğlu, Theo Hernández, Kalulu, Colombo, Saelemaekers.

AC Sparta Prague (4-3-2-1) – Václav Kotal
Milan Heča; Michal Sáček, Ondřej Čelůstka, David Lischka (80′ Dominik Plechatý), Matěj Hanousek; David Pavelka, Michal Trávník (80′ Adam Karabec), Andreas Vindheim; Bořek Dočkal (90′ Vojtěch Patrák), Ladislav Krejčí (62′ David Moberg Karlsson); Lukáš Juliš (62′ Libor Kozák).
Unused: Niță, Kotek, Hložek, Plavšić, Polidar, Wiesner, Vitik. 

Referee: Halis Özkahya (TUR).

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well, thats a good line up, all things considered. i hope leaonaldo will come on for ibra in 2nd half because fit ibra is needed in slower but much tactical serie a games, which is more compatible to his current style of play (thats why he scores much more goals in serie a), including vs udinese on sunday. a little cameos from conti, duarte and maldini wouldnt hurt either. kinda curious to see maldini play am, his natural position. hell, maybe even let him take free kicks since he’s actually pretty good at that. krunic will again play am, but… Read more »


This is Italian guarpioli


haha dont u mean fabio capioli

Ominous foreboding

Like that a lot better a real winner… Guardiola is over rated.


PLS don’t compare him to fraudiola. Fraudiola would never get this AC MILAN play like Mr. PIOLI did cos fraudiola never build a team from scratch without star player’s and money to spend.

Nathan Graegin

This is a good lineup but I think kalulu should be playing over calabria. He deserves a break after how amazing he has been. Other than that I think maldini should be playing with Diaz and samu. Or hopefully he at least comes in with a good amount of time. Let’s get some early goals so we can sub in players that need the play time


Sometimes I think pioli has already decided about rotation of players long ago according to the calendar for every match, last week Dalot/Calabria this week Dalot/Theo. I don’t care who plays what I care is trusting him made me happy since he’s in the club even when we were losing some matches at the beginning I was happy with the way we’re playing, it was obviously different from any other Milan game since last scudetto. Pioli’s Milan has a great future forza Rossoneri

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Fuck the knee?!!


Even Hakan had enough of Samu and Krunic…


great combination by the brahim brothers that resulted in a goal. like i said, brahim’s main assets are his dribbling, positioning/his tendency to attack empty spaces in opponents box and scoring not playmaking ability


Waiting for Muratx to say that someone else should take the PK

Martin Bernhard

With all due respect to that, kessie when fielded is actually more lethal in regard of taking penalty kicks but i dont mind ibra taking them either but ibra has both missed and gotten lucky not missing a penalty lately.

Gbenga AJOSE

Yea..Most keepers can predicts where he directs the ball—the left hand side That’s y the keeper dived to the left and Ibrahimovic while trying to change to the unusual right side, he hit the bar I think the players just allow him most times so he can increase his goal tally.

Martin Bernhard

I deffently think its about scoring as many goals for himself and the team offcourse but from the top of my head and i might be wrong but i dont remember kessie missing one single penalty in the previous 3 years when he was the penalty kicker.


completely agree, but Ibra need all the motivation we can provide to him, look at his positioning, he is always sacrificing himself for the team. This is the third consecutive penalty kick back bad executed, two nearly stopped and this not on target. The man is a champion, he is breaking records, if he misses three more I would chose kessie


Pioli really needs to stop Ibrahimović from taking these PKs and free kicks. You could tell he’s no longer as good as he used to be with pks.






Just need more fire power. Krunic and Casti at the wings are completely useless. I’d prefer to see Maldini at LW right now.


Dani don’t worry man.. pioli will give you a chance tonight get rid of the phone and warm up :)))


hahaha! but… can’t I play with my phone? 🙁


You can bro….


nice, energetic 1st half. milan should just permanent brahim, tonali and dalot’s asses already. damn they’re awesome. every opponents know to attack milan’s right flank but that lanky lesbian blonde suso didnt help calabria at all. how many times must i write this: stop letting ibra take pens and free kicks. 50% conversion rate? might as well toss a coin then. let kessie or hakan take pen. and if theyre not around let dead ball specialists like kjaer, tonali or ben take it. i hope milan can kill the game off in 2nd half because no way sparta deserve anything… Read more »


whenever it’s milan match and I see your comment I always look for someone to bet about your personality, either a professional footballer or a total loser in career, btw I bet on latter one

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and u had to edit ur quality, insightful comment 2 mins after u wrote it? lol




I think it’s only fait Kalulu gets some playing time…


Is it just me or is Milan slowly crawling back to old ways of scoring one goal and then relaxing and inviting the pressure. This could be a problem in some games in the future so we need to be careful. Good goal by Leao. I love to see it! Forza Milan!


nice decision to sub ibra off for leaonaldo; ibra will be fit and angry vs his next victim udinese and it allows portuguese connection to shine


Perfect game by Diogo Dalot. Just great


I’m loving it! What a display from the lads! Really hope they can sign Brahim, this kid and his energy!

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I hope most here can see understand what a playmaker is. This is not about hating on Krunic – he is a Milan player and does his bit.

However, the person who has affected the game most is Bennacer. He switched the play to Dalot, and Dalot serves Leāo on a platter. Then he finds Dalot for goal number 3. That is a thinking player.

Next time , you better listen.

#RespectBennacer Forza Milan! Good job, Pioli.


Nino knows his football *wink


ben really reminds me of prime davids or redondo; a tenacious and tireless left footed defensive mf with great vision and playmaking ability. definitely man of the match


aw damn, maldini almost got an assist playing am. too much pace on the through ball though


Milan will be great again. The signs are clear. SempreMilan


True bro signs are there we gona be great again with paolo maldini,foorza miiiilaaaan


another great display and result from fabio capioli’s boys. sparta is clearly the weakest team milan have faced in official match so far but a win is a win nonetheless. kessie, hakan and theo rested: check. leaonaldo fenomeno the king henry 2.0 came on for ibra in 2nd half: check. conti, maldini and duarte made cameos: check. don stefano, are u really that desperate for that milan10ian title? well, u’ve got it *wink. all except krunic and samu the orca played well. ibra missed pen but he had an assist so its not that bad. kjaer, dalot, leaonaldo and tonali… Read more »


Dalot, what a cross for leao, and took his goal well too.


This team is growing into a strong unit. Nice win today. Tătăruşanu looked better today. What a relief because that horror show against Roma was unacceptable. Bennacer deserves a pay raise. His game is improving. He’s a very smart signing. He reads the game so well. Brahim Diaz was also good today. Tonali looked good in this game. We need to be patient with him. Not sure what’s going on with Kalulu but I don’t understand why Conti played ahead of him. Kalulu is better defensively especially in 1 on 1 and he’s very athletic. Much better option to Conti.… Read more »


I would guess that Conti has more experience, a fit Conti is potentially ten times better than a 18YO.


We have found the good back up for both fullbacks now. Dalot. Even he can be the starter for RB.


Calabria seems a bit faster, however, Dalot seems like a better defender. What a good problem to have, two starters on RB,DM, AM, LW


Sweet problems for mister who I can only praise for creating the atmosphere and such cohesive group. It’s not just a standard starting eleven but whole crop of players. Everyone delivers when called upon.


It’s amazing, this team only needed a solid feet on their ground. it’s a nightmare to remember how with Berlusconi this team conceded and it was over.


Our Milan now forget how to loose, there’s huge confidence from all of the players, they deliver what we as milanista expecting


It really is amazing to see, the free flowing confident attractive play. Even when ibra went out at half we played even better. Its been a very long time that we can rotate a squad and the players perform just as strong as the regular starters. Pioli has done a wonderful job with these group of players. He’s made them so confident and playing great attractive football. Let’s continue along this path, Forza Milan!


Primary problem solved—- Theo/Dalot and Calabria/Conti… Lastly Theo n Calabria get some space to breath…. Only mismated person is Samu, Kalulu may replace him coz he fast,strong n attacking minded, he is best backup for Salemakers, even we may try Dalot also….But our main focus should on Serie A….CL spot is a much needed thing for us…. After 2011, really feeling happy to see winner Milan


Due to a power outage I couldn’t see the second half, but I saw a a very solid Dalot, and Ibra’s positioning always on point. the midfield was perfect controlling the tempos and dictating the play. Pioli’s work cannot be underestimated, Milan morph according to the players on the pitch. In the first 15 minutes Milan was going for the victory, Dalot was playing like a LW, Bennacer and Romagnoli covered his space without problems, Krunic did a perfect job filling the gaps, while Diaz was always looking the space and creating opportunities. That’s a tough one for a defending… Read more »