Gazidis: “Maldini is already gearing up for the mercato, next Financial Fair Play evaluation is in October 2021”, Scaroni: “I am very committed to the stadium project and we are optimistic”

Paolo Scaroni and Ivan Gazidis during Milan-SPAL at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2019. (Spada LaPresse)

Paolo Scaroni and Ivan Gazidis took questions today as a Shareholders meeting took place.

A Milan Shareholders Meeting took place on Wednesday to approve the financial statements of the 2019/20 season, which ended with consolidated losses of €195m.

At the event, Chairman Paolo Scaroni and CEO Ivan Gazidis took some questions and discussed a few topics.

“We held the meeting on a regular basis, with about 60 shareholders all connected,” Scaroni said according to “Everything was unanimously approved: both the Financial Statements and the appointment of the Board of Directors.

“As far as the Board of Directors is concerned, we brought to the Board Massimo Ferrari, who is part of the Associazione Piccoli Pzionisti AC Milan [Small Shareholders’ Association]. I have been renewed as Chairman of the Board for the next three years, by unanimous decision.

The stage during the presentation of the New Milano Stadium at Politecnico di Milano on September 26, 2019. (

“The stadium? I am very committed to the stadium project, because it is a key ingredient for the club’s economy. As you would remember, a project was presented back in July. It was approved by the council but then there were some modifications to the submitted project.

“In the next few days, a new project will be presented to the municipal council, which is aware of the essential ingredients, namely to save the remains of the San Siro, by allocating the area of the current stadium to the disposal of non-professional sports. In the new project there is a reduction in volume to 145,000 square meters. We expect the municipal council to examine this new document after the technical offices have evaluated it, so that we can start with the executive planning which is preparatory to the beginning of the construction site. Mayor Sala and Councillor Maran are aware and we have met them often. We are optimistic.”

Frederic Massara, Paolo Maldini, Sandro Tonali and Ivan Gazidis at Casa Milan. (

Gazidis stated the following, as reported by “The Financial Fair Play? If we qualify for Europe in the 2021/21 season, our next evaluation will take place on October 2021. UEFA will examine the trend of recent years, eliminating the effects of COVID. If the financial trend is positive, we will discuss our path with the rules in place. It would be premature to have discussions now, but with the financial discipline we’re using, also thanks to the strong ownership, we are confident that we’ll arrive at the right path to comply with UEFA rules.

“A Super League? There are many thoughts going on about the so-called Super League. However, the main focus of the football world remains on the development of the existing international competitions and there are no proposals that could lead to a separation with the national leagues. Milan is playing an active role in all discussions on the development of football: our leadership and credibility make us influential and authoritative at the various discussion tables: in Lega Serie A, ECA, UEFA and FIFA.

Ivan Gazidis during an event on December 15, 2019. (

“Funds for the January mercato? We are going through a positive moment, but the path is still long and challenging. The club has a strong ownership behind it who has faith in planning. We have a clear strategy: to sign of the best talent in the world and make them grow with us. The summer window has just closed and we are satisfied. The sports management led by Paolo Maldini is already gearing up for the winter mercato and we are confident.

“The market? The world of football has recognized, even before COVID, that a more stable mercato would benefit everyone: clubs, players, agents and intermediaries. Personally I’ve always worked hard to bring order and stability and I will continue to do so for the benefit of the world of football, both in Italy and internationally.”

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27 days ago

whatever. just give maldini 75m u were going to give discount klopp or 30m + money from players sales last summer like u promised. dont be cheap. saw big tetas performance between the post vs roma? thats exactly what u get and deserve for being cheap. oh, and reina says hi

26 days ago

This team crumbles without Donnarumma, Kessie and Kjaer. If Kessie gets a 3 month injury the season is most likely done. Gazidis cheap out on Bakayoko(even though his agent make a shitty move against Maldini), the CB remains to be a problem, ST when Cavani and Suarez were on the market. This team with 3 good signings can achieve the scudetto, now that the goal is near men are needed to give the squad balance. Gabbia can’t replace the captain of Denmark and the captain of Milan. Tonalli/Bennacer are fantastic midfielders, but Kessie’s is a completely different kind of player,… Read more »

26 days ago

What is tatarasanu doing in that line up …lord save the queen

25 days ago

Finally the team have grown their horns!