Official: Donnarumma and Hauge have tested positive for COVID-19, both are asymptomatic and in quarantine

Gianluigi Donnarumma during Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on August 1, 2020. (Fabrizio Carabelli)

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Jens Petter Hauge have COVID-19, in addition to three other members of the squad.

Milan face Roma at Stadio San Siro this evening for a huge match but a few hours before kick-off they got some bad news as two players and three staff members have been found positive for COVID-19.

“Milan can announce that results determined from a series of swab tests conducted yesterday evening have returned from a laboratory with positive indications of Covid-19 for Gianluigi Donnarumma, Jens Petter Hauge and three other staff members,” a statement on the website of Milan reads.

“Whilst they are all asymptomatic, they have immediately entered isolation in their homes and the relevant local health authorities have been informed. Today, the players and staff were tested again for Covid-19, as is required by protocol, and there have been no other positive test results.”

Donnarumma and Hauge join Matteo Gabbia on the list of Milan players who are unavailable due to Coronavirus. Léo Duarte and Zlatan Ibrahimović previously had it during this season and healed, while Sandro Tonali had the virus before joining the club from Brescia this summer.

Ciprian Tătăruşanu will replace Donnarumma in goal tonight and make his official debut for Milan.

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Hope they recover soon.


It’s biter sweet, a few players have already been infected and the chances of reinfection is quite slim and it’s a possibility every player will be infected going forward. Getting infected in the early part of the season it’s not as bad after all…

Martin Bernhard

Im not really worried as such but there is one huge question mark in regard of athletes as some of the people who does get infected by covid19 has lasting problems over half a year after they was infected. Issues with breathing and headaches whos to say that wont affect players careers both short and long term ?

Last edited 3 years ago by Martin Bernhard

Dyabala had Covid at the begining last year. No lasting problems so far. In fact since most people got it now those theories were kinda debunked. And this tests are not very relayble sometimes they show you positive even if you are negative. Mancini from Roma was confirmed positive then 2 dayes later a new test showed that he is negative and now he will play against us.

Martin Bernhard

Well its not theory so what you are saying isnt correct. Its not every person who are struck with covid19 that has lasting issues but some does so that is an actual risk whether you think its a theory or not you couldnt be more wrong.


Most of the theories about the virus that were spread at the begining in the media, proved to be wrong. This is not my oppinion, just how the situation developed. Look how many players were infected yet no problems with breathing or anything they all return in full condition. People who developed some other problems from the virus, all had underlaying conditions, such as lungs problems, astma etc.

Martin Bernhard

This is not theory and even if a player like dybala hasnt lasting issues doesnt mean you are correct. You do realize that a few people doesnt make a statistic you need thousands of individuals to make statistics. In my country denmark they are starting to contemplate to build speciffic places to handle these issues so yeah its an actual issue. I’ve seen young people from my country with lasting issues so NO i dont buy your premises and neither would it hold up to scientiffic scrutiny. Ill go as far as saying you are spreading misinformation by denying it… Read more »


Aaa i literatly mentioned to you that many people got it at this point and didnt had lasting/permanent damage as reported, twice in the first and the second responce. Not sure how you missed it. So thats hundret of thousands of people who got it and didnt had lasting problems, and you are telling me that dosent make statistic but you knowing some one in Denmark that got permanent damage does. Ok nvm. Btw it was debated if damaged lungs was even a consiquince from putting people on ventilators. Cause at the begining thats how they were treating infected patients,… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Rossi

i work in medical field and to my experience and knowledge, only unfit and old people with underlying conditions develop symptoms and signs like anosmia (inability to smell) and dyspnea (difficulty breathing). most are asymptomatic. some who did develop those but recovered have long lasting/chronic (>2 months) of those signs and symptoms, at least partially. the chest x rays and breathe tests of these people also show irregularities. however, people who were asymptomatic never develop these conditions. in short, if u had particular signs/symptoms during the acute infection of covid then u have small chance that those stay as chronic… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Ive seen examples of younger people in their 20ies still with lasting issues and they contracted the virus when it arrived earlier in the year but what you are saying does make sense Milan10 so ill take that as an explanation. In my view its just a matter of time before some athletes endup with problems lasting longer than a few weeks to a month though. Hopefully not in our club but im sure its bound to happen in some clubs.

Last edited 3 years ago by Martin Bernhard

well, my last patients who developed anosmia were 25 yr old male and 33 yr old female so yeah, even young healthy people can develop signs and symptoms, but statistically its rare, as in <5%. but the thing about diseases is that, sometimes the tissue injuries last and will have effect until the day u die (heart attack, brain infection/enchepalitis, lung conditions such as bronchitis or pneumonia) but there need to be injuries to ur cells/tissues first. if the chest x rays and breathe tests (also vo2 max tests for athletes) show no irregularities i think its safe to say… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Milan10 Well thanks for further explaining it but lung damage is actually also the thing i would worry the most about in regard of athletes as it could seriously damage a players career if that happens.Im sure though that players has greater chances to prevail as they have entire teams of doctors around them and are checked often but still its propably still a matter of time before a professional athlete is affected in a bigger sense than what have yet been seen. Just kidding with you but guess its time for you to change your name to dr kevorkian… Read more »


lol dr thanatos a.k.a. dr red and black devil. regarding permanent/chronic effects of covid on players, that could be an issue for players like dybala who foolishly got covid multiple times in such short period. i think full mri scan should be performed to assess the damage because x ray let alone swab test just aint enough for him. however, u can develop plaques in ur arteries without having symptoms but i think its very hard not to have symptoms when u have problems in ur lungs. the more damaged ur lungs are, the more severe the symptoms and signs,… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Ha i wasnt aware kevorkians machine was called the thanatos 😀 Really so dybala actually contracted the virus more than once could very well be down to being irresponsible but on the other hand the players do a lot of traveling and maybe he contracted it on international duty. Ive allways been interested in vira and we certainly should be happy about its not being as virulent or dangerous as ebola but had it been that it might never have left china to begin with as it would have pretty much killed everyone affected in a matter of days or… Read more »


Oh man and just when we are going to face Roma
But i still think Milan can win
I believe in the squad


Dzeko vs Ciprian
Need to be sharp
Or…. we should just outscore them


Bad news but fortunately only the GK. We still have Diaz and Krunic for the back up.

Amos K. Dennis

Hope my Milan keeps on winning….these players will surely bounce back stronger…remember Zlatan!!!… Liberia is following.


Forza Milan! These are professional athletes, no reason to worry for them. Just a hindrance to Milan’s continuity in terms of starting XI. Forza Milan! I cannot wait to see 5 back to back wins in Serie A!!!