Dalot: “Coming to Milan is a proud moment, I can bring energy and I hope to help the team achieve great moments”

Diogo Dalot at Milan. (@acmilan.com)

Diogo Dalot has given his first interview as a Rossoneri player, saying ‘becoming a Milan player has always been a dream’.

Dalot joined the Diavolo from Manchester United yesterday and he arrives to strengthen the quality and depth of Milan in the fullbacks area.

The 21-year-old, who will play for one season on loan in Red and Black, spoke to MilanTV after signing his contract:

“Becoming a Milan player has always been a dream, ever since we were young players we grew up watching Milan win and being part of this club, of this family, is an important achievement for me and a proud moment.

Diogo Dalot at Milan. (@acmilan.com)

“My family? I think my relationship with my family is everything. Without them I wouldn’t be the player and the person that I am today. Being able to have their help, to grow up and being alongside me is something that I want and I will keep trying to have them on my side. And it’s fantastic to have this support.

“Coming to Milan? It feels great, when you look at Milan, you look at history, winning trophies, winning games, winning championships and it feels very good for me because I always wanted to be part of a club that fights and tries to win everything in every single game. And for me Milan is one of the top clubs in the world and for me that’s very good.

Diogo Dalot at Milan. (@acmilan.com)

“Italian football? I think that Italian football is very, very characteristic, very attractive football: a lot of people might think that it’s just a defensive one but there’s also the attacking part of the game, which is very good for me and I like to see it in Italian football. And I hope to learn a lot from it and enjoy as much as I can.

“Leão? I know Leão since I was 15, so we grew up together in the national team and he’s a very good friend of mine.

“Playing with Ibrahimović? I didn’t play with him [at Manchester United], I came the year after… but obviously Zlatan is one of the best players in the world. I think his history speaks for itself and being able to play in a club where he’s at, I think it’s very good, because you always want to play with the best players and Zlatan is one of them for sure.

Diogo Dalot at Milan. (@acmilan.com)

“My idols? I have a few in my position of course… when you think about right-backs you think of Dani Alves, you think of Philipp Lahm. There have been very good right-backs over the years. I think football creates some very good right-backs and hopefully I can be a reference for everyone in the future.

“What can I bring? I can bring energy. I came with hunger, with willingness to win games, to win trophies, that’s what I want to do. I hope to help the team achieve great moments because at the end of the day that’s what Milan is: it’s winning, fighting for trophies, fighting for every game, and I’m going to bring energy, bring desire and ambition to the club.

“A message to the fans? I just say: thank you for your support, you’re the ones who keep us out there and we’re running for you, and I think this is the most important thing. Being with your support, we’re going to be with more energy and joy to play the games and hopefully we can win.”

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22 days ago

You’re welcome

20 days ago

The problem I can see is that we have:

  • one left back: Theo Hernandez
  • four right backs: Conti, Caldara, Diogo Dalot, Saelemaekers