Reports: Milan reach an agreement with Bodø/Glimt over Hauge, the 20-year-old is all set to join the Rossoneri

Jens Petter Hauge celebrating during Milan-Bodø/Glimt at Stadio San Siro on September 24, 2020. (@imagoimages)

Jens Petter Hauge to Milan is virtually a done deal as the clubs found an agreement on Monday evening.

The scouts of Milan have been following Hauge for quite some time but after Thursday’s match between the Rossoneri and Bodø/Glimt in the Europa League, in which Jens Petter impressed a great deal with a goal and an assists, the Diavolo management decided to try and sign him.

According to and others this evening, an agreement was reached on Monday between the Rossoneri management and Bodø/Glimt for the forward.

The agent of the 20-year-old, Emefie Aneke Atta, was in Milano today and after finding an understanding with the player himself, who was wanted by Manchester United and by RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg but chose Milan above the othe rsides, they also struck a deal with Bodø/Glimt.

Earlier this evening, before the news of the deal being done broke, Gianluca Di Marzio stated: “Milan are one step away from Hauge. The denial of Massara was diplomatic. The contacts continued today, they are very positive and an agreement could arrive tonight or tomorrow already. Milan will not leave him in Norway until December, they want him immediately, while the Norwegian club would like to keep him until the end of their league which ends mid-December.”

The exact figures have not yet been revealed but they are expected to be around €5m. Milan get a aplayer who scored 14 goals and assisted 9 more in 17 matches this season in the Eliteserien.

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Definitely need to wrap this deal up! Also, reports coming out we’re close to tomiyasu. For the right price he would be a great addition. He can play right back and center back well and hes young with great potential. He’s very good on 1vs1 situations. Both great additions thag hopefully come true


We have Calabria, Kalulu and Conti, the former two being already set of fullbacks we can utilize for the next decade, although Tomiyasu is indeed interesting, unfortunately he doesn’t fit in our current squad.


Milan are interested in a right back. It’s no secret that kalulu was meant for youth team and either calabria or Conti would be sold. In that case, I’d much rather get tomiyasu over aurier. Tomiyasu can also play cb which he’s very quick and good with his feet too. For the right price he should be snatched up


Tomiyasu playing RB was out of his natural position that is CB, but Sinisha tried him there because he didn’t have solutions on the right. The japanese main position is CB !


This sounds like a very good deal. Hopefully it will be concluded. I have also been impressed with Tomiyasu since he scored that wonderful goal against us a couple of months ago. At his age it seems he is a very interesting idea for our defense. Lets see what the last week of the market has in store for us. Forza Milan!


I think Tomiyasu played well against us in gameweek 1… would be a good addition to our defensive rotation

Coach Seedorf

Good deal. Nice work Maldini and Massara


Can he play at right wing?

Gbenga AJOSE

This question does not matter mate, this guy at 5M looks a steal to me. We need solid bench if we are to claim 3 point in almost all our matches.


This is again a brilliant deal! I hope we capture him and Tomyashu. Milan’s future look bright. All we need now is to qualify for CL this year.


Takehiro Tomiyasu is a good defender. Hope we get Fofana too and Bakayoko.


Well I predicted after the match against Bodø Glimt that Milan would sign Jens Hauge by Monday.

Next Chiesa will be signed after we qualify for the Europa League group stage on Thursday.


This deal basically means no more Chiesa, and besides Chiesa is overpriced. We should fortify our defence and maybe one more midfielder (if Paqueta leaves).


How so? Jens Hauge is plays as a LW. Chiesa play as a RW. Not sure how you figured that but rumors are that we are linked to Dalot.

If that rumor is true then that might be the end of the Chiesa plan.

Dalot plays both RB and RW but he is definitely a better winger.


Forget Chiesa. He is overrated. Milan just paid 5m for a 20 year old that is way better than Chiesa in every way! This is a real steal indeed for a player whose value can break the 100m mark in the future. The only problem is that Milan still need another world class right winger. I suggest Bailey or Ousman Dembele if we manage to qualify for the CL.


Great. Hope he can adapt quickly.


i love how opportunistic and swift maldini and co are in seizing good value for money deal like this. i also love the way opportunities present itself to milan; conte rejected tonali, andriy silva performs well for frankfurt hence milan dont have to spend a penny for rebic, caldara out – kjaer in etc, and now this super cheap deal for young and prospective hauge. to be perfectly honest, if hauge was man utd or any other big team player and he performed the way he did vs milan on regular basis, im 100% sure other big teams would be… Read more »

forza juve

This Hauge guy plays like suso on steroid. Similar skill set but with better work rate. I prefer kulusevski over him though.ahahahaha!

Forza Juve!!


the difference is kulusevski is 35m and hauge is only 5m.
btw, suarez scored 2 last weekend whereas morata did jack shit vs roma, just like kulusevski. hell, if it wasnt for dzeko’s horrid finishing juve would’ve lost. lets face it, juve are done and i cant wait for milan to finish them off home and away


Juve is no longer a scudetto contender, only its twelfth player can help him. Serie A teams must stop this bullshit, gather all the evidence and file a lawsuit against TAS


juve will rebuild, as always, but right now theyre weaker. napoli and inter look strong though. atalanta too, but their defense is a joke

Ross Oneri

No he does not play like Suso, this little fellow is special the way he plays.


rube’s sudden obsession in Milan is what I do not understand. Yesterday it was agnelli inside casa Milan and today you. Well, I smell fear and respect for the come back kings(Milan)


As much as I’d like to see juve fall, it ain’t going to be this year. Keep in mind they still have a secret weapon, Ronaldo who is showing no signs of slowing down. Plus dybala comes back and they’re a force. In time friends


Too early to say but its true that Hauge is more strong n faster than Chiesa… Time will tell the rest…. Awesome buy


Stronger and faster lol

Ross Oneri

Special player this little fellow.


Milan eye reports deal is done. We don’t need superstars to build a tea imo. We need guys who can play to their strengths and cohess. I have high hopes of this guy. Let integrated him quickly. Quick, well built, dribbles, shoot, hungry for goals. I count patiently on u.
Btw milan eye suggests final attempt on chiesa if we qualify for EL. Loan with 40m purchase clause. Let see


so apparently according to di marzio paqueta to lyon is done deal. while i think paqueta has potential, if milan can make brahim stay permanently then i dont think milan will miss him much. and of course, the money can be used to get fofana and/or baka. chiesa would be nice as well i although i think he prefers juve to milan. lets do this maldini also, how garbage is leonardo. first he joined inter as coach, and then he tried to hijack pato, ibra and ts33. then bought laxalt, kris “better than inzaghi” piatek and paqueta. and now he… Read more »


Nice Analysis, always fresh


thanks mate. been a while since u last wrote comment


Seems it’s a done deal, the lad is en route to Milano with medicals on schedule. Also, there are fresh reports from Di Marzio that Paqueta is close to joining Lyon and not even on loan but a permanent deal. He is currently packing up in Milanello. Let’s see but if so, this will probably unlock a deal or two.


I don’t follow the rules anymore but can Hauge play with Milan in Europa League after played with Bodo?


In group stages yes, in playoff I don’t know


Ah ok thanks. I don’t think he will be ready for Rio Ave game.


He can play in Europa league because the rules have changed…not in qualifiers but from group stage

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20 goals in his last 24 games in all competitions. Class 99, 181cm.


Now Thauvin is linked with us for 15m which I think is a steal…..with expiring contract if we are linked it’s a perfect solution for rw…..

Gbenga AJOSE

I don’t know whether its out of fear of rising Milan or fear of threatened series A dominance, Juve has horridly gone to block our chance of signing Chiesa by offering a loan deal of 20m . They weren’t making a move all the while, but immediately Paqueta sales was announced, they knew that we now have that financial capacity to sign Chiesa.If they like they can go and sign Neyma. Their questionable dominance has ended.


I read Milan are tracking Dalot and Tomiyasu, two players that can occupy either CB or RB position. We still have Calabria, Conti and also Kalulu there, while on the other side we have only Theo. Laxalt is close to non existent. Why is no one raising concerns about LB? If it has to be a hybrid player who can effectively occupy a more central role as well, Mykolenko is one of the brightest talents out there worth of a serious consideration.


This is my concern also.
What if theo is injured or suspended?
Who’s gonna play the LB?
Laxalt is not convincing enough