Maldini: “Calabria? I have a high opinion of him, the defense? We are seeing what to do, Nastasić? We like good players”

Paolo Maldini before Sampdoria-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on July 29, 2020. (Spada LaPresse)

Paolo Maldini spoke to the press on Tuesday evening, discussing the mercato and last night’s win.

Yesterday Maldini was at Stadio San Siro to watch his Milan side beat Bologna 2-0 on the opening Matchday of the season, with two Zlatan Ibrahimović goals.

Today, Paolo was given the Premio Azeglio Vicini and he spoke to Tuttomercatoweb on the sidelines:

“The award means a lot to me. Vicini was one of the coaches who believed in me right from the start, he called me up to the Under 21 team when I was 17, in a very strong team. I didn’t play but I was part of the team that then made the 1988 EUROs in Germany and then there was the experience of 1990, an exciting ride.

“The victory over Bologna? We are well, we confirmed what we did until a month and a half ago. We have some injuries but this has not affected our post-lockdown spirit. I must say that this team always has a great conviction of being able to get the desired results.

Matija Nastasić before Schalke-Osnabrueck at Quitt-Stadion on August 09, 2020. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

“Nastasić and the need for a defender? Right now we have some problems with Musacchio who was operated and out for two weeks and Romagnoli out for a month and Duarte who had been out for a while. We are seeing what to do, this is a team that is already very balanced in the number of players and also in terms of positions, having two players per position. If we can improve the team then we will. Nastasić? In theory we like all good players. Then, we have to see if they are compatible with what our budget is.

“Calabria? I have a high opinion of him, I’ve known him since he was playing with my son Christian. I know very well where he can go.

“Ibrahimović’s secret? Simple, he’s strong and he has desire.

Davide Calabria during training at Milanello. (

“The Scudetto fight? Juventus are naturally favorite but Inter seem to have reduced the gap. I must say that Napoli also have a very strong and very technical structure.

“The first game of the league? It was a pleasant surprise to have a 1000 people inside the stadium. Certainly a 1000 in a capacity of 78,000 is not much for us but it is already something. It seems that from October 7 onward we’ll be able to have a greater percentage of attendance. We’ll see what will happen.”

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Its so obvious that Elliott is done investing the only way Milan buy any player is if they sell somebody… At most they will bring in a CB on loan with option to buy and it wont be anybody special… The sooner Elliott sells the club the better ElliottOUT

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KK Miko

Yeah yeah, you’re right… They should just sell it already.


I really hope we’re not going for Nastasic lol.

Off topic but was wondering what if he go back for Locatelli? He’s a lot mature now and played well against us too. I mean we sold him for cheap to Sassuolo… won’t they do us a favor for let’s say a loan+18 million buyout option?


Im all for bringing Locatelli back instead of Bakayoko but for Sassoulo a deal like that doesnt make any sense we sold Locatelli for around 12M his market value is problaby around 30M right now and he is one of their best players they will demand money on the table right now any loan with buyout option is not realistic look at it this way if Real Madrid offered Milan a loan offer with buyout option at 35M for Theo what would be your answer?

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Milan is Milan, Sassuolo always sells its prized possessions. 25M for Locatelli should be enough. Locatelli said himself that he wants to move to a bigger club, and he always saw returning to Milan one day, 2 years might be enough. He’s close friends with Calabria who got his starting position back. It could be an amazing deal, plus Chiesa’s father and agent were spotted in Milan and Comisso has been talking how open he is about his sale, so bringing 2 exciting young Italians would be nice.


Bakayoko is far too good comparing Locatelli, more experienced, stronger, more technical and more loyal. He wasn’t our youth player but he fell in love with Milan, he kissed the t-shirt after his goal against Inter, Locatelli was our youth and he said he wants a move to juventus, like did de sciglio. Like behaved Cutrone against us last season when he received that doubtful penalty. We don’t need Locatelli

Gbenga AJOSE

Bakayoko is far better than Locatelli right now


Given the fact that we now have Tonali, Bakayoko is far more needed than Locatelli.


No, Locatelli played awful against us 2 times already, he wasn’t able against us to prove something, to show that Milan was wrong, to show ambition and desire to revenge, I don’t understand in which game did u see him playing well against us… Because he didn’t. We have better DM than him to invest 30 mil for Locatelli, because Sassuolo will never make a discount for Milan.

Milan Boy

We don’t need locateli, we need Bakayoko instead to deputise for Kessie


You are after the wrong Serb mister


Returning to Calabria, he had a stunning pre-season and start of the season, I think he’s more mature and he deserves to stay and if he has a good season he needs to renew his contract


yeah yeah ok bandiera. but why tf did milan let potential fullback borges go to bayern of all team goddammit. i thought milan


yeah yeah ok bandiera. but why tf did milan let potential fullback borges go to bayern of all team goddammit. i thought milan are trying to emulate liverpool or bayern?


loan deal


well, u aint wrong. its 1 yr loan deal. but his contract with milan will expire exactly 1 yr from now. take a wild guess what will happen next


so apparently pobega deal isnt dry loan but loan with option to buy and buy back clause as well. dammit capitano, first borges and now pobega

Martin Bernhard

pordenone had the same type of loan so milan10 i wouldnt be too nervous to be honest, In my view this sort of formula makes the most sense because it gives the loaning club the sentiment to actually further develope the player instead of potentially benching them for long durations of time. I believe pordenones deal was a buy clause set at 2 and milan paying a million more to get him back but not sure if they actually activated it as i just heard he had returned from his stint with them. In spezias case i assume the fee will… Read more »


well, that would mean milan actually pay those clubs to play those youngsters. thats like man utd paying part of alexis salary so he could play for inter. a bad deal i say


You can’t send him to serie B and you have to send him to a serie A side that will guarantee him playing time, so you have to make some concessions. (BTW, I don’t comment much, but I often tend to agree with what you say. Count me a Milan10ian).


i mean, i get that. hell madrid, juve etc do that too with their youngsters but i never see madrid paying teams to nurture hakimi, ceballos, reinier, brahim etc. oh well, hopefully pobega can gain serie a experience like kulusevski or pjaca before him


if ur a milan10ian then i congratulate u dear sir; u know ur football. i suggest u call urself max10milan the emperor haha

Martin Bernhard

No its giving the loaning club an option to have a fairly good player on a low salary that is developed further with them and then potentially earning a few bucks for theyr work and milan getting a better and more valuable player back. If pobega plays all season long and is avaliable for 4-5 mil with buyback at 6-7 mil then even if we doesnt want him back we can just pay those two measly mils on top of what spezia paid us to sell him next year straight away for 10mil or more. Alexis loan cant be compared… Read more »

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i only mention alexis as prime example of worst kind of loan deal possible. milan just extended pobega’s deal so its safe to say they want him as future long term player, thus permanent sale is out of the question. the question is, will the short term loan deal benefit spezia? absolutely, because pobega is proven serie b talent and newly promoted spezia are just that, a serie b level club; he’ll surely be starter for them. will it benefit milan? if he can perform well like pessina then yes. however, why should milan strengthen AND hypothetically pay them to… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Well fair enough but whose to say their gain isnt only 500k if we buy him back im just speculating that we propably will have to pay a bit more than what was implemented in the pordenone deal. As it is now those players you mentioned are far more hyped than pobega so i assume there will be more teams that have a bigger interest in loaning those players. After the split ownership in italy was abolished juventus as an example has pretty much done the exact same thing and they have earned a lot of cash without doing an… Read more »


Leo Duarte tests positive for covid

Gbenga AJOSE

Really bad market for Milan.