Europa League 2020/21: The Rossoneri squad

Stefano Pioli and Simon Kjær during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

Milan will face Shamrock Rovers in the Europa League second qualifying round on Thursday evening (20:00 CEST kickoff) as they are looking to make it to the EL Group Stage after skipping it last year for Financial Fair Play reasons.

Today the squad list of Milan for the European matches was made available. This is not yet the final list as the mercato is still open and players could still arrive while other players could leave.

Ciprian TătăruşanuDavide CalabriaIsmaël BennacerSamu Castillejo
Antonio DonnarummaAlessio RomagnoliSandro TonaliBrahim Díaz
Gianluigi DonnarummaAndrea ContiHakan ÇalhanoğluZlatan Ibrahimović
Theo HernándezTommaso PobegaAnte Rebić
Mateo MusacchioRade KrunićRafael Leão
Simon KjærLucas PaquetáDaniel Maldini
Léo DuarteAlexis SaelemaekersLorenzo Colombo
Matteo GabbiaFranck KessiéRiccardo Tonin
Pierre KaluluAntonio Mionić
Luca StangaGiacomo Olzer
Diego LaxaltAndrea Capone
Riccardo Oddi Marco Frigerio
Alessio Brambilla
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Kinda nervous abt the first game vs Shamrock. If it goes wrong then no europe again. 🙁 I hope the youngsters shine.

Gbenga AJOSE

The scariest part is that it’s a one leg affair. No opportunity to make amaends for any mistake. But am optimistic that no matter how, we will grind out a victory. All the players knows what is at stake.Gabbia needs to be 100% mentally alert. No room for mistake. This is kind of game that can make or mar an upcoming player .


Those shamrock boys are good and fast ,just hope milan can cope up with their pace and close up gaps …saw one of their games and I understood why Maldini said what he said but all thesame I see milan being victorious


Yep i was watching their highlights for last few games. They are capable of creating an upset. But im hopeful for an easy win! Forza Milan no matter what happens!


Borini 2.0 could start as LW. Great, just… great


Who? Salamaekers? Really have u seen this kid play?


Yes, insanely fast and great crosser, completely useless on the left as he is not a dribbler. It’s the same as using Laxalt on the right.

I can’t see how Saelemakeres can do a better job than Maldini on the left.


Thats exactly how i see Salamakers as well, a younger version of Borini. A lot of running and high workrate thats his game same as Borini.


Thats a really dumb judgement. Salamaekers isnt great but he has good potential to be a more than average player. Definitely better than Borini and Suso – There i said it.


So some one has the same playing style like Borini then people compare him to Borini, thats dumb acording to you right ? How does that even makes sense to you lol.
btw he is 21 with 85 games in his career so far he has scored only 3 times not really some potential for a winger if we are realistic.


Haha. please analyse the stats well instead of looking at wikipedia data. 40 senior appearances in belgium – 2 goals,6 assists(mostly a super sub). 13 appearances for Milan – 1 goal, 1 assist(mostly coming out as a sub as well).

21 years old – 85 matches. 3 goals,12 Assists. Definitely has a potential to be a winger over time. Now i just say “potential”. And maybe he has potential to become a Borini 2.0 too, only time will tell. Its too early judge him like he’s bad. He is a Milanista so we will support him no matter what.


And what is different in your stats ? Same conclusion 85 matches 3 goals. You just confirmed the same think i said. The fact that he was playing in a weak league makes it even worse. In comparison Brahim Diaz same age 97 matches 24goals (17assist as well), thats a promising talent. Supporting him cause he is a Milan player is ok, but being realistic is better. We used to hype many average players along the years instead of demanding something better, we all know how that turned out for us. I see Raven post just like that, as simply… Read more »


Dude are you belgian? Saelemaekers was brought as a competition for Calabria/Conti.

Calabria needs to be sold to balance the books, Conti is not the same after 2 ACL, so Maldini brought Kalulu.

Saelemaekers is thought as the second choice for RB, and maybe a third for RW.

Calm down about the kid, he is decent, but he has no business as a starter and he is not the guy for CL football.

He is versatile and has good potential, he is similar physically speaking to Theo. He arrived because he was cheap, not because he is Milan quality.

Last edited 3 years ago by Raven

Better than Suso.. there you said it…


Agree, better crosser though. Borini had more skills on near the goal, as he was formed as a forward.

I said it months ago, and I’ll say it again, Saelemaekers has no bussiness in the attack. He is a right back, and one no better than Calabria, he is just faster. Heck, Calabria is a better attacker than Saelemaekers, makes more sense to send davide on the left( If 90 percent of the team is injured)


He is good trust me and he won’t disappoint ,my only fear is defense


He is better than Conti, a great signing considering all factors, but he has no business in the front. Maybe he can do it against a foreing team, but in Serie A, speed is not enough against defenders.

I’m not against the kid, I just want him to learn from Theo and play like him on the right. Overlapping wingback with a good cross. If he can improve his shooting, perfect.


It seems that no other transfer until we qualify to EL Group Stage


I said something about that and some guys here saw it as being negative ,believe me we have not added anything to the squad that finished 6th last season and some of us see tonali as a magician to give us top 4 ,if milan is not careful I see them maintaining their 6th position again this season cos maldini and co just want miracle to happen and we make too 4 then they can now spend on top players


benfica just got ko-ed of ucl despite having spent 78m to build competitive squad. ironically, its zivkovic, a player they released for free this season, who scored winning goal for opposing team. goes to show that anything can and does happen in football so i agree with maldini that milan shouldnt underestimate shamrock. on the other hand, this is type of matches in which a young squad might crumble due to nervousness. thankfully milan have seasoned veterans in ibra and kjaer who can carry the team on their shoulders, easing up the pressure on others. maldini was right too, an… Read more »


Playing salesmakers on left side in place of Rebic is a big gamble….we all know salesmakers has a good work rate…he works his ass out, with zlatan injured or probably playing for some minutes and Colombo in his place we are already depleted with some one who can pull the teams morale in this one off matches…on paper shamrock rovers are second to us but they are tough nut to crack at times and Irish league is physically demanding….I hope Pioli plays hakan in Rebic place and let Díaz play his natural position playing behind our main striker….I will be… Read more »

Rasheed Opeyemi

Could anyone here please recommend a stats website for me. A reliable one per se

I’ll be very glad.


Rasheed Opeyemi