Cellino: “Tonali is a Milan fan and he’s in love, when Milan showed their intention Sandro didn’t think of anything else”

Sandro Tonali celebrating during Genoa-Brescia at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on October 26, 2019. (Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)

Massimo Cellino has spoken about the sale of Tonali to Milan, confirming the figures reported in the media.

Only the official announcement is missing: Tonali is virtually a Milan player, arriving from the relegated side Brescia on loan with option to buy.

Sandro is considered one of the best talents in Europe and he will definitely be a part of Milan’s present future midfield.

Massimo Cellino, the President of Brescia, spoke to Top Calcio 24 about the operation (as reported by Milannews.it):

“I have always been pro-Interista, I respect Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio, but I no longer see the soul of the old Inter. I had been talking to Marotta constantly, I promised him that I would keep them as Tonali’s first choice because he already wanted him at Juventus. Marotta was very keen on him, I know that Conte appreciated him a lot and I think that Sandro’s agent also had contracts with Inter. He was determined and convinced that he was going to Inter, but then I don’t know… maybe there was no money available, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. All this wasted time has torn the situation apart and brought us to the gates of a new league campaign. As soon as Milan showed real interest, he did not want to listen to any other options. I also have historically a good rapport with Milan and we reached an agreement with Maldini quite quickly that suited both of us.

Massimo Cellino during Parma-Brescia at Stadio Ennio Tardini on December 22, 2019. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

“Tonali was a player in great demand also internationally: in January we refused a very important offer from Barcelona, then COVID arrived the world collapsed. Inter were determined to take him, they had already found an agreement with the player but then the time went on. Before the operation with Milan, a few days ago, there was an offer from Manchester United but once Tonali heard from Milan he couldn’t think of anything else. He is a Milan fan and he is in love. I gave him my word that I would let him go where he chooses.

“Milan did an operation at the right time with the right emotionality, with real value. The player will have a great growth in a club that has a great professionalism and an excellent coach. I appreciate Milan because they have given value to money, they have made an important choice, and it is a good investment. Milan does not buy Tonali resell him, they buy Tonali to rebuild. They are doing something that many people say and nobody does, investing in important young people. It’s a brave ten-year policy, not for the season ticket campaign. €10 million loan, €15 million option to buy and €10 million in bonuses? These are correct figures, in January I had an offer of €65 million from Barcelona, no later than ten days ago we received an offer of €10 million more [from Manchester United] but the player was determined to go to Milan.”

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Love the enthusiasm from Tonali. We are currently 21.5M positive, well according to Transfermarkt anyway, and after Tonali, Brahim Diaz, and Bakayoko deals we will still be in 11.5M positive. There are at least 6 players that have to be sold and 3 positions to be filled. If Laxalt leaves then 7 out and 4 in. As a Laxalt replacement I would bring Dinamo Kiev LB Mykolenko, Sheva spoke very highly of him and I believe we should trust our Legend. The 3 positions are the most crucial which are the staring CB and RW and back-up GK. I don’t… Read more »

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If we invest too much on a CB then what will happen when Caldara will return from Atalanta after his loan period???…. I think we should buy or loan somebody like Simon kijer,he became a good partner for Romagnoli

Martin Bernhard

Im also against buying an expenssive cb as well but caldara is on a loan with option to buy set 15 mil and as he is playing and even has been called up to the italy squad im fairly confident he will be bought next year. There had even been reports that they wanted to buy him this transfer window but that is propably too optimistic in my view. Kjær deffently should keep staying as our preferred rcb as he and romagnoli seems to have a great understanding with eachother, I for one wouldnt mind your suggestion of bringing in… Read more »


Caldara is a done deal, we sold him for just 15M, when we basically swapped him for Bonucci.

Martin Bernhard

its a loan with an option but it most likely will endup with a sale in the end atleast if he stays fit with them on this years loan. The bonucci deal certainly turned out sour no doubt about that and i for one would avoid dealing with juventus unless we can make a steal.


Milan are heading in the right direction. If only we secure chiesa too we would have one crazy team. Allot of people believe for the price fiorientina are asking for chiesa is too high and there are better options for the money. Now I Dont disagree with that at all however the reason I choose chiesa over others is because he has something very valuable which is serie a expirience. People forget how hard it can be for players to adapt to leagues. Not only is chiesa young but he is also a very good player. If him and tonali… Read more »


Jerome boga million times better


Simply because he played one good game against Milan?


nope, simply because, like rebic, he scored 11 goals last season. chiesa is a bit more complete though

Martin Bernhard

I would be fine with boga as well but i have no doubts that he will cost atleast 30 mil and actually is a left winger so in my view we can just as well add some cash and get a player of chiesas calibre.


or, milan could buy and play boga as lw and rebic as rw (he was awesome rw in wc ‘18). that would be awesome

Martin Bernhard

That could work as well then, still ill keep my hopes up for a chiesa deal as i doubt the new rumour of fiorentina demanding 90mil is nothing but mere fabricated speculation. Anyways Boga deffently is an interesting player but still id prefer us to stay as intact formation/players wise when we actually kept pioli at the helm of the club as we shouldnt mess too much with what was allready working fine post lockdown.

Baresis Dream

Boga (and Chiesa as well if I’m not mistaken) is right footed. Much better to get a left-footed inverted winger imo.


Sure they both right footed also they both can play right or left but i prefer boga he is complete player both offensive and defensive chiesa is more striker and stingy he doesn’t often pass the ball


Well well well, I guess tonali was our biggest ally after all… That Rossoneri blood can’t be denied smiles

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How come Cellino educates us better about Milan’s finance and general direction than Milan officials . . ?

Good thing he’s got leaking lips . .

Enjoyed reading his lines . .

Martin Bernhard

Cairo of torino could learn a thing or two from Celino as he has actually helped his career taking a loss to make his player happy while Belotti is rotting up in a mediocre club because the president is demanding insane ammounts for his star player. Not sure if this part i copy pasted from sempremilan is correct or not as it seems to have been omitted from this article but i kinda like it as it seems like a clear dig at juventus as they are the only ones in Serie A paying anyone in the vicinity of 30… Read more »

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Gbenga AJOSE

Well said. But to be honest, if we are sure of making top 4 and maybe win scudetto, we must get top players for the right wing and the central defence. This is a must..
Anyhow we have to cough up the money or make a smart deals

Martin Bernhard

Thanks Gbenga AJOSE yeah i agree we should deffently try to get chiesa for the right wing and if not possible even thauvin of marseille would be a fine aquisition even if a more risky transfer as he has been out for nearly a year but if we can get him for 15-20 mil it could turn out as a steal nevertheless. Boga would be a fine transfer as well but actually is a left winger and so would beradi even though a right winger. Neres of ajax would also be a great transfer but i doubt ajax will accept… Read more »

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Baresis Dream

I like some of the names your suggesting for RW (Cheisa is still not worth 50 mil imo); but it would be really nice to get someone who does the same defensive work as rebic on the opposite side. Can’t think of a single example though.

BTW, Samu is barely worth 10 mil imo, probably a bit less. No disrespect to the lad, and his attitude, but he’s simply not a top seria a winger

Martin Bernhard

Personally i wouldnt mind us paying 50mil for chiesa if the right formula can be found but obviously it will depend on whether the club are willing to go a bit beyond the economic plans that was laid out in the past week. I believe he would fit in great as he is a player that can offer something in both directions as he is a fighter and can play on both right, left wing and as a forward and scored ten goals and from what i recollect also added a further 10 assists or something. overall though i agree… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

Honestly , we can’t afford to make mistake or slip this time around. This management should better face it and buy Chiesa right now. I know Fiorentina may be difficult even considering the fact that they will be forced to sell him in d next transfer window if they don’t sell him now. Fiorentina is known to have a dog in a manger attitude when it comes to selling player . Remember Verotout. That’s how they were obstinate with us till Roma bought him. I just hope somebody won’t come and snatch him at 11 hours. Its a must we… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Well i agree we deffently should get him and preferably as quickly as possble but we should also try to keep our finances within the ffp parametres as much as possible. I do recollect though that with the pandemic there would be shown more leniency in regard of that rule set for the next couple of years so we can just as well exploit that current loop hole. In all of these horrible years since milan started to downspiralling (10+years) i wanted the club to either have a youthfull project or just dont give a damn about the ruleset and… Read more »

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Nathan Graegin

This is a very good comment. Prob one of the best I’ve seen. I agree with everyone here. Chiesa should be our first but if not, neres would be fantastic as well. Also what do y’all think about traore from wolves, that guy is a beast and came from the Barca academy so he also has skill. He tracks back as we saw in the Sevilla game and can run all game.

Martin Bernhard

Thanks too kind of you nathan, well i dont really think wolverhampton would want to part ways with traore currently and he would propably cost just as much as chiesa as wolves propably are in a position where they can afford to reject offers..Wouldnt mind him joining though but i doubt it is feasible as they propably want to improve on last seasons good results..

Baresis Dream

Traore is like having another Kessie-esque beast on the wing. I don’t think he’s technique is at a very high level, but in terms of physicality and speed he’s top level.

I think Cheisa is better, because ultimately we’re missing players that can score goals, but I also think he should be much cheaper. I would say he’s price is probably in the range of 30-35 mil.


Yes to make a real show next season at all levels ACM should invest in a young Florentino Luis type and Babyoko who rubbish ACM before he left is not a positive man for Rosso Nero

Baresis Dream

I rarely get hyped too much by young talents, but Tonali the real deal. Just like our very own Donna (but with a much easier agent to handle for us). Welcome home Sandro.

Zion Train

If we get Chiesa what will Milan do with Castillejo and Saelemaekers?

We also have Brahim Díaz who can a play as a winger and AM and we are also still linked to Rodrigo de Paul.

Martin Bernhard

I think the de paul story is wrong at this point because buying him would cost 30+ mil and i doubt udinese will give any discounts or loan options as there are many clubs interested and why would milan buy a player like him to play second fiddle for hakan or even as a cm when we seems to get stacked in that department. If we actually bring in chiesa then i believe castillejo will be sold and saelemaekers will be kept as a substitute, He has allready shown some promise and even though i prefer him used as a… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

Am not condemning Castilejo or something. What am trying to underline is that for us to introduce some dynamism , attacking prowess, more goal treat, explosivity in our attack and to increase our chances of chances of making top four, we need a player like Chiesa..He is fast, strong, can dribble and can contribute in the defence. Most of our attackers are very slow and all those counter attack that we ought to make a meal of are just being wasted. For the past two season, Our achievement is “we are almost there” The question is when are we going… Read more »


AM: Hakan Diaz.
LW Rebic/Leao
RW Chiesa/Castillejo
ST Ibra/Colombo
RB Saelemaekers/Conti

Loans: Roback, Kalulu
Sold: Calabria

Zion Train

That makes sense. Thanks. I was difficult time trying to understand how the team will shape up with players we recently signed and those we are still link to.


I doubt Chiesa will come in Milan this year, the chances are close to none. Fiorentina owner wants 70mil and some are reporting that he asked 90mil when Inter aproached him. Chiesa had a very average season his stats were not that much better then Samu, thats why his price fall down to 48mil at the moment not sure how can some one asks 70mil for him now. At least Belloti had an amazing season when Torino was aking for 100mil. I think Diaz will be our RW and will rotate with Samu who could do better but he is… Read more »


Chiesa’s 2019-2020:
33 Serie A apps: 10 goals 6 assists, 5 MotM. 7.05 rating.

Castillejo’s 2019-2020:
26 Serie A apps: 3 goals 3 assists, 2 MotM. 6.83 rating.

Rebic 2019-2020:
26 Serie A apps: 11 goals 3 assists, 2 MotM. 6.85 rating.

Yeah, Fiorentina does not want to sell him, Maldini can’t do anything about him, but the guy is class. He is a NT starter and that costs money. Maybe he wants Juventus IDK…


Check the stats again, Chiesa had almost double the play time then Samu this season, he practicly played only half a season, per minutes played there stats are quite close. (Rebic had quite less playing time as well) There is a reason why his market price started falling, not saying that he is not good player, but he is not 70mil good.
As i said next year the price might be just right if he dosent change his mind and sign new contract that is.


Chiesa: 2651 minutes in Serie A. Castillejo: 1216 minutes in Serie A. IMO, he gets less minutes because he is predictable, weak and deserves the bench. He is no better than Suso and Maldini sent him away. Their performance are not close pal, Chiesa and Rebic are close, Samu did well with the minutes he got, but what he accomplished is to stay in the team. Like Suso he is a one trick pony, Chiesa can do everything very well. Maldini’s desperation into adding depth to the right wing shows how little trust he has on Samu, Calabria and Conti.… Read more »


I don’t see how chiesa is that much better than samu.samu is better than what u just explain about him the guy is better than suso by miles plus he helps tremendously in the defense an he only played the second half of the season tbh I would rather hv nerez than chiesa I just don’t get what the hype is with this guy doesn’t impress me at all nothing special to me an the more I would pay for him is 40 mil

Baresis Dream

Chiesa would definitely be an upgrade over Samu, but for 70 mil you should be able to het one of the top wingers in the world. And he’s not on that list imo.




The words by cellino are a class act. He made a promise to tonali and he kept it. Whereas many other owners like de laurantiis go against their word and create drama and don’t care about the player only what’s in their pocket.

These are players we need, this guy turned down Barcelona, Man utd, juve and inter just so he can play with us for the love of the jersey. I hope it’s a fairy tale ending. All the best tonali! You will be a fan favorite!!

Gbenga AJOSE

Guys, report is saying that Chelsea is still playing hard ball on d 30m demand for Bakayoko and Milan is now turning attention to Luios Fiorentino of Benfica.
In my opinion. , 30m is much for Bakayoko…. Looks like Chelsea doesn’t want to lose a penny at all on this Bakayoko..what do u guys think ??


Yeah, but Maldini just now said that the reports are a bit off. The reports about Florentino Luis and Bakayoko, which in my opinion make sense. Tonali and Bakayoko are too much to be midfield subs, the later becoming number 4 in rotation makes little to no sense. Tonali is mixture of both Bennacer and Kessie, so he is the perfect N3. We have Pobega and Krunic, so either these 2 plus the previously mentioned 3 are our new midfield or maybe Pessina will come instead of Krunic and then we will be done. Also Paqueta starting to play well… Read more »


Bakayoko is not young, Kessie and Bennacer has been performing very well, we are close to Tonalli so yeah… Chelsea can keep Bakayoko


I advised Milan about CB,why,? Milan will overcome caldara because is already been fit in Atlanta