Galliani: “I wish to see Monza in Serie A and Milan in the Champions League, I hope to meet Ibra at San Siro next week”

Adriano Galliani during Monza-Arezzo at Stadio Brianteo. (@imagoimages)

Adriano Galliani has spoken to La Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of Milan’s friendly with Monza next week.

Pre-season will be shorter than usual and so far Milan have booked three friendlies to prepare themselves for 2020-21.

One of the games will be against Monza, the team owned by Silvio Berlusconi and managed by Adriano Galliani.

Galliani grew up in Monza and has been a lifelong fan of the club. “At 7-years-old, in 1951, I remember the joy of Monza’s first promotion to Serie B” and later “the desperation for the failure to conquer Serie A between 1977 and 1980.” In 1985 he was asked by Silvio Berlusconi to join him at Milan and the two started the club’s most successful era.

In April 2017, both Galliani and Berlusconi left. 1987 was the last time Milan and Monza played together at San Siro, but in a few days this game will once again take place at the home of Milan. However, Galliani and Berlusconi, since September 2018, have become, in a way, Milan’s ‘adversaries’.

Adriano Galliani during Monza-Juventus U19. (@imagoimages)

Uncle Fester spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Alessandra Gozzini ahead of the game:

Is adversaries the correct term?
“At Monza, as a co-owner and Vice President, I started my career in football. When Berlusconi called me to Milan I knew it would be the beginning of a triumphal ride. I could have never betrayed Milan by going somewhere else, I’ve simply returned home.”

Saturday, September 5th there’s yet another great return: this time from Monza to San Siro, as guests of Milan in a friendly match. Feelings?
“A great emotion, it contains the story of a lifetime. It is an encounter that I have longed for a lot. Our first Biancorsso slogan was ‘it will be romantic’, this encounter certainly will be. A couple of things sadden me: first the stadium without fans is a blow to the heart; the second thing… let’s hope that as opponents we don’t have to use Inter’s locker room.”

Adriano Galliani and Christian Brocchi holding a Monza scarf. (@imagoimages)

Will the Galliani-Berlusconi duo be reformed in the stands?
“Certainly. Silvio has become a fan of Monza as much as I am. Every day he calls me to find out if there is any news. Actually, last time I thought he was scolding me… we are investing to build a great team, I was afraid that I had spent a lot. Instead, he asked me: ‘Adriano, what can we do to further strengthen ourselves?’ Arcore is at the gates of Monza, from his villa you can see the lights of Stadio Brianteo.”

Do you remember the last Milan-Monza?
“Perfectly. It was August 30, 1987. We were playing in the Coppa Italia and it was decided on a brace from a center forward who had just arrived from the Netherlands, a certain… Marco Van Basten! The match was actually Monza-Milan, they asked to change the pitch for monetary reasons and it was immediately agreed.”

Your last time at San Siro?
“Milan-Torino last February, the last one before the break. If my commitments allow me, I run to watch Milan. Obviously, the priority and maximum concentration is on Monza.”

Adriano Galliani during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on November 20, 2016. (@imagoimages)

You have been the absolute protagonists of the Serie B mercato, your objectives?
“I spent August on the phone for a purchasing campaign, with infinite passion for the team I had supported since I was a child. The dream is the first historic promotion to Sere A, we do not hide it. My experience at Milan and in the major football institutions is useful to Monza: I met directors and agents from all over Europe.”

Should the fans expect a new big signing?
“It’s Carlos Augusto, a left back from Corinthians, where he was a starter. A very strong Brazilian, from the U20 national team. He is the 8th signing, following by a 9th and maybe even a 10th. Mirko Marić, top scorer in the Croatian league and Christian Gytkjær, top scorer last season in Poland, have been signed. They had many other offers but we are happy they chose us for our credibility. Everyone tells us: ‘We will never have gone to play in Serie B if not for the Monza of Berlusconi and Galliani.’ With the same financial resources, but without our history, it wouldn’t have been the same. We regret having to give up on players who have done well here but we can no longer keep for reasons of age: no more than 18 players born after December 31, 1996 can be in the squad. A rule that I don’t not agree with, but which I adapt to.”

Zlatan Ibrahimović and Adriano Galliani on August 29, 2010. (@imagoimages)

Could Ibrahimović occupy an ‘out of range’ spot?
“We have spoken many times, we have a fantastic relationship. It was a dream, but if he had said yes… I hope to meet him on Saturday, even for a part of the match. I meet him often, as soon as he sees me I hear his unmistakable ‘Ciao Capo’.”

Ten years ago, on August 29, 2010, you got off the plane with Zlatan for his first Rossoneri adventure. Do you remember?
“The one night before, in a restaurant on the port of Barcelona… he had just signed and we all went to celebrate dinner. At the checkout my credit card passed 2-3 times but it didn’t work. Ibra paid, I comforted him: ‘Do not worry, your salary will always arrive’. Crazy laughter.”

Shall we close with our best wishes for next season?
“Monza in Serie A and Milan in the Champions League. At over 70 years of age, I’m a football madman who lives in Biancorossonero.”

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One of legends and transfer market guru. A well respected man across Europe’s and world’s footballing circles….. too bad fininvest 500m plus fine ruined everything….last few years of galliani can not rule out the smiles he and berlu have brought on millions of milanista across globe….his emotions when win Milan scores and wins will be remembered for ages to come….god bless you galliani….


Yes he is an old football madman and we love him for that. I will instantly become a Monza fan when they make serie A and history. Ciao.