Bonaventura: “The years spent at Milan were an unforgettable experience, you will always be in my hear!”

Giacomo Bonaventura during Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on August 1, 2020. (@imagoimages)

Giacomo Bonaventura said his goodbye to Milan through Instagram: ‘The roar of San Siro is something special, which I will never forget’.

Bonaventura played his last match as a Milan player on Saturday and today he went on social media to bid his farewell:

“Thank you, I lived a dream. The years spent at Milan were an unforgettable experience. I want to thank all the people with whom I have shared this fantastic adventure. Presidents, managers, coaches, teammates, doctors and physios.

“Thanks to all those who work behind the scenes at Milanello, they are the real engine of Milan, thanks to them we feel at home every day, as a family. Thanks to all the Milan fans, who have always supported us, in the best moments and the hardest ones. The roar of San Siro is something special, which I will never forget. You will always be in my heart!”

Jack joined Milan from Atalanta in 2014. He played 184 matches in Red and Black, scoring 34 goals. Filippo Inzaghi’s Benevento and Gian Pier Gasperini’s Atalanta are interested in signing Bonaventura.

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we will miss you jack

Zion Train

Sounds like there’s no way back for Bonaventura despite the rumors that Pioli and Maldini want to keep if he takes a pay cut.

All the best to Bonaventura. Now, Maldini PLEASE DO NOT SIGN Surge Aurier. Denzel Dumfries is our best option.


Yea im not so happy abt the Aurier thingy. I prefer Dumfries or Emerson. Emerson seems to be the real deal – Young, fast and great at counters at both ends!

Zion Train

Yeah, Emerson is good but Dunfries is also young and he has international experience and he’s the captain at PSV and his price tag is around 18-25m and he’s good defensively and attacking. He’s strong, athletic and fast. That’s a bargain for a player of his talent and caliber.

In today’s market Denzel Dumfries is a steal at that price.


How bad is Aurier?

He’s a starter in Spurs and I never heard any complaint..


He is very inconsistent player 27 at the moment as well. And spurs wants 20+ mil for him very bad deal. Calabria is performing better than him and he is much younger as well. Either Dumfries or Emerson, better add 6-7 mil more for them and get a solid RB instead of looking for a new RB next season again and wasting more money.

Zion Train

Totally agree Riko. That’s why exactly why Aurier is a very bad deal. If we sign him and he flops we will have a difficult time to sell him without taking a loss due to his age.

I really don’t understand why we are link to him when we have been linked to better options. I hope the rumors are not true because that would be a dumb decision by Milan.


We are late. The management seals the deal with Spurs


We should have kept him. Leao, Rebic, Chalha, Bona, Pessina, Saelemaekers and hopefully Chiesa playing behind Ibra would have been a fierce line-up. Bona has been playing well, when subbing in for Chalha, he got 6-7 assists and was always motivated even though he was never a starter. If only Fiorentina would swap Paqueta with Milenkovic and Castillejo + 35M or some of our other players for Chiesa that would fill in the only 2 weak points in our starting 11. Pessina, A. Robinson, Bakayoko/Florentino Luis would just come as subs. And I think Calabria should be given a chance… Read more »

El pharaoh

Cavani, Thiago Silva, Emerson royal, Luis fernandes and deulofeu. We are ready for cl next season

Zion Train

Negative. No to Cavani, Silva and Deulofeu. Cavani and Silva are old. Deulofeu is too injury prone and he is horrible at pressing which is why he didn’t last at Barcelona.

El pharaoh

Cavani and Silva are old, haha ibra is 39. They still have quality years to play top level football. They are free agents. It won’t affect transfer budget. 2 year deals to get us into cl is a no brainer brother. Deulafeu is cheap could come on loan. Bakayoko is also a quality midfielder. Don’t see he’s a Chelsea reject cause half our squad are rejects from clubs and they are playing awesome. Emerson royal rb, Silva cb, bakayoko/kessie. Ibra/cavani/leao We are playing in 3 competitions, we need a quality bench. Juventus have a quality bench. That’s why they win… Read more »

Zion Train

You have a valid point and I totally understand your reason behind Cavani and Silva but can we afford their salaries though? They maybe free agents but they are still megastars.


Rebic Ibra Leao Cavani. FFS How to say no to that? Add Chiesa to the mix and that’s a scudetto contender team.

Last edited 3 years ago by Raven
El pharaoh

Play them all at the same time hahahahaha

Don’t need midfielders


Have you heard about 424? Leao Rebic Ibra Chiesa, Leao and Chiesa can do well in a defensive stage.
However I’m not talking about sending them all together, We need forwards, Ibra might get injured

Zion Train

I hear you brother but I highly doubt that will happen.

El pharaoh

Say it for the people in the back brother

Milan is back


Cue Bonaventura setting up the winner for Atalanta against us next season… Milan management never ceases to amaze.


Maldini has been amazing, Gazidis stubborn about old players.


Milan’s team is already strong. The challenge is finding depth. Our first 11 can easily make top four. But we need a bench that can support the first 11 as well as give us the legs for europa league.

We don’t need too many marquee signings, just strong competition for the first 11.


Pirlo has been appointed as Juve’s coach, the man has yet to coach an official match.   LOL, now is the time Milan. Roma, Napoli and Juve are out of the race for Scudetto.   Buffon declares that Juve needs Juventus, start by retiring old man, all you wanted was to take Maldini’s record.   The gap is closing, I can’t see Juventus winning the next scudetto without the 12th man on the pitch. Milan needs to start the season with the mentality that the league can be won, Zlatan says it, I agree with him.   Only inter is… Read more »

Zion Train

Totally agree Raven. Our goal should definitely be the scudetto. With some key signings to strengthen our bench we will definitely be contenders.


Florentina Luis is great in tackling


Pirlo is potential to become a great coach. He was a DM playmaker like Guardiola


It looks like that Roback will be the next signing