Giampaolo set to join Torino allowing Milan to save his €2m salary, Granata are interested signing Krunić too

Marco Giampaolo during his time at Milan. (

Torino’s new coach will be Marco Giampaolo and therefore Milan will not have to pay his salary next season; the coach wants Rade Krunić in his ranks.

Last June Milan announced the arrival of Giampaolo on a two-year contract, but his tenure with the Rossoneri was short-lived as he was fired in October after a string of bad results and bad performances.

Milan have been with Stefano Pioli ever since and he recently signed a two-year contract extension after leading the club to getting excellent results in the second half of the season.

The club is still paying Giampaolo’s salary of €2 million per season but this will soon stop being the case. As reported by Simone Cristao and Pietro Balzano Prota, Giampaolo is virtually Torino’s new coach with only the final details missing. Once Marco gets a new job, Milan are no longer contractually obligated to pay his salary so this will save them €2 million net next year.

Torino are also interested in signing Rade Krunić, the 26-year-old Milan midfielder who joined the club last summer from Empoli. Krunić is out of the squad for tonight’s game against Cagliari due to muscular fatigue and could very soon be on the move to reunite with Giampaolo.

According to Alessandro Jacobone of Milanista Non Evoluto contacts between Torino and Krunić’s agents have intensified. The mercato has started and more updates are expected in the next weeks.

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OMG ! Until I’ve seen Giampaolo I didn’t think it can be a worse coach than Montella…


Lord Giampaolo is back


Great to have you back pal.
Torino was a great team and the last couple of seasons they have done all they could to destroy the team.

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