Milan to return to Serie A action on June 22 with a match against Lecce, the game against Juventus is on July 7

Stefano Pioli during training at Milanello. (

The schedule of Milan for all Matchdays up to 35 has been announced, with a return to Serie A action set for June 22.

After the long struggle caused because of the Coronavirus, Italy is getting back on its feet, and Serie A also returns.

Today the Lega Serie A announced the schedule for Matchdays 27 to 35, and the Rossoneri have learned when they will be playing their games.

The Diavolo will start at Stadio Via del Mare in Lecce on 22 June at 19:30 CET. The following picture summarizes the schedule:

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Are these matches allowed to be watched in stadium?

Martin Bernhard

To my knowledge all remaining matches and cup fixtures of the season will be played without any spectators and i wouldnt be too surprised if it actually endsup getting stretched into the 2020/21 season to some extent.


No of course not


Any news on Bonaventura? Dumbass move #374 if we let him go.

Martin Bernhard

From what ive been reading it seems like roma dropped out of the group of clubs wanting to sign him so currently its seems most likely he will endup joining either torino or atalanta. If he would accept a smaller role and wage id keep him though as he still has something to offer but at this point it seems highly unlikely to happen.


His wage is relatively low for his contribution, The deal is same wage, one year extension. if he does well, repeat the deal.
He didn’t look the same after his injury, maybe we are not seeing what Pioli is seeing on the field

Martin Bernhard

Ive allways been a fan of bonaventura and had actually wanted him in milan before he even joined us and even though i’d like him to stay in some capacity he is often injured and if freeing him up can help facilitate cash for the youth project due to saving on his wage so be it. On the other hand i would deffently also be saddened to see him leave but to my recollection i think he earns around 2mil a year so maybe that cash can be spend better or atleast i’d hope so that would be the case.… Read more »


I can honestly say that Gazidis is the cancer of this club. He single-handedly removed anyone that mean something in the books of this club from Rino to Boban and Maldini will probably follow. Ibra said himself he came back beacuse of the passion he has for this club while he admitted now it is not the same club anymore. Confronted baldy on the training ground cause he is avoiding his responsabilities. Romagnoli also expressed his disapointment over how baldy is handling the situation. He cut their salaries in half, players agreed but couldn’t even pay them a visit in… Read more »