Ibrahimović suffered a calf injury during training at Milanello, will undergo more medical tests on Tuesday

Zlatan Ibrahimović during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Zlatan Ibrahimović is out with an injury and it remains to be seen how long he will have to be out for.

After all the players tested negative for the Coronavirus, the team and coach Stefano Pioli got back to training as-normally-as-possible at Milanello.

However, today the Diavolo got some bad news as Ibrahimović had to leave training in the course of it due to an injury.

Sky Sport and Milannews.it are reporting that Ibra, who will be turning 39 in October, felt pain in the calf and there is a concrete possibility that he stretched out his gastrocnemius muscle. The hope of Milan is the injury does not involve the Achilles tendon but the risk is there.

The Swedish striker, whose future at Milan remains unknown, will undergo more tests tomorrow to understand the extent of the injury. The player left Milanello today without using crutches.

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i don’t like the way he plays they mustn’t extent his contract


I don’t like the way you comment. They mustn’t allow you to write

Milan Boy

Ma.usa That was a Perfect reply for Ashraf


We can’t catch a break… Ibra arrived and had a huge impact on morale, players like Bennacer and Rebic looked like complete different men. As much as I want Ibra to stay on the pitch, it think is best if he do us a favor and don’t sign the extension. He needs to talk to the fans about what’s happening at Milan. A champion like him needs to lift the curtain and explain why Milan is in this current state. As much as I didn’t like Montella or 95% of my fellow milanistas disliked Rino, they are not the ones… Read more »


If it indeed is a career threatening injury, then you absolutely know that Ibra will come back stronger just to stick it to the people who said his career is over once again.

And I hope that is with Milan, because it will do wonders if the young players can learn from him for another season or more.

Ghazidis is doing everything he can to make Milan into Arsenal-disaster. He needs to be fired.


Some reports suggest Rangnick and Singer are meeting some say they won’t. Truth is, I am getting tired of these reports. Just extend Pioli and Ibra and add Thiago Silva to the rooster so we have more experience in the back also. Then go and spend on some talented kids if you must.

Milan Boy

Get well soon Ibra. Let’s finish the season well by qualifying for euro. We shall hit next season running


Let’s Halaand from Dortmund


Let’s get. I mean

Martin Bernhard

im sure every milan fan would love if he joined us but so would all other major clubs around europe and who also has a lot more cash than us available for transfers. If he doesnt end up in a complete goal slump like piatek did with us im fairly confident to say that when haaland is sold he wont go for less than 100 mil and that is propably not happening before he has played in dortmund for a couple of years so for now i doubt there is any chance in hell for us to aquirre him in… Read more »