Rangnick is expected to join Milan and act as a Technical Director, the German reportedly wants Nagelsmann as coach

Ralf Rangnick before Werder Bremen-RB Leipzig at Weserstadion on May 18, 2019. (Photo by Oliver Hardt/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Ralf Rangnick’s arrival is reported as virtually confirmed, but he will not be the one sitting on the Milan bench.

There are many unknowns regarding football worldwide due to the Coronavirus outbreak, especially in Italy where there is still no date for the league resumption.

However, some things are at least two certain things when it comes to Milan: first, Stefano Pioli will not be the coach of the Rossoneri next season, and second, Ralf Rangnick is the guy Elliott want to see leading the technical project.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport and others, the possibility of Rangnick, who is strongly desired by CEO Ivan Gazidis, joining Milan soon is very high. The name of Rangnick has been around for months but there have always been confusions over whether he’ll be a director or coach.

According to today’s GdS, the 61-year-old, who currently acts as the head of sport and development at Red Bull GmbH, will come as a Technical Director and entrust the bench to another coach. La Gazzetta suggests that one of the profiles wanted by Rangnick is that of Julian Nagelsmann, who is coaching RB Leipzig these days. The two share a football philosophy and have a good understanding.

Julian Nagelsmann at the end of RB Leipzig-Tottenham Hotspur at Red Bull Arena on March 10, 2020. (Photo by Maja Hitij/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Rangnick would have complete control over the sporting side of the club and he would bring his trusted men and women with him. A contract has not yet been signed but an agreement between Milan and Ralf is reportedly in place. La Gazzetta suggests that Rangnick still has to have a decisive meeting with Elliott, and in particular with Gordon Singer, in order to establish the final details.

Rangnick has a revolution in mind, one that will start from the Youth Sector as he wants the youth department to follow the same principles and module of play as the first team. Tuttomercatoweb claims Laurence Stewart, the current scouting coordinator of the Red Bull group and in all probability Paul Mitchel, who is in charge of the sports direction, should have a role at Milan related to scouting.

Paolo Maldini and Ivan Gazidis during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Geoffrey Moncada, the head of scouting at Milan, and Gazidis’ right-hand man Hendrik Almstadt should have even more prominent roles next season. Frederic Massara could stay at Milan as an Italian reference in management, while the future of Paolo Maldini is hanging in the balance.

The desire of Milan is to build a team made up of players with profiles similar to those of Theo and Bennacer. Dominik Szoboszlai of Leipzig is a target while the big unknown is Zlatan.

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Propaganda. I will have to see it to believe it. I don’t believe this is true. Rangnick will most likely take a manager role similar to Alex Ferguson who not only coaches the team but decides who the club will buy and sell.

Milan Boy

Since the Maldini and Boban design has been disrupted, we have to try Rangnick and give him a free hand to operate. I have a feeling that it will work and we will be able to rebuild our team without breaking bank.
My fantasy arrivals will be Upamecano in defense, Tonali,Coupmeiner and Szoboszlai in midfield and Timo Werner in attack. Let’s go there!

Fred milan

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Forza Milan


We are welcome sir rangnick, this time milan wil play good football, and nice game pland, and good enterasting, (GOALKEPER)1.donnarumma (DEPENDERS)2.dumpress 5.upamecano 6.romagnoli 3.theo (MEDFIELDERS) 4.bennacer 8.szoboslai 7.castlejjo 11depay (ATTACKS) 9.jovic 10.rebic (BENCHES) Plizzari,conti,kunbula,gabbia,duarte,lexelt, mandragora,aliyu haidara,hakan, boga,scamacca,gotze GOODLUCK


I just hope that the club will get a modernised identity instead of a new one..


Rangnick or Nagelsmann, they both tend to play fast paced, agressive and attacking football. How will that turn out in closed down, tactical Serie A is something that worries me a bit but at the same time I want to see a proper project with solid foundations built.


Good point.. I have the same concern..


@Ted….That’s the kind of football Atalanta plays it has worked out well for them. In fact, they have out scored every team in serie a while playing very entertaining football. They are joy to watch and Milan will be the same under Rangnick.


I’m getting a deja vu

Milan Boy

Ted I think it will pan out well for us because we will be able to charge with intensity when out of possession and also be able to to initiate counter attack as soon as we gain possession. So one or a pair of the coaches will do us good.


We have quality, Theo Donnarumma. Bennacer, Romagnoli are solid. Any good coach can create something with that core. What we need is to get rid of Elliot and Gazidis who doesn’t let this Milan sign the required players to get out of the misery. Piatek sold, Suso sold, Calhanoglu meh, Castillejo meh, Zlatan will not look good after this long break. Leao is too immature to play at a high level, he needs to go back to France or play in Portugal or Germany, trust me, this kid is no better than Niang. We need a revolution in the attack,… Read more »


Year Zero v.8. Or is that v.9? I’ve lost count.


After reading some analysis of tactics and formation used by Nagelsmann, I think we already have most players to build from for his ideas. A hybrid of 352/3412, he uses three man defence with strong wide players a bit higher, who possess good crossing abilities while in the center of midfield he tends to use at least two holding mids who can play both deep or take it higher. Up front two attacking players who are able to switch between the roles of deeper lying forward or center forward. Theo and Conti can easily take the roles of wide mid… Read more »


Totally agree on the back 3 formation. Conti was a phenomenal player at Atalanta as wide player in a back 3 but yet Milan use a back 4. Conti and Theo are poor at defending and their strengths are more wide players like Gareth Bale who was a wingback at Southampton before he changed to a winger at Tottenham. Luka Jovic is a good player upfront to replace Ibrahimovic. He had great chemistry with Rebic at Frankfurt. He’s the best option. I also like Gianluca Scamacca who has great technique and height. I would love to see Tonali partner Bennacer… Read more »


IDK you guys, but even if Milan does not represents what the club is our colours means something.

Players feel the weight of the shirt, and fans voice is late but loud.

Conti was a superb player, but he guy got two consecutives ACL, and now he lost momentum due to COVID, Serie A will be cancelled if just one player is positive, the season won’t end and the next won’t start anytime soon.

Conti is finished we need a replacement


@Raven….yes Conti injuries were bad and he hasn’t been the same but another problem is that Milan plays a back 4 and he is not use to that formation.

Unless Milan uses a back 3 we will never see the best of Conti. The same can be said for caldara. So it’s probably best for Conti to move on unless we change formation.


26, two acl, he was slowly getting more minutes but he wasn’t any better than Calabria IMO.

Theo is best as a left back, why change his role? Rather play with 4 at the back, bennacer and Theo are doing great. Our problem is still the same, playmaker


I see some of my fellow milanistas are thinking in the Mercato, now is even more interesting as big teams will sell cheap. Management have a salary cap, so, guys who comes from big teams are a certain not to come. Almost 60% of Serie A players are foreign, Italians have a rough time finding space. That’s our chance, we cannot spend like Juve Inter and Roma. We could pull an Atalanta if the management let someone work for a chance . I dream of seeing Tonalli, Chiesa and bernardeschi with us. I’m not saying all Italian Milan, just hire… Read more »


I certainly agree with Italian players in Milan. They should represent the core of the team and Tonali is my dream too. But I also admire the battling spirit of young AZ Alkmaar captain Koopmeiners. Anyway, if they want to have young players running around the field, at least I wanna see players with certain character, a leading character. And these two fit the bill.


I’m totally ignorant to Koopmeiners, but I take your word on him. Agree on the second part of your argument, Milan needs professionals, have you seen Bennacer? The guy is a leader in attitude.

We need leaders, Kjaer composure and professionalism was evident, I say, get a Milan full of captains of NT, then add a spice with young explosive physique and you have a good formula.


If we are to make a change its either gotta be rangnick as coach or nagelsman as coach.. Other than that I don’t want a complete overhaul again. More than anything needed is consistency in management. For the last four years it’s completely changed so how can the team remain consistent?. If they are to come give them what they want and the players they need. The names of players we’re linked with are interesting and timo Werner would be a dream. No matter who comes or who goes zlatan should remain for at least another season. What he’s brought… Read more »

Milan Boy

@Milanellofm very well said. I also have the Timo Werner dream as well as Upamecano. I really want Koopmeiners too , hoping that we bring in young warriors who will take Europa by Storm and shake serial a. My fingers are crossed.


Pal, I doubt Nagelsman will leave Leipzig for the mess Elliot have, if he comes, then he should be given a 5 years contract, maybe that will deter the management to sack him for the usual hype selling.

Neither of the names mentioned is a possible target IMO, Milan continues to sink and it’s a dream only for Italian kids.

I agree with Zlatan, he won’t look good, but we don’t have attackers, is a cheap option, still, can’t figure it out how this Milan sends away Cutrone, Suso and Piatek.


Hi everyone! It’s been a hard year for us, more like ‘ hard years ‘ , hopefully it’s going to be a final revolution this year and we going to start playing again for Champions League football . Hopefully with MR Rangwick and his staff and 5-6 new players we going to achieve that . I’ve done my own analysis of the Players and in my opinion we have some big gaps which need to be fixed : 1 donnarumma 2 Hernandez 3 Romagnoli I 4 5 6 benacer 6 Hakan ( Paqueta/ someone else ) 7 Kessie ( someone… Read more »


One more thing after we have 4-5 good players I keep reading online that PSG , juve , Barca and others want to take them .

donnarumma , bennacer , Hernandez and Romagnoli

This would be absolutely disappointing and disastrous for us but I guess anyone can be replaced with a competent staff .