Boban: “Until a few days ago I thought there were no two souls at Milan, not warning us about contacting Rangnick was disrespectful, the ownership must be clear about budget and objectives”

Zvonimir Boban during training at Milanello. (

Zvonimir Boban has given a long interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, openly talking about the lack of unity at the top of the club, contradicting Ivan Gazidis’ words from a week ago.

Last week Milan CEO Gazidis talked to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Andrea Di Caro about the rumours of a rapture between himself and Paolo Maldini & Zvonimir Boban, claiming that “it’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true [that there are two souls at Milan]. There is only one common vision: to have a modern Milan.”

However, Alessandra Bocci of the same newspaper today published an interview with the Diavolo Chief Football Officer, Boban, in which the Croatian gave his own version of things.

The premise of work is simple: “We don’t think of finding our Milan again because we are not fools and we know that it cannot be replicated. But we would like to bring the club back into the Champions League, with all the understandable differences with the top clubs of today.” However, there doesn’t seem to be one line to follow in the club, with Gazidis wanting Ralf Rangnick at Milan.

Zvonimir Boban and Ivan Gazidis during training at Milanello. (

Boban, the CEO Gazidis last week got over all the rumours saying that there are no two souls at Milan. What do you think of it?
“Taking into account a thousand initial difficulties, cultural differences and very different Rossoneri passions, with all the divergent views and sometimes opposing thoughts, until a few days ago I thought that this was the reality.”

Then there were the rumours about Rangnick. There have actually been contacts with the German manager and this is not good for the club and does not help the work of the Technical Area…
“The fact that we are talking about these things is not good for anyone, especially on the eve of an important game, like all the games we’re playing now. The worst thing is that this destabilizing event occurs at a time during which the team is growing and Pioli’s great work is seen, at a time when it is perceived that a much better path is being formed. Not warning us was disrespectful and inelegant. It’s not ‘da Milan’. At least what we remembered was Milan…”

Paolo Maldini, Stefanp Pioli, Zvonimir Boban and Frederic Massara during training at Milanello. (

So there is no unity of purpose? Isn’t there a single system of work to return to one Grande Milan?
“As I see it, unity means sharing, unity is respect. In the end, the basis of everything is having this approach, it is the only way to be able to work and feel good.”

Have you asked Gazidis for clarification? How long has it been since you talked?
“We have already spoken to Gazidis. For the sake of Milan, it is certainly necessary that a meeting with the ownership takes place as soon as possible.”

You left FIFA because you had big plans with Paolo Maldini…
“I am happy to share and experience this time with a great friend with whom I’ve dreamed of working for a long time. Paolo, like nobody else, represents history and belonging to Milan, he is a good person, he has class and is now a credible and capable director. The chronicle of the facts? The summer mercato was very dynamic and in the end positive, then there was a very unsatisfactory start to the league campaign, for which we take all the responsibility; after which, the change of coach and the construction of a solid base for a project which has been designed for at least three years. This is the summary of our work so far.”

Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban before Brescia-Milan at Stadio Mario Rigamonti on January 24, 2020. (

What budget could you work with for the future?
“The ownership must be clear in both the budget and the objectives. In summary: we respect the needs of economic and financial balance to ensure a healthy and correct management of the club, while the owners must respect leaving the sporting results to those who represent the history and values of a great club.”

So there isn’t…
“At the moment, despite the efforts in the January mercato and the many cuts, with two important sales and lowering of the wage bill, we still don’t know what margins we’ll be working with for the summer.”

Zvonimir Boban, Ivan Gazidis, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara at Casa Milan on January 2, 2020. (

One of the knots to untie is the renewal of Ibrahimović’s contract…
“Everyone sees the impact that Zlatan has had. He is a special player and I don’t think there is any doubt that we should already address a possible renewal for next season today, regardless of the final result of the team.”

There’s also the problem of the renewal of contracts of Begović and especially Kjær…
“There’s nothing to add to what we’ve seen on the pitch. They are experienced players who have made Milan more solid, it is likely that they will be able to do so also in the next seasons.”

There is the Youth Policy, claimed by Elliott as a cornerstone, shared by you as a matter of fact. But there is also limits. As Maldini has said many times, a team of youngsters has never won anything…
“We were asked to rejuvenate the squad and we’ve done it, but always claiming that we need the right mix of youth and experience. The winter mercato has shown that we were right, just see how the young players have grown in a short time.”

Zvonimir Boban during an event on December 15, 2019. (

In short, is there an agreement on strategies or not?
“We are sure that Milan has only one way: think big, for a simple fact – it’s called Milan, it has 120 years of winning history and it has won the Champions League seven times.”

So when will we see a Milan like that, at least capable of competing to return to the Champions League?
“In the meantime, we have to finish the season and see where we are, but it’s already a different Milan. We don’t say that we have to win next season, but we should be competitive and fight it out with everyone, at least in Italy. We are well aware that we are not experiencing the Milan of our day, but there has to be some real ambition that makes you dream.”

Ibrahimović is the junction, in one role or another. Will he stay?
“Paolo called him first and then I continued also because of the language and the Balkan character we have. It was fun when he called me at around 22:00 on Christmas Eve saying: ‘Boban, congratulations to Milan, you got Ibrahimović. Merry Christmas and see you soon’. Anyways, the OK from London came almost immediately. Let’s hope we can move forward.”

Zvonimir Boban before Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 11, 2020. (

Great players, although senior, and good prospects are needed to bring Milan back to the top. It also takes, according to the ownership and not only, a new stadium. It’s a priority for Elliott. What do you think of it?
“It’s a great thing and you have to do it, it would be nice for the most important football city in the world. Having said that, the new San Siro with the most advanced standards would be great and I believe that Elliott with its directors would be more than capable of doing a world architectural miracle.”

There is this idea in people that the ownership is a bit far from the society of Calcio and the Italian society. What do you think?
“We know how important it is to have a Milanese and Italian identity. You can also inculcate it to foreign boys, I think there are many good examples. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult for foreign ownerships to understand it, but it’s a fundamental step. You must never get to the point of ‘de-Italianization’ and ‘de-Milanization’. It would really be like losing your soul. I say it as a patriotic Croatian who loves this club, this city and this beautiful country.”

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Abdul Aziz

I really see that having someone like boban at milan specially the way he speaks when things go wrong side and also disrespecting people like maldini and himself is not good gazidiz should go at the end of the season he’s killing us doesn’t he sees that from his past experience young players my a..


I’m open to Ragnick, better than ex-Valencia coach and we all remember Allegri, he’s good controlling quality players but bringing a team from 0 is a bit tough for him. For the first time we will have a coach that will have the biggest say in transfers which in my opinion is long overdue and with him we can establish great relationship with Leipzig and with a bit of luck we might even get Werner and Upamenco/Konate for somewhere 100M euros(hopefully). We’ll be getting 15+25+5+5 (Caldara+Suso+RR+Piatek) in the summer from our winter outings and if we were to sell Kessie,… Read more »

Milan Boy

A very open and patriotic statement. Men like you are hard to find and you have made a mockery of Gazidiz who lied to us in his interview.I realy hope thay you and Maldini stays and nurture this fruit that is budding very well.


This sounds like another revolution at Milan this summer. Ralf Rangnick will be the first coach in Serie A to be in control of the transfer and training facility like Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. Under Rangnick “Each player is subjected to specific tests to evaluate their performance. From these tests, each player then has his own personalized training program, aimed at strengthening the relative weak points”. “The truth is that the Rossoneri, through Gazidis, carried out a 360 degree survey and Rangnick’s candidacy was presented to Elliott”. “The Ralf plan however, at least from what is perceived around the… Read more »


Management inexperience is showing, we don’t need young or cheap, fast or technical. What we need is the right attitude.

Football is not about stats and performance. That is short termed mentality. Oh wait that’s exactly what Elliot wants we’re completely screwed


So what exactly is your opinion on this? You are just quoting without commenting…


My opinion is that it might work to get Ralf Rangnick especially if Elliott invest in Rangnick’s methodology. Rangnick revolutionized Leipzig and turned them into Bundesliga title contenders and CL.

I would prefer Allegri but if we are not going to sign proven top class players then maybe Rangnick is the way forward as he is better with young players compared to Allegri.

Pioli decisions against Fiorentina showed that he isn’t bold enough to make us title contenders.

Defending a 1-0 lead with a man advantage is beyond ridiculous. We won’t qualify for CL so it’s likely Pioli will leave.

Nathan Graegin

Nick I agree completely, he is a coach that brings a attacking style and ability to coach young players. Allegri needs an established team and we won’t be gettin those players. However I would like gasperini or the Ajax coach to. All 3 are good options really


The worst thing is that this destabilizing event occurs at a time during which the team is growing and Pioli’s great work is seen, at a time when it is perceived that a much better path is being formed. Not warning us was disrespectful and inelegant. It’s not ‘da Milan’. At least what we remembered was Milan…” So you DO understand that what you did last season was a low blow… Huh whatdyaknow The summer mercato was very dynamic and in the end positive, then there was a very unsatisfactory start to the league campaign, for which we take all… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Very strong words by Boban, indicating how bad things are. Gazidis has to go, or get in line witn the rest. Even though his economic line, albeit too harsh, is not wrong – and he deserves credit for pushing towards a new stadium and cutting some fat – he seems to be the one not getting along with everybody else (Boban, Maldini, and Massara). And there has to be a clear line between financial and sporting decisions, even though there’s bound to be overlap. But Boban’s main point in my ears was to the owners – they need to decide… Read more »


What 8 youngsters on the field allows is to spend heavily on the other 3. Balancing experience and youth. Imagine a younger Ibra on this squad.

Baresis Dream

Chances of landing a young star who will eventually develop into a superstar is very small, especially considering that we don’t get first picks from top youth in the world. We need players that cost 30-40 mil and are around the age of 24. And we need to add at least one more top world class player.


@Baresis Dream……Keep dreaming. Gazidis is not going anywhere. Gordon Singer has TOTAL faith in Gazidis. I don’t agree with what Gazidis did by approaching Ralf Rangnick behind Boban and Maldini back but that move is a clear sign that Boban, Maldini and Massara will not be at the club next season. Boban and Maldini was at fault for appointing Giampaolo and then replacing him only after 7 games. Elliott Fund has not forgiven them for such bad mistake in Giampaolo’s appointment and firing. Our season was already over after just 7games. So it’s no surprise to me that Gazidis is… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Nick, it can go either way, I wouldn’t be so confident about this Ragnarok appointment. As a business decision it wouldn’t go well with the fans (to say the least) to back Gaizides and not Boan/Maldini/Massara; Elliot gotta be sensitive to this. Also, if they are thinking short term (as analysts are saying), Ragnick is really not the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for his accomplishments, but if he comes it’s year zero (or minus 100) yet again. Ragnarok.


I agree and I also hold the position of Maldini and Boban despite the issue with Giampaolo’s appointment and sacking. Milan need a balance of youth and experience as shown with the arrival of Ibra, Begović and Kjær. It is claimed that Boban and Maldini wants to with replace Pioli either Allegri, Gasperini or Spalletti next season if we don’t qualify for CL. while Gazidis is set on appointing Rangnick as manager with Capello in a Technical position to assist. This means Another year zero at Milan and that will clearly demonstrate that something is a miss currently at Milan.… Read more »


True talks boban, we dont need average players, just elliot if will dont bring world class coach and players, just sell milan to the write owner, example for arnault, he will brink milan back agains like last 15 years


Hopefully Elliott will understand that they cannot let Gazidis trample all over Boban, Maldini and the history of the club. Finally we start to see positive signals on the field. Do they seriously think the team, the fans etc. keep faith because of Gazidis? The fans need to send some signals to the owners before it is too late. A revolution again this summer would be catastrophic. Let the gentlemen in charge of the technical part of the project work in serenity. Gazidis should focus on the financial/commercial side of the club. This is not rocket science for Heaven`s sake.… Read more »

Milan T

Boban’s comments so far has revealed that Gazidis is a confusion and not a team worker, in fact, he has no idea of how to preside over a whole club. Having Boban or Maldini as our president will even be better.


Gazidis is not wrong pal, he wants to stabilize the club, that’s when he says that there is just a vision to make Milan a successful club again. Of course, no one wants to lose.

Maldini and Boban surely knows what it must be done, but their hands are tied. IMO, we should just find loopholes in the FFP like Manchester City did and build a Serie A contender. But that’s not gonna happen because elliot wants to hold Milan for less than a decade IMO.

Milan Boy

Mr Raven did you say Gazidis is not wrong for taking a very technical decision without consulting those whose are designated to handle technical areas? I find it hard to agree with that.


Unfortunately Gazidis is above Maldini in the hierarchy.


“we should just find loopholes in the FFP like Manchester City” because that works so well for them?


I hope this open and quite critical interview won’t infuriate the owners. Boban must stay while Gazidis is shown the doors but he is such a suck up to the owners this Gazidis dude, poisoning their mind.


Unfortunately, Boban and Maldini screwed up with Giampaolo, a huge mistake that costs us the development of the season, but Elliott knew that they were inexperienced so they should have supported them, because they are big part of the Milan’s history, they love Milan and want Milan to become competitive soon ! Also, Gazidis ideas were the wrong ones, because it’s impossible to perform only with young players ! He refused last year to sign Fabregas and Ibrahimovic and this year he said no to Bakayoko and Correa, even Sensi because of few millions more ! The same question about… Read more »


Unfortunately it looks like Gazidis is untouchable from Elliott`s point of view. Maldini and Boban will leave, Ibrahimovich will not extend. As a third generation die hard fan this is simply too much. The vultures make it impossible to continue supporting the club. It simply will not be the same club that existed for 120 years. After the difficult last decade I cannot be bothered anymore considering these last developments. Utterly disgusting and very sad. I hope the fans worldwide will rise, but I do not believe it will happen. The team should also react and let the owners know… Read more »


Key players will leave at the end of the season. This is a complete mess and has been exposed for all to see.
Raiola will push to move all his players i can bet. But can we really blame him now?


Donnarumma and Ibra will possibly leave. Milan are linked with Pierluigi Gollini from Atalanta to replace Donnarumma. Don’t know what the plans are to replace Ibra if he leaves.


TONITE ON LIKE MILAN10 SAID “Milan10 “.. if you don’t invest enough then you can’t have a quality team, you don’t qualify for the most important tournament and you only have the vicious circle. It’s a dog that bites its tail.” correctamundo signore kaka. which is exactly why that sumbitch gazidis needs to go asap. apparently this numbnuts have vetoed maldini/boban/leo moves left and right. from ibra arrival last season to bernardeschi – paqueta swap, and many more moves that could have been important and decisive for milan. all because of monetary reason (and in ibra case: age). i get… Read more »


what people, milanisti and les midtables alike, must understand, is that boban is fearless warrior. like i said way back then, boban once dive into dangerous 50:50 challenge in the middle of the field when milan met serie a minnows (i think it was foggia), the kind of challenge that made shawcross break aaron ramsey’s ankle. there was no need for boban to do it; it was far away from milan’s goal and milan had desailly and entire defense to do it but he did it anyway. hell, he even literally kicked serbian police during a footballing riot in croatia.… Read more »


With Boban and Maldini out in the summer, prepare for an exodus of players such as Donnarumma, Romagnoli etc., heck even Theo could leave, he is currently the only marketable and profitable player. It will be the end of the Milan as we know. Gazidis will turn Milan into Italian Arsenal, Rangnick will be given similar role Wenger had in Arsenal.

The battle for the fourth begins…


regarding rangnick, i watched supermaneuer‘s and raul’s exploits with schalke back then but didnt realize it was rangnick at the helm. hell, i also watched leipzig during forsberg-as-starter era therefore i know rangnick is good coach. his tendency to quit his job because of mental/physical exhaustion makes me question his ability to handle milan’s midterm project though. what if he decides to quit halfway through the season? what if he dissappoints like lehmann? but all in all, he’s not bad coach, probably on par with spalletti, slightly better than pioli. maldini and boban are right though; allegri is much better… Read more »


He coached shalke 23 games, i dont think he is a great coach and he havnt achieved anything like spalleti did


hence i wrote “his tendency to quit his job because of mental/physical exhaustion makes me question his ability to handle milan’s midterm project though. what if he decides to quit halfway through the season? what if he dissappoints like lehmann?“
and what has spalletti achieved aside from mickey mouse cup from russia that makes him better coach than rangnick? dont get me wrong, i seriously dont want rangnick if only because he’s gazidis’ idea (i want allegri) but like it or not he’s likely coming soon so might as well accept it.

Roberto Baggio

I am going to boycott AC Milan if they let Maldini and Boban go. Being a fan since 1989. If they treat our legend this way, it shows they have no respect. They made the mistake for hiring the wrong coach yes. But look at the players they bought with limited resources. Hernandez, ante, bennancer, lbra, all quality players that just what we needed.what has Gandiz done for Arsenal? Look what kind of bad shape is Arsenal in right now? Is this what the fans want?


Someone is smoking strong and illegal weed in Casa Milan… Time will tell who it is!

Forza Milan!


Every Milan fan should brace themselves for disaster soon Elliott & Gazidis will problaby fire both Boban and Maldini and that will problaby mean that Donnarumma Romagnoli Theo and maybe even Bennacer will leave Milan and they will only be replaced with cheap young players Milan is heading towards disaster right now if u think this season is bad then just wait until next season…


Bunch of CLOWNS. All of them. No single professional with winning experience here. We keep getting screwed by money-hungry conglomerate owners and inexperienced, unproven ex-players that now all of a sudden, out of blue, are taking crucial roles in our club! It’s like a never-ending nightmare! I don’t even want to google “AC MILAN NEWS” anymore! I don’t know but maybe Rangnick is the right guy for this project of rejuvenating the squad. Hopefully he will sing 3-4 experienced, proven, world class players. Otherwise we will be in this mess again. Best I could hope is this Elliott just out… Read more »


FUCK He is getting fired due to this interview….


Elliott have decided to sack Boban. Only the official announcement is missing. His interview with La Gazzetta was unauthorized and it’s what pushed Elliott for any early sack.

Fuck, where are the season holding ultras? Using them as a hype selling card, when they tell the truth they get sacked, ala Seedorf.


According to Gianluca Di Marzio it’s confirmed, to be official in the following days, now the morale of the team will plummet, they’re putting in risk even staying on serie A. Fuck this idiots never learn, now it’s official, this is the worst ownership in the recent era. #RIP MIlan “Gazidis has already made a decision (in agreement with the board of directors) to communicate to Boban soon the early termination of his work with Milan, along with the other members of the sporting side (Maldini and Massara). A decision that could be made official in the coming days.” The… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Just as a comparison (data from Forbes) – RB Leipzig made in its most profitable year (2017) around the same amount of income as AC Milan last season, around 250mil $. Again, this is Leipzig best season and Milan in one of it’s worst. Juve made roughly half of this just from advertisements and sponsers. Around 10-15 years ago, when both Milan and Juve were at their prime, Milan made almost double commercial income in comparison to Juve (this is according to Sempre Milan, not Forbes). So now imagine Milan scudetto contenders (say at 3rd place), we could potentially make… Read more »