Official: Laxalt returns to Milan after his loan spell at Torino is cut short

Diego Laxalt before Lazio-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on November 25, 2018. (

Diego Laxalt is back at Milan for the second part of the season and he will act as Theo’s understudy, after the transfer of Antonee Robinson broke down.

Milan were going to sign 22-year-old Antonee Robinson from Wigan Athletic on loan with option to buy. However, the deal complicated just before the finish line and eventually it got called-off.

However, the Rossoneri acted quickly and got Diego Laxalt back from Torino. The Uruguayan left the club in the summer in search for more playing time and now he’ll return to the Milan squad.

“Milan announces the early return of Diego Sebastiàn Laxalt after having been on loan with Torino. Welcome back Diego!” a brief statement on the website of Milan reads.

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We have 2 Gareth Bale now haha

soheil balini

Actually a better decision. He can play as LB, LM, RM & CM. And he wasn’t a total disaster. Good back up


Laxalt is a good back up, but from buisnis point of view this is a bad decision.


God sake this garbage management. I absolutely hate laxalt he is trash. I was really looking forward to ronbinson I heard great things about him. Seriously its always milan that do this garbage it’s crazy how we sold two players for a decent amount and have used noothing of that money and now this. We are going back to Berlusconi era with free transfers…. I thought we left those dark days behi d us. Medical my a**. Maldini and boban have to calculate this stuff before hand. How do you get paid thousands and have something like this happen. I’m… Read more »


Chill out lol
Remember this player is only a backup and won’t get much gametime as hernandez will never get dropped (apart from injuries/suspensions)
The transfer window has been good especially with sales
Meaning something in the summer is going to happen


Robinson is a player capable of playing on both flanks left and right back now if he did join us and was to improve he could have easily replaced conti who is honestly a terrible defender. Most goals we conceded come through his side.

Substitute or not Maldini and boban should have been aware of this. How on earth do you not know that for some dumb reason this guy needed further medicals and would require 42 hours.

I just don’t want to see laxalt on our bench. I’d rather have no back up. That guy is terrible


I was excited to read that Milan had got Robinson only to find out that he didn’t pass the medical, Milan really need all the help it can get right now. as it is now, Milan isn’t that great, thus more players are need

Sui generis1

U heard great things about Robinson! U heard! Dat guy is not better than Laxalt. And perhaps with Zlatan in d team, Laxalt is gonna improve his game with self belief. Let’s encourage him


Robinson might be a diamond in the rough, regardless of the division he plays in.


LOL.. Laxalt far better than robinson for theo’s backup. He already knows serie A better. He is a regular player with Uruguayan national team. What do you expect from Robinson then? a 22 Y/O player coming from 2nd division? San siro crowd will confused him.. Welcome back Laxalt!


Laxalt is far better than Robinson or some wanna be American who plays in the second division of English Championship. He would have been a good strategic signing from business point of view and would definitely have sold few Milan Jerseys in US. There is no way Laxalt deserves the abuse. Welcome back!

Also mind you, he is a regular with Uruguyan national team which has been ranked higher than mighty Azzuri for a quite long time. Forza Azzuri, Forza Milan!


Glad to having him back. He is a versatile attacking LB, I’ve followed him for quite a while now and he has tenacity and speed. A solid alternative if Theo gets injured.


So if Robinson deal was a loan with option to buy, why not sing him any way and take the risk with the medical test. If he had some injury problems or something you can send him back in 6months. Now you lose 12mil from Laxalt sale and you lose even more from buisnis point of view. Could have add a bunch of USA fans, with Robinson and Zlatan on the team. Bad move should have finnished the deal.

Rokes Rossoneri

I think its a good move. I rather have laxalt who can play anywhere on the left side. He is uruguay international regular and know well how italian league is. Compare to usa player who play for 2nd division english football. Gonna need time to adapt


I believe Laxalt will be usefull for us especially as LM. And please give a chance to Paqueta as L/R/CM


Paqueta refuses to run or work his sock off for the team, he just stroll in the field and his luck just ran out , to be honest paqueta is not giving his all to Milan!!!